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Scott Wilhelm wrote:
I found some.

That's not bad. I tried a lot of word combos in my search, but never thought of that one. Those results look better than anything I found. Nice. Thanks!

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DungeonmasterCal wrote:
I really like the concept and the backstory!

Thanks! I try to make many of the NPCs in my campaign flavorful and three dimensional. I even have a wall of "Mug Shots" in my game room. They are small 3 x 5 pictures of NPCs with a note card attached with a few bits of info about the character. The players are welcome to add info to the note cards. It really seems to help the players connect with the NPCs instead of treating them like disposable characters.

I have a halfling bard/gunslinger that I have been playing for a while. I went with a mysterious stranger to get charisma to damage. Unfortunately Spell Cartridges don't combine with a mysterious stranger's ability to add charisma to damage, as both require a swift action.

I only took one level of mysterious stranger and the only gun related feat I gave her was deadly aim. Eventually she had a pair of +1 double barrel pistols. She didn't use the guns often, but they were a good/flavorful secondary option. Around 6th level, she could do 2d6+20 damage by firing both barrels as a standard action.

She almost never reloaded during battle. If she ever needed to fire twice during battle, (which was rare) she would drop her first gun and draw the second one. The remainder of the time she did standard bardy-things.

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In a campaign I am running, there is an NPC that has become a fallen paladin.

I mean, he didn't fall a little. He fell hard.

He has had a complete crisis of faith, but wants to still do good in the world.

He has become a bit of a favorite character for the party, so I am trying to think of a way he can continue in the world in a meaningful way. Any advice for a direction to go with a character like that? Any gods that make a habit of rehabilitating broken people? Any good classes I should transition him to, or should he stay as a fallen paladin, keeping only his BAB, feats, and armor/weapon proficiencies?

Everything after this is just background info. Feel free to ignore.

I was running a home brew version of a high level pathfinder scenario. The scenario gave the option of drinking a demon lord's blood to gain power, or even eating the demon lord's heart and gaining a small level of divinity, including granting spells and powers to followers.

Long story short. Desperate paladin sacrifices his soul to gain enough power to help the party defeat a great evil. He drinks the demon blood to gain power which is an evil act that causes him to become fallen. He then offers himself to worship and serve the party member that ate the demon's heart and becomes restored as a (semi-)dark paladin.

He is just an NPC that was supposed to die heroically. I ran him most of the time, but several players in the group have taken turns running him and making decisions for him. He has now become a party favorite. They went to significant lengths to save him, support him, and get him through the adventure alive.

In the end, the fallen paladin helped the party defeat a great evil, but in doing so he committed many acts that would be considered evil. The paladin won't do an atonement, partly because of a backstory self loathing thing, but also because he doesn't regret doing it. Atonement requires remorse and regret for the the deeds done. He doesn't regret it because it allowed him to defeat a great evil. He believes damning his soul was a worth while trade off for the good accomplished.

I'm looking for some good character pictures that show a hero that barely survived a battle. Most pictures show characters in their shining glory or like some sort of bad @$$.

I want pictures of a hero that just barely made it out alive. I want the fantasy equivalent of John McClane at the end of every Die Hard movie.

Anybody have any good idea where to find something like that?

Kyrone wrote:

Sickened and Frightened reduces all saving throws making easier to land the maneuvers.

Clumsy reduces reflex saves so it's easier to trip and disarm.

Drained reduces fortitude saves making easier to grapple.

Not sure yet how to make someone clumsy, drained or sickened, but I've worked out some of the "frightened" mechanics. That could be a viable option.

Grapple someone and they become flatfooted.
Knock someone down and they are flatfooted.
Flank someone and they are flatfooted.

Flank someone, knock them down, and then grapple them, still just flatfooted.

And flatfooted really isn't all that bad. Sure, a rogue can now sneak attack you and you take a hit to AC, but it doesn't make you any easier to trip or grapple.

I'm having trouble coming to grips with the fact that a downed foe that is grappled and surrounded by enemies is only mildly inconvenienced.

Why do none of these things stack?
Are there any conditions that make maneuvers easier to pull off?

