Ring of Mind Shielding and Detect Evil


If an Evil Alignment Character is wearing a Ring of Mind Shielding,what class abilities or powers will still detect them as evil?

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I'm pretty sure the answer is none.

I was thinking the same but I was informed by my GM that there were class abilities that would still detect the evil but not given any details.

Smite Evil, Good, etc would technically work along with anything that deals more damage/effects/only effects creatures of an evil alignment will still affect them thereby detecting them as evil but you won't be able to tell how powerful they are.

Detect magic and a good spellcraft check will reveal the nature of their ring. Note this is often effective against shapeshifters and magical disguises as well. You know the dude with an illusion effect on him is hiding SOMETHING, even if you don't know what.

Detect Good generally reveals that the supposed Blessed Priestess of Light (who's actually a succubus) is definitely not normal. Not damning evidence but more effective than detect evil when the villains get wise to it.

Cheerfully handing the subject one of those "immediately gives wielder negative levels" magic items tends to have noticeable (and highly amusing) results.

The above was used to great comedic effect against a necromancer one time. The int-dumped Paladin with a wand of healing had been conned into believing that the necromancer's undead minions were living hirelings, so of COURSE when they got hit he "helped" them. Cure, cure, why he no more no more? Holy water does this as well and also effects evil outsiders.

Potentially there is some rule about higher level spells "punching through" lower level defenses, like how a heightened continual flame can beat deeper darkness. Or the DM erroneously believes this to be the case.

The ring will prevent you from being detected as evil, but you are still evil. You will still be affected by spells that affect evil even though you cannot be detected as such. So someone using detect evil on you will not detect you as evil, but holy smite will still damage you. The ring only affects you so anything that is not limited to yourself still detects as evil.

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