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Scythia wrote:

We had a player who was reliable for rolling terribly. The kind whom other players were afraid to share dice with, lest they be cursed. So this player makes a Bard, and in the first game, when the party is initially meeting, he wants his introduction to be singing in the town square. We're all expecting his roll to indicate his performance is akin to drunken karaoke.

He rolls a 20... for the least consequential roll the character will ever make. The party was amazed by the golden voice issuing from the brightly dressed gnome.

I don't think he landed a single attack with the character the rest of the game. :P

This is the interesting thing.

STATISTICALLY across a few thousand rolls everyone ends up with an almost identical numbers of ones and twenties as everyone else.

In PRACTICE though some people get those twenties when it makes no practical difference and have their share of the ones show up at the most inopportune time.

Go figure.

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Lord Fyre wrote:
Cthulhudrew wrote:
I prefer the Firefly tv show version of the Reavers to Serenity's version.
Not surprising. They movie had to compress all the information that would have been developed over three to five seasons.

It still did not cover all of it. The mystery behind Shepherd Book's past was not fully revealed until the Graphic Novel's came out.

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Go walking with a skilled hunter and you will be amazed what he "sees" in the forest that you miss. it is not that his eyes are innately better at seeing a deer standing in the bushes. A lifetime of experience allows him to "spot" what you have missed.

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Always preferred Greyhawk to Eberron.

So as a GM does this apply to ammo for my Rock Giants ? :D

Ahhh .... the vagaries of a D20 system :D

Now ... when you get multiple natural ones or natural hundreds on a D100 in Ancients or Napoleonics ....

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In the end it depends on the nature of the players.

In my local group there used to be two players you could NEVER put together. The first felt that anything that did not involve moving miniatures about tactically and then rolling dice was just time wasting. The second player felt that if you got to the point of having to fight it out instead of wrangle/manipulate/connive and con your way past you had failed and you may as well be playing warhammer.

Generally though it also depends how well done the scenario is. probably the most popular module in the old Wizards 3.5 LG organised play has the party being transformed into dolls in a doll house.

What makes cantrips interesting is their limited power.

Players need to use some imagination to use them with any effectiveness (stealthily drench the barbarian to create a distraction in the inn etc etc).

Simply upping the strength so players obsessed with making things explode can have unlimited spells kind of misses the point.

3.5 game

Flying creatures need to be summoned onto a perch because RAW says they can only be summoned into an environment that "supports" them.

Of course that distribution is just what you would get if you happen to randomly draw a single adventurer from a ballot box.

If your players are attending the "high level adventurers annual epic games" or for that matter happen to be in a ludicrously dangerous area that pretty much pulverises anyone below level 10ish stupid enough to enter, the distribution will be different.

A silly counter example is you have been imprisoned on a 5' square solid pedestal amidst a square mile of molten lava and someone casts create pit at your feet.

Over the years I suspect around 25% of the players I have come across have been female.

Despite the stereotype that female players tend to play through some sort of family/relationship ties (there father/partner/etc is the reason they play) I have not generally found this to be the case.

Many women play purely out of their own interests. Many couple play as couples it is simply something they do as a couple. In the case of father/daughter players often the daughter is as or more keen than the father.

AsmodeusUltima wrote:

Yes, I did utilize Hero Lab. Also I did not pay much attention to non-magical gear past level one; I'm sure in actual play I'd have more feed, rations, pitons, and the lot. Ditto with consumables.

What sort of equipment would you suggest for her? She already has a higher AC than her rider, and he has a better than even chance of boosting it with a Rie check. She probably doesn't need a further damage boost, though accuracy is always nice. Maybe improve saves even more?

Some item the mount can carry that creates food (Cauldron of Plenty would work but expensive) or alternatively find a way for the mount to wear the equivalent of a ring of sustenance (EDIT Hand of Glory on neck slot with ring?).

Imbicatus wrote:
Polymorph spells will do it. An easier way would be the monstrous mount feats.

Problem is Polymorph can not be made permanent and also can be dispelled.

White-Mage wrote:
Neadenil Edam wrote:
Klorox wrote:
do you even still get a ST when you're helpless?

Magical items do ... so why not ?

DEX=0 eliminates any conscious ducking or dodging from reflex saves leaving innate abilities and shear luck.

How can innate abilities and sheer luck effect a magical pit appearing right under you while the only things you can do is think and breath? (Seriously, can't even talk)

Yep, just one of many examples where RAW results in odd results due to "unforeseen circumstances having unexpected consequences".

In a home game this would be a DM call of the "it's stupid so no" type. In PFS you would just have to put up with the occasional peculiar result.

Klorox wrote:
do you even still get a ST when you're helpless?