Garretmander wrote:
Atalius wrote:
So if you try to maintain the grapple would the enemy be considered flat footed as you make your Athletics check?
They are grabbed when you attempt to maintain, so yes.

Apparently this doesn't matter. I've been informed that flat footed is only a penalty to AC and thus would not impact a grapple check.

There must be something about the Ape Instinct ability that I don't understand. I thought it just gave you proficiency with "fist" and gave that attack more damage as well as the grapple quality. Isn't unarmed attacks a light weapon that can be used with weapon finness?

Thanks for the response Castilliano. Very thorough and concise. Makes sense.

I have been considering multi classing into barbarian and had already spotted the ape instinct ability that gives unarmed attacks the grapple weapon quality. I have been unsure exactly what that would do, though. If it does allow my character to use dex while grappling, then it makes an intriguing choice.

As for assurance, it's not so great to use for grappling. My character has the feat, but it will rarely work against anything that is the same level as the character. Most monsters appear to have Fort as a "good save" and will always be ahead of the curve vs assurance with athletics.

That being said, I have gotten it to work once.

The other maneuvers are also athletics checks.

If you are proficient in unarmed combat, can you use dex to grapple?

A flanked target has a flat footed -2 penalty to melee attacks. Does a flat footed target take a penalty vs maneuvers?

A rogue thief gets Dex to attack and damage for melee attacks. What about things like grapple that use an athletics check instead of a melee attack?

How are people getting the books already? Reeeeeeeealy want to get my hands on one.

A number of years ago I played in a scenario that had what was essentially a nuclear reactor that melted down and just about killed everyone.

For the life of me, I can't remember which scenario it was. Anybody know what I'm talking about?

That's it. Can the exemplar use this magic item.

The Exemplar gets an ability like bardic performance, but it does not use music. It does say that feats and effects that effect bardic performance effect the exemplar's ability.

Three Reasons to Live is a musical instrument that gives a significant bonus to bardic performance.


My gaming group ran the first few sections of Plunder and Peril in Campaign Mode. It was fun for a while, but we stopped part way through to start a different adventure path with different characters.

We have decided that we will not be going back to finish Plunder and Peril. The rules for campaign mode say that you hand out all the chronicles after you have completed the adventure path. Do you really need to finish the entire thing first? Can we just get the chronicles for the sections we completed?

Good call. I'll post it over there.

My gaming group ran the first few sections of Plunder and Peril in Campaign Mode. It was fun for a while, but we stopped part way through to start a different adventure path with different characters.

We have decided that we will not be going back to finish Plunder and Peril. The rules for campaign mode say that you hand out all the chronicles after you have completed the adventure path. Do you really need to finish the entire thing first? Can we just get the chronicles for the sections we completed?

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Well.... well.... what the Hell.....

He survived.

I gave the player a bit of a heads up as to what was about to happen and how the situation came about. After a discussion he declared that he didn't want to meta game and didn't want me to softball the encounter.

I did alter a few things, most importantly the stealth bonuses for the assassins, so that it was at least theoretically possible for his character to make a perception check to spot the invisible assassins before they attacked.

So, of course, on the critical stealth roll the 3 assassins rolled a 2, 3, and a 7 and the PC rolled a 19 and was able to spot two of the assassins. In the surprise round he got an initiative over 30, so he attacked first. He got off one shot, made a critical hit with nearly max damage, and made the roll to overcome the 50% miss chance. First dead assassin.

As planned, the assassins spent one round attacking other people.

During the first full round, the PC hit himself with a see invisibility wand. This would not have been a big deal for the assassins, but the assassin mage with dispell magic prepped happened to be the one that the PC had smoked in the surprise round.

There was a running battle on the ship,with the assassins trying to hide behind cover so they could jump back out at him for sneak attack a round or two later. I never saw the player roll lower than a 15 on his perception checks, and the assassins never rolled higher than a 7 to hide. When the assassins did attack, they rolled the biggest collection of 1s, 3s, and 5s I've seen in a single combat.

I was worried that the PC would die in an unfair fight, but the dice gods decided to step in on this one. The assassins never stood a chance.

