Is this the AP I've been waiting for?


For the longest time I've been wanting to run a long (from level 1 to level 16+) sword and sorcery campaign for my group. It caught my attention that this campaign is being billed as classic sword and sorcery AND it features a lot of giant enemies which running ROTL a year or so ago made me really appreciate how fun giants are for the GM. On paper this seems like exactly the AP I wanted, but I'm curious if this would be a decent medium for my ideas I had when my sword and sorcery campaign was going to be homebrew. My ideas included adding the path of war rules, slightly limiting arcane classes and balancing the encounters for the lower arcane party. I'd like to say flat out that I'm not trying to start "an arcane classes are too powerful please nerf" thread, in fact I feel they are perfectly fine the way they are. I'm just aiming for a campaign more in line with the classic books and movies I love where any magic not coming from a good priest is considered evil. I'm not saying that they can't be arcane casters so much as its in their best interest not to be.

Anyway, before this becomes a huge wall of text here is the question I'm posing: is it possible to tweak this AP with a mostly martial party that likely will have no access to high level spells without completely changing the hard work of the creators? right now it seems only paizo employees can truly answer this question, but I also welcome community feedback as more information becomes available. If this thread generates enough interest I feel its a worthwhile undertaking will post updates on my conversion work as it progresses.

You might want to wait for unchained to try such a campaign. I would also look at Path of War by Dreamscar Press. That may have not answered your specific question, but I hope it helps you get what your are ultimately looking for.

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