Magical items do ... so why not ?

DEX=0 eliminates any conscious ducking or dodging from reflex saves leaving innate abilities and shear luck.

Finessing a non-light weapon does allow power attack. Agile weapon enchants will give dex to damage on a 2 handed finessable weapon but you do not gain the 1.5 modifier for 2 handed.

I recall one 3.5 group where the DM limited the powergaming options by simply stating you guys can do anything you want so long as it follows RAW ... there is only one restriction the campaign concept requires all characters be Gnome Paladins (deity of choice) mounted on riding dogs.

Well it cannot be vorpal :D

But on the plus side you can pick them up anywhere (literally).

timelord ?

Rolling 10d6/2 is not "simpler" but it does give results consistently closer to average while 5d6 is a bit wilder.

Basically if its a home game it doesn't matter. Do whatever suits you. The greater number of fails and near maximised results you get with 5d6 might even make combat a bit more interesting.

If it is PFO society your probably stuck with 10d6/2 because that is what the FAQ states.

Actually the difference between 5d6 and 10d6/2 is substantial when you look at the likelihood of very large or very small results:

Distribution of 5d6.

Distribution of (10d6)/2.

Rolling 5d6 will give the same average but a lot more very large and very small totals.

Cavall wrote:
Ok so by that reasoning you're not rolling anything extra. You're taking 10d6. Then adding half the RESULT of that exact same 10d6 back in again? So you roll 44 and add 22?

That seems to be what the FAQ quoted above is saying.

I suspect no because both archetypes seem to be altering the characters domains which would not be allowed.

His concept seems more CN/CE then LE to be honest.

its saying add half the "normally rolled result" (my quotes).

The "normally rolled result" is obtained from 10d6

10d6/2 is not the same as 5d6 and does not give the same result

To give a non-mathematical example tossing two coins with heads worth one and tails worth zero and dividing the result by two does not give the same result as tossing one coin.

Tossing one coin gives either a 1 or a zero. Tossing two coins and dividing by two gives a 25% chance of 0 a 25% chance of 1 and a 50% chance of 0.5

Played a gnome Paladin for a while.

The ability to ride medium mounts is quite a boon. Quite a few of them can fly.

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Tooth Fairy :D

Goblin Squad Member

Caldeathe Baequiannia wrote:

Trying to extrapolate active subscribers from who is playing is no more valid today than it was a month ago. I personally (i.e., in real life) know three people who have not played in many weeks but have continued their subscriptions and are in no hurry to cancel them. In fact, whe current state of the war between Xeilias and Phaeros probably means that trying to judge active subscribers from people logging in is less useful than it was a month ago. Many people are simply keeping their heads down.

.... and well advised to do so if they are war targets. The handful of obsessives that drove the forever war can still be spotted roaming the South East trying to hunt down the odd Phaeros person that does log back in.

In terms of numbers, the active population in my own settlement in my playtime (non american time zone) has actually gone up since the war settled down for us. We generally have no issues getting one or two parties together to knock of escalations almost nightly.

As far as DT addons go, maybe people are not understanding the mechanics and just what you are getting but Keepers have had maybe half a dozen players or so add extra DTs in the last few weeks with no regrets.

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Bluddwolf wrote:

On October 2, if the server is still up, I will be looking to by a DT account for $35 (the kick starter cost).

So once you take into account the 2 months game time - you are offering about $5 for a DT :D

Goblin Squad Member

Xaosist wrote:

A little off topic for a sticky post meant for listing accounts for sale/trade aren't we?

I think the long series of "your joking this game sucks no one will ever pay that price you were an idiot to back the kickstarter in the first place" attacks on anyone trying to sell an account has meant the genuine sellers have moved to other venues.

Goblin Squad Member

Be aware that the weapon/expendable UI has a toggle that switches between two weapon sets, so whilst you can assign a gamepad button to "Attack 1" on whatever weapon is currently toggled you cannot assign a button specifically to "Attack 1 on my Primary Weapon" or "Attack 1 on my Secondary Weapon".

Goblin Squad Member

Al Smithy wrote:

Only a good deal if you think the value of Destiny's Twin accounts is higher or will go up.

If you think this game project will be shut down within a year, liquidating your Destiny's Twin games now for whatever you can get is a smart play.

Obviously, only time will tell.

OR - if you really enjoy the game and think all the negativity and attempts at sabotage may eventually bring it down then paying $375 for two additional characters that are effectively level 12 or 14 once you spend a week or two getting the achieves is good value. More opportunity to play while the game still is going.

There are two factors in the pricing - the short-term benefit of backdated XP and the longterm benefit of having a DT account.