I am Nemesis wrote:
if you really want to shake things up- make sure the assassins destroy the bodies in such a way that resurrection is NEARLY impossible for the survivors.

The plan is Quieting Needles.

Melkiador wrote:
Also, I'm not sure if carefully planned defenses means you shouldn't attack them. Unused defenses could feel like a waste of resources. Add a summoner to the assassins and let it keep the defenses busy, while the party deals with the other assassins. The summoner's eidolon may even be the beast that draws them out of town.

They have recently spent a lot of time working on making the town a safe place for them between adventures. Having them immediately get attacked while in town feels like it invalidates the work they have done. I don't want them to get the impression that their actions don't matter. They worked hard to make it safe, so for now I will treat the area as safe. After a while the bad guys will have time to find holes in the defenses and more powerful bad guys may take a shot at taking the party on while they are in the town. For now though, that's not the route I will go.

All this feedback has really helped. Thanks everyone.

The team of assassins was supposed to be a pair of Ninjas and an Eldritch Scoundrel. All of them Tengu and 12th level. The party is all 14th level right now.

I have decided to alter things a bit. Instead of it being just a team of three, I will make it an entire clan of Tengu assassins that have taken a contract to kill the party. I will have just two of them, probably around level 9, make the assassination attempt on the lone party member on the flying ship. It will probably be a little challenging and may even be a lethal encounter if things go badly. If the PC dies, he will at least have a fighting chance. If the PC kills or drives off the assassins, that opens the door for the leaders of the assassin clan stepping in at a later date to try to complete the contract.

This method will allow for more tension as the party learns a little about the assassin clan and tries to prepare for the eventual strike. I will float them some rumors. Some will the "true" others will be wild speculation. Should be fun.

There are reasons the assassins would not split up. They are designed to fight together. Like the party, the assassins are much weaker individually. Also, the party has made its home base in a well defended town where they are considered heroes. Between the town defences, the helpful population, and all the work the PCs have put into defending the place, I have decided not to have any attacks happen in the town for a while. This is mostly out of respect for the careful work and planning the group put into building the defences.

On the other hand, they have a big flying ship that floats above the town like a neon sign. It has only once been flown without any of the PCs on board. It usually has the entire party on it. It seemed like an obvious plan to stake out the town and watch for the ship to fly off. The assassins would use a combination of flight, teleport, and dimension door to track it for a while and then make there assault when the ship is well away from town.

The party will be able to bring the character back almost immediately. They have a lot of cash, but this may be a very expensive experience.

TheGreatWot wrote:
Loss of con is as much of a non-problem as negative levels. The players will just use the same spells as before to remove the damage or drain.

I should have been more clear. It's not CON Drain or CON Damage. The CON loss is permanent.

Thanks for all the feedback. The game is tomorrow evening, so I have a little time to mull over the options.

Just to let everyone know the type of game we play, it is relatively deadly. Most of the PC's have died at least once. We have adjusted how raise dead and resurrection work to make death a serious matter. If you use Raise Dead the character loses 1d4 CON. If you use Resurrection the character loses 1 CON. Only True Resurrection brings a character back whole.

I don't particularly mind character death, but I always want to give them a fighting chance. If run as planned, the character does not have a realistic chance of survival.

As an additional note, the PC in question gets beat down a lot. He is by far the biggest damage dealer in the party, but he keeps thinking that makes him the most powerful. My gaming world has a lot of named NPCs of all power levels. Some are significantly more powerful than the party. I don't use them against the party, but they are there to remind the group that there is a big world out there and they are not necessarily the biggest fish in the pond.

Unfortunately this PC regularly challenges NPCs to duals and then gets his butt kicked because he is not particularly good at one-on-one encounters. It's been pretty brutal. Getting slaughtered by a pack of assassins may be just a bit too much right now. On the other hand, I have softballed the past two duels he was in to keep him from getting killed. Before that point, I think he was 0 for 7 in duels.

Still pondering.

Sorry for the wall of text. I just wanted to give context.

