In a war between Fey and Giants, who are the grunts?


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Pretty clear with giants that ogres and hill giants would be the baseline soldiers, but on the Fey side who would it be? If you were to make a "platoon" of Fey to go up against a giant force, what would it consist of?

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Charmed and dominated mortals, animals, with their enchanters in the back.

If you want the melee combatants to be fey, probably Redcaps.

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Generally speaking, I'd say that the giants are the grunts for the fey for at least a few battles.

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Keep in mind that they're chaotic. And not in the way that some giants are, they're mostly stupid, so top-down leadership that works as long as someone with a big str score is enforcing the hierarchy, but smart chaotic. They generally value their freedom to do whatever the hell they like, and I don't think the notion of military, rank and superiors would sit well with them. Some of the evil ones might like being at the top, though, but they don't generally try to subjugate other fey, instead going for big and stupid things with bad will saves (like giants) to serve them.

There's also no real fey warriors that I know of. Fey at war would be all about assassinations, spying, treachery & misintelligence.
Generally, if giants face off against fey in a fair battle, there's going to be a lot of torn, twitching insect parts lying around. So they don't fight if they can help it at all.

I suppose that there are some humanoid-like fey that could serve if given fighter levels, but honestly, why'd you bother? The other way is much cooler.

If you absolutely must, here's something that could serve as grunts. Your players will start calling them "smurfs" within 5 min of introduction, though. Also, Redcaps

In addition, google "Terry Pratchet, Nag mc feegle" and homebrew something.

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City of Heroes had redcaps as fey grunts. They were at war with reindeer-folk, which were basically the werewolf mob with an antlered skin.

Fey might have an army of ants morphed into ant-folk, with spears and daggers broken off a morphed thorn-hedge.

Packs of wolves?


Redcaps are pretty straightforward killers. Quicklings and Spring-Heeled Jacks for hit and run attacks. Svartalfar with their Greater Invisibility and Sneak Attack and Bane weapon combo are also devastating.

Fauns and Satyrs throwing the enemy's grunts into confusion. Not to mention all the Enchantments that Fey can throw around.

While Redcaps are the straight up melee fey, they're still fey.
Racial to-hits of +1 per 2 hit die mean a lot of whiffs with hill giant AC's, especially if they're anything better than base.
Ogres have lower AC, but I'll still switch the feat on the redcap from cleave to furious focus.
At least when you hit, you’ll hit harder.
Reach weapons would help, too.
Defensively, Redcaps are great until the foe brings cold iron.

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Bogeymen are great fighters, but they are stronger than most Hill Giants.

While not entire fey (but hey, most they are gnome-y, so close enough) Spriggans seem like an interesting choice for bruisers, since they can literally go from being laughed at to wrestling giants in just a couple turns with their size change to large.

Not as immediately damaging as a redcap with base stats, but they are working with only 1/2 as many racial hit dice. So plenty of room to throw in class levels to give them things like barbarian levels and power attack. Maybe throw in a couple rogues that stay underfoot to do ranged and flanking sneak attacks.

I'm having trouble verifying this information and I can't remember where I read it so take it with a grain of salt...

I believe that if a fey creature dies in the First World (that is the place where they are from) that they do not permanently die. Instead they will reform on the plane after some time.

If this is accurate I doubt the fey would leave the safety of the First World in a serious period of war. Outside they might be permanently killed, but inside they are effectively immortal. The giants would come and be killed, and while some fey might be temporarily destroyed they would always return.

Giants would need to find a way to end that ability to have any actual chance at winning...but most giants are too stupid to do any such thing.

The most numerous fey would probably be pixies, gremlins, and other small forms. They would be scouting and used for sabotage. Fauns CR 1/Korreds CR4, dryads, & satrys would make up the bulk of the army. Don't forget to add a few fey animals with the fey templates.

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Pugwampi. Swarms and swarms of pugwampi.

Erlkings would be the best bruisers. But they probably wouldn't be grunts.

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