In the end what an account is worth is what the buyer is prepared to pay. That also partly depends on the buyers income and whilst generally gamers are lower income (if you can afford a Ferrari or a Lear jet you are likely to buy one rather than drive/fly them in games) but that is not always the case. For me a months sub is about half an hours work at my current pay rate. I am aware of one player in game who is subbing 10 accounts.

Goblin Squad Member

monkman33 wrote:
monkman33 wrote:

I just listed my account for sale. I am going to be busy with military stuff for over a year, and do not want a Destiny's twin account to go to waste.

I started it at a minimum bid of $200, with a buy it now of $375

Let me know what you think.


MAX XP (430k) on one, and 350k on the other. all unspent. All daily deals. etc.

Pathfinder Online - Destiny's Twin Account - MAX (main)XP UNSPENT + 1 month Free

Sold. That was really fast.

Buy it now of $375 was actually a really good deal.

Goblin Squad Member

The bug reporting/testing mechanism in game is separate from and serves a different function from the crowdforging.

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Bluddwolf wrote:

Subscription based games are fewer for good reason, it is a failing business model. I very much expect that if PFO ever makes it to what they used to call Open Enrollment, it will be F2P.

That would require quite a reversal of the initial stated goals of the game. I recall Ryan was quite opposed (rightly) to the micro-transaction F2P model presumably because it usually translates generally to pay-to-win (" sure pay for free but if you want armor that doesn't suck and arrows that actually hit buy these nice little items for just one dollar ...").

The proposed long term F2P model for PFO was the one EVE uses with F2P becoming an option once you make enough in game cash.

Goblin Squad Member

What everyone said.

- join a settlement, if you do not already have friends in game PFU is a good place to start. However do not join the instant someone in game tries to recruit you. Do a little bit of homework on the settlements first.
- go to the GW forums. This forum is now mainly inhabited by people who do not play (in some cases have never played) and just want to criticize the game and the people who do play.
- if you have issues in game just post in general chat (help chat is rarely used except by GMs)

Goblin Squad Member

There seems some peculiar misguided misconception these Day 1 DT accounts are being marketed/sold to new players.

I find it unlikely new players are buying them. They are attracting the high prices they get because existing players are after them and for an existing player (who knows they are staying with the game for some years and needs to add an an instant crafter or refiner or PvP character to the alts they already own) they are well worth it.

Lowbudget wrote:

I see how they are rewards for the vanguard, but stuff like DT accounts where you can add them to a shop for $150 upgrade is something doable that GW can do and should do.

... and the most idiotic marketing idea of all time. Pay the equivalent of 6 months sub now and get half price subscriptions forever is not something any sane company is going to offer.

Goblin Squad Member

Accounts with less backdated XP have sold for over $500 in the past. People pay what they think its worth. I paid $200 for a small holding I have not used in a month but actually think it was a very good investment.

Personally, compared to some of my other hobbies such as real world aviation and restoring vintage motorcycles computer gaming costs are pocket money.

As a PFO account is not an essential item that you must have to survive, the accounts will sell for what buyers think they are worth. If a price is too high it will not sell.

Not that I really care personally as I am not selling any accounts nor do I have the time to add more characters so am not in the market to buy one.

Goblin Squad Member

I like the achievement system. It is pretty transparent in the sense that unless you are a "log in once a week casual PvPer" who just wants to bignote themselves for an hour then log out again you just get them as you play with no real effort and it also gives a nice indicator of where you are at.

The main criticisms I have are:
- the higher gates are too low and too easy to achieve, level 10 should be 10,000 or 12,000 not 8000.
- it should keep counting after 10 even if it serves no in game purpose
- there should be an influence indicator

Goblin Squad Member

People stuck in the old mindset of getting off on leveling and maxing out characters wills struggle with PFO initially.

- the game has no equivalent of XP caps so training one role will never prevent you maxing another, it will just take a bit longer. Min/maxing provides a temporary edge at best.
- the true equivalent of "XP" in other games is actually the in-game achievements. The thing called "XP" is just a resource you spend when you get enough achievements to "level" a skill. It probably should have been called training points not XP.
- the game is not a "churn" game for people that want to keep trying the newest greatest shiniest thing for 6 months before moving on, it takes years to max a role
- like EVE, numbers are the biggest force multiplier so success in the game comes from the ability to make friends, recruit and retain members not whether you have "awesome" high level individual characters

However once you get out of the "old school mindset" of wanting to be entertained by pretty graphics and the ability to be instantly awesome and level up constantly and solo everything and settle down and join a settlement and start working with people the game becomes very very addictive.