I am GMing a group of pretty competent players. The characters are all well built, and the players are very good at running them. Each knows their roll and their strengths and weaknesses. In combat they are like a well oiled machine and can destroy threats waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay above their pay grade. But that is only when they are together. Individually each character is deeply flawed. When one or two characters are missing from the group, they become much, much weaker.

This is all fine. Everyone knows this dynamic and it is part of the fun.

Now here is the problem. Several times now, they have mowed through an adventure as a group, but right before running into a BIG EPIC ENCOUNTER that I have designed to truly test the group, THEY SPLIT THE PARTY!!!

One or two party members go off to do something else, and suddenly the encounter that would truly challenge the entire group becomes an encounter that will kill every character present. Instead of slaughtering over half the party I end up dumbing down the bad guys and making an "eh" encounter.

Well, it happened again last session. The party has a flying ship that is very conspicuous and well known. The party is aware of the fact that a political faction has hired assassins to kill them. What they don't know is that the assassins have staked out the ship and plan to strike the next time the ship leaves port.

This will be a difficult encounter. In fact, I decided that it was so deadly, I should help them out. I set things up so that an former enemy, I'll call him Bill, would borrow the party's ship and the party would have the opportunity to go with him.

This way, if the party went with, I would have the assassins attack Bill first, giving the party a round to ready themselves. Or, if the party did not go with on the trip, the assassins would kill Bill and a couple NPC crew members. The party would find the ship a few days later with dead bodies strewn everywhere and this would raise the tension and excitement.

Instead, ONE AND ONLY ONE party member goes with Bill on the trip. They know highly paid assassins are looking for them. They also don't really trust Bill and expect him to turn on them at any moment. And they still only had one party member go with.


So, do I gimp the encounter again, or do I run the encounter and probably slaughter the PC.

Crap. Just realized I'm currently playing War for the Crown. I don't want to start rummaging through that one and spoil it. But I think I will give one or two of the others you mentioned a look this afternoon.

Ah, that's what I'm talking about! Thanks! I'll turn my search in that direction.

To be honest, I'm not that good at writing adventures, scenarios and scenes. Now, I'm not looking for a pep talk along the lines of "just go for it! You'll do fine. We all started somewhere." This is just an honest assessment of my abilities.

What I am quite good at, is blatant thievery of material and blending unrelated storylines and setting into one big tapestry of gaming goodness.

I just need some good base scenarios to start with. I'm currently ripping off the old adventure path segment "The Prince of Redhand" like a hobo in a deli's dumpster. But any other good social scenarios would be appreciated.

I am running a home game that is mostly comprised of a mishmash of scenarios and modules slightly altered to fit the story. When the players/characters take the game in a direction, I do a quick search of modules and scenarios I know and use that as the base for that arc if the story.

Currently the party is planning on starting a duel at a wedding party. Does anyone know any good scenarios that involve duels? Does anyone know any good scenario with a wedding or other large party? I've already done Blakros Wedding, so that is out. Any suggestions?

Thank you very much everyone. I've never been good with the stealth rules.

While I sometimes let the players do things that are not entirely rules perfect, I try to keep all the bad guys pretty strictly in line with the rules. Thanks for helping make sure.

I kinda agree with Claxon on this one. That may be how I do this in the future to ease frustration.

Also, I was looking through the blindness condition, and it said a blinded character takes a -4 on opposed perception checks. I'm not sure what that means.

I am the GM in this case. The party has run into a dirty trick fighter that starts combat by blinding his opponent. He would then take a 5 foot step.

I had the player and the dirty trickster make opposed rolls, stealth vs perception for the player to figure out what square the dirty trickster moved to. The blinded character took a -20 on this check. This ends up being pretty harsh.

As the dirty tricks guy is most likely going to show up again, I want to make sure I am doing the mechanics correctly.

Can you use stealth on a 5 foot step after a full attack? I've always played that you can, but I'm note sure if that is legal.

The blind person takes a -20 modifier to perception. Should the attacker have a negative like with the sniping rules?

Here is the situation:

A character is blind and adjacent to an attacker.

The attacker does a full attack and takes a 5 foot step into another square.

