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My job requires me to work from 1 p.m. to 10 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and I live in Mountain Time (two hours behind EST in America).

So it's almost impossible for me to play any PFS that takes place on typical days. I'd like to become more involved, but I keep checking the forums and it seems like nobody ever runs a game on a Sunday or Monday. Is there a reason for this, or am I just catching a cold streak?


Hmmm... Several of the online GMs have continuing campaigns that run on Sunday mornings, so that's not a common time for public postings.

Andreww occasionally does Sunday games.

On the PFSOC boards, there have been signups for Master of the Fallen Fortress, You Only Die Twice, and Overflow Archives on Mondays in the last few weeks and there is currently an open signup for Tomb of the Iron Medusa next week.

Keep checking!

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I met a GM on here that is offering to GM games on Mondays for me and two friends, and we'll need more people to fill out the group, would you be interested? I think the GM is in Vegas so that's around your time. I believe we'll all be starting new level 1s but we're still going over that.

Great name btw, sucks that Machida hasn't been doing that great lately though.

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Nebulae pretty much covered it, but I would just reiterate to keep your eye out on the PFSOC and here in this forum for game postings. They do tend to pop up on those days, but most games fill pretty quickly.

WVPolarBear runs Sunday and Monday games, so you may want to drop him a note to give you a heads up next time he has an opening in a PFS game.

You may also consider some of the Play-by-Post games, since they tend to be more flexible for schedules such as yours.

Let us know if you have any issues at PFS Online VO Email and we will help you get worked out.

Best of luck

- Jesse [IronHelixx]
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I am now in swing to start running a roll20 game twice a month on Sundays and I happen to be an east coast USA type.

I am running a mix of core and standard games.

I will post my war horn once I get down from the mast :-)

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Oooh, Sundays tend to be perfect for me! I shall watch. :)


It is not PFS, but someone on the recruitment thread is trying to start a Sunday online game.

EDIT: Here is a link to the thread.


I don't have a lot of time right now, but Sundays would be great for me too. I will keep an eye on this thread and probably post more tomorrow.

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Thanks for all the info guys. First off, I chose Lyoto Machida because it fits what I want to do very well.

I want a flowing monk that goes into dragon style at level 3. In his prime, Lyoto "the Dragon" Machida epitomized what I envision as a real-life flowing monk.

Even in title fights against Jon Jones and Chris Weidman, he had moments where he showed flashes of brilliance. As for the Rockhold fight... everyone gets old eventually.

Anyway, I'm thrilled to hear that Sunday and Monday games will be a possibility for Lyoto (and my other characters, including a core character) to join. I prefer PFS, since it's all I have experience with.

I do have to update his page, since I applied a Silverhex chronicles to him and ran him in level one of the Emerald Spire. Anyway, thank you all for the updates!

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I'll send you a message when I hear back from our GM on what they want to do. Do you have a level 1 character that you'd like to start with us?

And that character sounds fitting, I'm still a huge Lyoto fan, he was amazing in his prime and he's still a beast, it's just a shame that all of the fights I watch him in don't end with him winning. :P Dragon style is fun, also in my opinion one of the best styles since the versatility of being able to charge everywhere is so nice, lol.

That Jon Jones choke though, I feel like something may have died inside him during all that oxygen deprivation. D:

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I do have a level one character in mind I'm ready to play with. It would be a female bard who will use songs and gifts to buff allies and screw with enemy minds. Beguiling gift while holding ice skates is a beautiful thing.

As for the choke... Fighting Jon Jones is like fighting a video game boss; one mistake and you're toast. Lyoto was flawless for one round then got snuffed out in the second


Hey Maar the Volcano Monk, if you and your friends have any room at your Monday game table I would be very interested. I have a new character concept I am itching to try out, and Mondays are one of the few days I can consistently get some free time.

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Lyoto: Bards are always welcome! Right now I believe we have: Me, Gnome Oracle/Sorcerer who abuses Color Spray and worships Desna, friend #1 who is playing a Zen Archer (don't know much else about his build) and the other friend is planning on playing either a paladin or some other type of melee character (maybe barbarian).

I actually feel like fighting Jon Jones is a bit unfair because his physiology is so freak-ish, it's honestly like fighting an alien or a monster in the ring. Jon Jones is my #1.

Kifaru: Hah, I just posted a thing up in your thread Kifaru :) We have most of the bases covered so yeah, a 5th anything wouldn't be bad at all. I'll add you two to the list and send another message to the GM right now and hope to get a response soon.

Both of you: I'll need your list of scenarios you've run so I don't schedule one that you guys can't play. I'll send them a message and see if we can all do Confirmation or something in a week or two. :)

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