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hello Foum friends I am planing on finally start my WotR adventure here in the next week or 2 and im planing on running it non-mythic 25 point buy, im allowing the players to use the new multi classing rules without having to give up the feats (im hoping this buffs them up enough) and I have plans to give them all templates later on if things get too hairy for them, Im here asking for how that sounds and for advice on anything I should/should'nt do. I also plan on starting the adventure above ground with the party getting to roam kenebras on the day before meeting in the crowd at the right time (or wrong time depending how your looking at it) to fall into the caverns any last minite advice anyone can offer would be great thanks forums!

Maximising hit die can really help when they're up against some of the meatier foes. There's also a really good Pathfinder Society adventure that involves checking on patrolling the wardstones that can be used with just about any adventuring party. Can't remember the title of it off the top of my head, though.

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Use Hero Points and be liberal at giving them out. You could even give them a regenerating Hero Point, and allow them to use just one Hero Point to prevent their characters from dying.

Yea I saw that adventure and it looked interesting, I plan on using the hero points starting when the players normally become mythic, I'm making all of them take a campaign trait and I'm letting them use hero points instead of mythic points to use those traits, in addition our group usually gives max hp, and finally I'm gonna let items and such that normally work with mythic points work with hero points (for example radiance) and finally I'm gonna give them 2 hero points a lvl and I'm giving them all the feat that increases the max hero points a character can have.

Thanks for the advice guys this is gonna be fun!

So far the party consists of a sword and board pally, a master summoner, a war priest, a arcanist, and idk what the last guy plans on playing

Marking for interest.

np once we actually start Ill start up a jounal thread with their exploits and adventures!

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I'd say it depends on how experienced your players are and how optimized the group is. With my group we have been playing for between 8 and 2 years (those playing for more than 2 years have spent up to 6 years on 4th edition) and I'm sort of starting to regret that I both allowed them to start with around point buy 25 stats and gave them the stat boosts suggested for non-mythic play. I've had to boost the difficulty of most encounters a good deal, changing tactics from what is written, applying lots of advanced templates, combining encounters and replacing some opponents here and there. And that's without hero points or anything along those lines.

Don't get me wrong! I quite like modifying, but if you have decent players you might have to modify a bit too much if you boost them, especially if you have limited time to prepare.

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The other thing you can always do is limit the stat boosts. Start with a +2 boost (or +1 to two stats) when they first go Mythic. And then see how it goes.

Mind you, there are a number of weak encounters in Books 3 and 4 from what I've heard. And I'll be seeing how it pans out when I take my Mythic Runelords group and move them into Midnight Isles (basically I'm using Midnight Isles to have the group find the information on where the Runeforge is located - the group will be one level higher going in, but only at Tier 2 - probably reach Tier 3 upon getting into the Isles).

Hey Declindgrunt,
i startet the campaign EXACTLY the same way. Non-Mythic with 25 point stat buy.
I have 5 players (Paladin of Torag , Sorcerer , Cleric of Desna , a Demon Slayer-Ranger and a Gunslinger)
They hacked through every enemy i didnt improve.

(Except the dretches at the end of the was really funny seeing the Demonslayer run in fear from a dretch and the other guys puking in the maze :D )
They just entered the gray garrison , cant wait to see them face Dreadnu

I planned to cancel out mythic completely butmaybe i will grant them Tier 1 with cancelling out the broken stuff like Wild arcana and then just let them get a level everytime they would get a mythic tier.

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Getting one level for every second time they get a mythic tier is more than enough. I'd even be tempted to not give them any level boost at all, but that might make some of the boss fights too difficult unless you nerf them somewhat, depending on how the party performs.

If I were to do things over again I'd go with Tangent's suggestion, providing them a gradual ability boost rather than getting all of the suggested boost at the end of module 1, going for a normal point buy 15'ish and granting them an extra level at every second mythic trial or so :)

Some of the things I've done so far which I quite like is to grant my players leadership, but as part of the story. They gradually receive reinforcements, some tied to backstories, some in the form of fanmail. People from other countries, as time goes by further and further away, hear of their exploits, write to them, train, some ask for weapons, some for a way to travel to Drezen, and after some time they arrive. Some will be decent enough fighters, others totally green, requiring the PCs to train them some more.

I'm also incorporating VERY select mythic abilities very slowly. For instance one of the players (with the touched by divinity trait) has started to receive a "dream" of a small thiefling girl, stuck at the home of a "bad man" in the Worldwound praying for help. That's pretty much the Divine Source ability gradually being introduced, with other abilities being introduced to other players ever so slowly and through a story rather than just appearing mechanically.

ok, so far the group got to neatholm with 0 problems. After a random encounter (black widow that got the suprise round), fighting the guards with the alarm sounding the ranger 1 round later (who summoned his lizard friend later in the fight because the arcanist closed the door on the ranger so he spent his round getting the lizard) the paladin and rouge each went unconious (pally 3 times the rouge once). then killing the amoeba without it getting to even move. they then went up the ladder to the dire rats ( I moved the clerics out side the dungeon and was gonna have them come back when they went to fight the inquisitor) after defeating them they finally lvled up and the session ended.
The party (minus the pally) then proceeded the argue that the moduel was too hard and not fair, they have stated that its not my fault but I still feel bad and im looking for advice. I havent actually changed anything about the module except ive increased the hp the enemies have ( I just gave them max since the players have and will always have max hp) the party is lvl 2 and honestly I dont expect them to run into any more problems in this dungeon but the session really eneded on a sad note for me. Any advice? i said is started the campaign exactly the same way, except my players still have to roll for HP.
My group had no problems except for the 3 Dretches in the labyrinth and a group of improved Cultists later on in the city.

My conclusion is that ur players either rolled bad or fightet bad. OR u just rolled too good :D

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I found the first part of module 1 to be quite well balanced - it was only once my players got out from the underground that I realised I had to beef up the encounters. So I'd probably wait to max out the monster HP till they get out from underground - personally I prefer stuff like adding the advanced template to encounters, being as my group tends to lose focus if the battles last too long, unless it is a really intense and interesting battle.

Sometimes I fudge ever so slightly with the rolls, if I sense that the players don't enjoy the encounter (can both be in order to make the encounter more difficult, let the enemies fall quicker and if an epic save would make for a better story than an epic fail).

In general I value story over rules, though my players only very very rarely notice that I fudge a bit in order to keep things interesting.

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