What does the character need to do to determine what square the attacker moved to?

This isn't exactly rules perfect, but in my campaign an NPC vivisectionist got his hands on the mastodon mount of a high level anti-paladin the party had taken out.

I think it was considered a 12th level animal companion at the time. The vivasectionist used anthropomorphic animal on it and then awaken. In the end, the vivasectionist had a size huge anthropamorphic elephant-like-thing that was smarter than many of the party members.

In truth it wasn't that tough, but it has always made the party uneasy.


The brother thing gives me an idea. He does have a brother in the game that the players know. They don't like the brother but are at an uneasy peace with him.

One of the players challenged the brother to a dual with firearms. Rifles in fact. The brother agreed even though he was not a Gunslinger. He was, in fact, a Brawler.

After surviving the first volley, he proceeded to beat the gunslinger unconscious wielding the rifle like a club.

I had pondered the Brawler/brother taking vengeance on the party. Having him disguise himself as the duelist makes the idea even more delicious.

I have an ape animal companion and they are very useful. They are very mobile and can go places large quadrupeds struggle with. An opposable thumb can also go a long way in convincing a GM that your animal companion can perform a task. I also dressed it up and had it learn tricks. I told everyone it was a trained circus animal and was only here for entertainment.

Brolof wrote:
Acquire a familiar and get the Boon Companion feat, as well as Improved Familiar so you can get your hands on something with hands and Use Magic Device. Stick it in the bag with the rest of your wands, and let it deal with casting them instead of you.

That's a good idea. I'll see if I can squeeze in both those feats. Maybe just boon companion and a good archetype for it, like the protector.

As a duelist, I'm hoping to be able to sucker at least one into fighting in a formal duel. If I'm lucky, i can even convince them into fighting a non-lethal duel. Hopefully I'll be able to have the fight be in front of a bunch of witnesses. That may keep them from exacting retribution afterword if the duelist wins, and keeps the door open for the duelist to come back later.

Even if he gets killed, he is from a wealthy family and it's the pathfinder universe. Rich people don't need to stay dead in the pathfinder universe.

With luck, I think I can get at least two of the players to commit their characters to a formal honor duel. After that, he may just harass the PCs until he can draw them into a brawl.

As for GTFO stuff, I don't want to give the duelist an automatic escape. He won't run during a duel. He could try to make a break for it if things turn into a brawl and it looks like things are going badly. I will need to figure out something for that. The eversmoking bottle looks promising. But, if the players get lucky, smart, or some combination, I'll give them the win. The campaign is rich with background characters that could come forward and fill the roll of tertiary antagonist.

The duelist isn't a BIG BAD. He is supposed to be an ever growing annoyance that distracts and thwarts the party from their primary goals.

And I want to give a big thanks to everybody who has been helping out. It's given me a lot of ideas for shoring up weaknesses and making him a well rounded bad guy. It's also helped me think about the character and give him more depth of personality in my mind. Hopefully I can convey that during the gaming session.

Keep the ideas and critiques coming. They are very appreciated.

He has 6 levels of magus and could acquire a familiar. Anything good I should be doing with that?

Yes. Magic will be his greatest weakness. Specifically the save or die spells(or their equivalent). I haven't figured out a good way around that yet, other than decent saves and making himself an elusive target. Very few of the one shot kill(or incapacitate) spells work on a target you can't see. The best I can think of is blinding his foes with dirty tricks and hiding him self with Obscuring Mist, smoke clouds, maybe a few other low level spells that can block line of sight.

Any good ideas?

I can work with that concept. The feat collection allows a free dirty trick with every AoO, and a free Steal maneuver after a successful dirty trick.

Won't be taking weapons, but can take the powder horn from the gunslinger and the component pouch from the casters.

He could then pitch the items to onlookers. Some may give the items back, but others may take the item and run.


WIll and FORT saves are probably his biggest weakness. They are good, but not great. Most spells of that type require line of sight. If those spells start coming out the wand of Obscuring Mist shows its worth again. A game of cat and mouse in the mist could be interesting.

Or he gets unlucky right off the bat. Those things happen.