Goblin Squad Member

Accounts are worth what people would pay for them. I think the prices are reasonable the only reason I personally do not have more accounts is the game is quite time consuming and addictive when you are in a functional settlement and I simply do not have the time for more than two characters.

I will however say it is not logical to claim that both
a) the game is not worth playing yet and people that are playing now are stupid people

at the same time as
b) when I eventually play I want to be able to easily catch up with the "vets" and show off my elite gaming skills and it is unfair that the "stupid people" that play now have an advantage over me

Goblin Squad Member

Valkenr wrote:
Valkenr wrote:

Account 1: SOLD 5/4/2015 - $250
Account 2: SOLD 6/6/2015 - $280

Both accounts have sold, threw up the prices and dates so there is some market data. It annoys me when I have nothing to base my pricing on. You're welcome sellers now you have a baseline, sorry buyers now you can't hope for an ignorant seller.

Seem to be fair pices. You have an odd situation of DT accounts with virtually full XP backdated on the main and not the DT. In the past DT accounts with full XP backdated to 1/1 on both characters attracted quite a bit more than you got and DT accounts with no backdated XP on either character attracted a fair bit less than your prices.

Prices seem to me to be mainly based on whether there is a DT and how much unallocated XP has built up. Accounts with skills already trained and little unallocated XP or with unused months of game time seem to attract a lot less.

Goblin Squad Member

New Cleric guides have been updated and expanded.

Goblin Squad Member

Joshua Rosen 799 wrote:
It sounds like they took Eve Online and skinned it with Pathfinder. I'm definately interested .... any chance someone has a buddy invite?

It is sort of a bit like EVE online in a Golarion setting - but it is really its own thing, even though it draws from both. Do not expect too much similarity to those previous games or you may be disappointed.

It is in the early stages, some people hate it other people are totally addicted and have trouble staying out of game. It partially depends on who you hook up with in game (PFU above are a good option or if you are craft inclined you can sign up with us down at Keeper's Pass - either way do not stay solo join an active group straight away).

If you still need an invite PM me with a valid email address to send it to.

Goblin Squad Member

Lowbudget wrote:
WTB DT account with backlogged *unused* xp. email

Not sure if there are many of those left.

You could try PM-ing Goblin Cleaver. See this thread:

Goblin Squad Member

This game can be a huge time suck. It is surprising how addictive it can be for a game still in development.

Goblin Squad Member

Duffy wrote:

One of the EVE dev blogs has an amazing write up about the problem and how they came up with and adjusted their time dilation issue to solve it. Pretty interesting, they also had a blog about their database server architecture that I thought was really neat. I mostly work with business applications that are pretty localized (geographically) so reading about how they use the same technology but in a drastically different configuration is pretty cool.

Anyways I agree in principle, smaller sizes in the 20-30 range are more interesting that giant blobs. Just take a look at a modern round based shooters, 36 players is about the current max for smooth gameplay and tends to avoid too much blob play. Unfortunately in an open world MMO you need to either artificially limit things or come up with a architecture that makes players want to split up, but even then someone will always try to play a numbers advantage if they can.

As to tech getting better yea it does but it's a huge complex problem for multiplayer stuff, it's not really about your computer (which progresses the fastest) or the server, it's about the network infrastructure between you, the server, and everyone else involved in that particular game. The numbers have surprisingly not changed as much as I would have expected over time. They will change, I just don't expect 1000 person shooters to just start happening it will probably be pretty gradual. Someone figures out some tricks once in awhile but it's usually via sacrificing something else (see typical MMO combat).

EVE have a serious technical issue with old code that is essentially single core. Aside from Tidi, they used to do some funky stuff like shut down extra cores on the Xeons to allow more overclocking for single core performance and have dedicated servers that step in and run a single system when one of the crazy big battles takes place. They also have system quota's, you cannot get into Jita (which has a dedicated server core of its own) once player numbers exceeds a set limit (around 2000 players in system I think) and you can get caught on the in-gate unable to jump.

Tidi is not an ideal solution, in EVE I have had to log out after multiple hours online simply because the battle was taking forever and I had real life commitments.

PFO cannot currently handle even medium sized battles. Even observing in tower battles with 20 or 30 players will kick me to the desktop though that may be partly a client side issue or due to be located in Australia.

Goblin Squad Member

Bluddwolf wrote:

The tactic might be obsolete for EvE, not so here in PFO. Imagine the havoc 30 naked noobs in a blob would produce.

But, as I said, I was just joking. Goons have their eyes on Crowfall and they will likely make a major showing of it.

Current anecdotal reports from the recent tower squabbles are that one T2 combat focused character can hold off 4 to 5 T1 relatively new players quite easily.

Though that result may be an artifact of the inexperience of the T1 players rather than lack of skills and gear.

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