I will most like have him try to goad the non-casters into a fight first.

Ring of delayed doom is awesome, but would eat up all the gold I've allotted for the character's gear.

The intelligent item idea is interesting, but there is already a similar item in the party. One of the characters gets dominated by it on a regular basis.

It is incredibly evil and we have been a WIL save away from him trying to slaughter everyone in the party a few times already.

I'll probably hold off on introducing another intelligent item into the game for a while.

Good stuff. I definitely will need to gear him up with the standard utility scrolls for a high level character. A scroll of fly is a must. I'll also give him a load out of all those useful wands. A wand of Obscuring Mist could really mess with people that won't close in to melee. I'll probably also give him a Wand of Dispel Magic with a half dozen charges left on it.

His monk dip also gives him evasion for all those nasty area effects spells.

Those are all great ideas and things I would applaud. The DC of the tanglefoot stuff is pretty low vs high level characters, but it's a good de-buff for a few rounds even on a successful save. And who knows, there is a one on every die.

Grapple probably wouldn't work, as pretty much everything that boosts touch attacks also boosts CMD. You would have to be pretty good at grappling to make that work, but worth a try.

These are things I want the players to try. They are very good at what they do, but hopefully this encounter will push them out of their comfort zone.

This is a long post, and I apologize for that. I just wanted to fill in some background to give a better idea what I am looking for.

I have a party of high powered butt kickers. They are all about to hit 14th or 15th level and each have nearly a quarter million gold worth of gear. In combat they work together like a well oiled machine of destruction. While mostly combat focused, they are a pretty well balanced group. One covers magical support. The gunslinger is a ranged murder machine. They have a fighter with a maxed out CMB and defensive skills that keeps anyone from approaching within 20 feet. And they have a heavy hitter with great mobility that throws out damage with the best of them.

The party really only has one major weakness. They appear to be entirely unable to turn down the offer of a duel. In a one-on-one fight, the individual parts of that well oiled machine turn info flawed characters that, more often than not, end up taking a beat down.

That said, the campaign has a high profile duelist operating in the background. The party has heard about him and briefly met him, but he is about to be thrown directly in their path.

I built the duelist at 15th level with a slurry of classes and the Duelist prestige class. The concept is a crazy high touch AC and annoying attacks that don't do much damage but are demoralizing.

With a monk dip and Duelist he gets both INT and WIS to AC and gets a +8 to AC from Full Defense. When not engaging and going full defense his Touch AC is about 37 and Basic AC is about 45. When attacking he will both Fight Defensively and use Combat Expertise which will put his touch AC around 39. When moving he gets another +8 vs attacks of opportunity. Defensively he should be very hard to hit. Not impossible, but will require a good roll.

Offensively he will rely on feinting to get people flat footed and dirty tricks to de-buff. He is able to use two style feats at the same time. I'm using the Cloak and Dagger chain of feats to get free Dirty Tricks and Steal maneuvers. I'm also using Diabolic Style to periodically lay out a demoralizing slap to the face.

My hope for the NPC is that he will survive one or two or maybe even three encounters with the party and that when they finally put him down, it will be with a great sense of satisfaction. Even if he gets put down in the first combat encounter, I want him to make a good showing of himself so the party feels like they took out a real and unique threat and not just a monster with a big bag of hit points.

Now to what I am looking for:(Once again, I am sorry it is taking so long to get to my point)

1. I want to keep the NPC's gear under 50,000 gold. I'm looking for gear that works with the build and possibly offers a unique challenge for the players.

2. I could possibly shoehorn in one or two more feats. Any good ideas for feats that work with the theme.

3. Ideas for ways to play the character. He is supposed to be a charming sociopath. A Patrick Bateman or Alex Delarge kind of guy. Any good phrases or one liners you could give me to use in the game to help convey the character to the players. I recently re-watched, Spiderman: Homecoming. The scene where Micheal Keaton's character has a polite but deadly conversation with Peter Parker keeps coming to mind.

4. Any other advice or ideas to help make this a memorable and enjoyable story point for my players.

Thank you for you time and patience with my rambling post. I would appreciate any ideas you could give.

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