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I'd suggest an Aurora Soul Mystic and use the Unorthodox Method trait to trade out one of the Disciplines for Black Seraph.

Mako Senako wrote:
Can you be a little more elaborate im not exactly sure im following. I have a succubus character that im making and I'd like to use Crimson Countess archetype of Harbinger but only if I can use my Charisma Modifier as her initiator stat as well as class feature stat.

Something like that would be something to ask your GM.

For pure RAW the options are Ordained Defender for Warder changing Int to Wis and Vigilante for Stalker changing Wis to Int,

Elghinn Lightbringer wrote:
Dread Knight wrote:
I remember there being a Monk/Oracle one that wasn't Elemental Savant. I think it was like Closed Eyed Oracle or something and there was a Zen Mystery. What happened to it?

It was an Oracle/Monk called the Open Eyed Oracle.

** spoiler omitted **...

Ah yes thank you do you or anyone else know where a full write up for Open Eyed Oracle can be found?

I remember there being a Monk/Oracle one that wasn't Elemental Savant. I think it was like Closed Eyed Oracle or something and there was a Zen Mystery. What happened to it?

Just a bit curious about some things typed on the first page why

Harleequin wrote:
No followers of a ‘philosophy’

for the Unchained Cleric.

Hello I'm thinking of making a (what is probably considered)middle aged Skinwalker but I can't find the rules for it I can only find that they reach Adulthood at 15. Are there listed age categories for them? If so where can I find them and if not would it be reasonable to just use the Human age categories?

Plausible Pseudonym wrote:
Dread Knight wrote:

Is there a listed range of the ray you turn it into in another section?

Otherwise it doesn't tell you if it's a Close, Medium, or Long range ray.

"A number of times per day equal to 3 + her Intelligence modifier, when she spontaneously casts a cure spell, she can either turn the effect into a ray and increase the range to close or remove the Will save but deal half the normal amount of damage."

Oh sorry my eyes must have just been skipping to close, I only saw into a ray and increase the range when I was reading what you typed.

Is there a listed range of the ray you turn it into in another section?

Otherwise it doesn't tell you if it's a Close, Medium, or Long range ray.

The Inappropriately Sized Weapons penalty applies for both larger and smaller weapons.

1) A Large creature takes a -2 penalty for wielding a medium Two-Handed Weapon and he can wield it as a One-Handed weapon.

2) No how I read it though at 6th level when it removes the -1 to hit it seems like you'll have to use both hands since it says 'his weapons and armor work in all ways (including damage dice) as if they were of the vigilante's new size' so it seems like before 6th level you can wield it in one hand if you wish but at 6th on you'll have to use two hands but it does seem to remove the Inappropriately Sized Weapons penalty.

It says the Fiend's Grip is treated as a Spike Gauntlet for other abilities the Monk of the Silver Fist's Gauntlet Strike increases the damage you do with Gauntlets which include Spike Gauntlets. I say it's 1d8 till you get to level 10 in Monk of the Silver Fist then it increases to 1d10.

Krell44 wrote:
Is there a link to the new book of Prestige Classes coming out?

This thread is 4 years old I'm pretty sure the book they were talking about was this.

While you won't be able to go EK maybe instead of Arcanist you could go Psychic Sorcerer pair it with any fighting class(Swashbuckler, Paladin, Bloodrager, or Cavalier seems to have the best synergy with CHA) and you can fight with weapons, wear armor, and cast spells.

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As far as I know FAQ is being worked on no ETA yet though.

I always found a good way of explaining it is to either point out or ask them to think of some of their favorite fight scenes in movies or video games. Path of War is what allows you to do those things where using the normal Pathfinder classes you can't.

Your paddlin' board

Have you maybe thought of Inquisitor with maybe the Preacher Archetype?

Hey just a single question I have does the Unnatural Toughness special ability for a Skeleton Companion come into effect when you first get it so 5 x master's Charisma modifier and increasing by the Charisma modifier each level after or does it only start applying at level 6?

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What the others have already said there is also the Path of War Warlord which gets a good use out of their Charisma.

The PRD is the product requirements document, it's maintained by Paizo and has their core material(hardcovers) listed in it there is also D20pfsrd which has items from the hardcovers, softcovers, and third party material though they have to remove mention of things that are property of Paizo like the names of the various Deities or locations.

You can find the Mesmerist here and the Mastermind which is an archetype for the Investigator class from the ACG here

Yeah I agree with Val'bryn2 and tbh it does kinda make sense.

clff rice wrote:

So i was thinking a cool alchemist archetype would be some sort of brew-master but besides the concept of magical booze i cant think of any cool special ability to swap out for.

Bombs don't seem appropriate for the archetype so those would be changed but that's as far as i got so far.

Any ideas?

Well I have an idea that you could change Bombs to Molotov Cocktails and they could act like the Fire Bombardier and later gain Fiery Cocktail from the Fire Bomber archetype and maybe something that replaces Mutagen which gives you a bonus to AC or maybe a miss chance along with maybe boosting your attributes like Mutagen or maybe giving you a +2 to all physical scores.

There is also the Moonshiner archetype by ICOSA Entertainment, might be something you might be looking for or give you some inspiration for the archetype you might want to make.

Mudfoot wrote:

If you file off the "deadly" property (which is a bit of a nonsense, really) the katana is just a bastard scimitar, which is otherwise missing from the game.

Need a polearm chainsaw. I have one in my shed but not in PF.

That actually does already exist the Ripsaw Glaive

Chelios wrote:

ty guys, but i don't like divine classses, i want to build a character who is not a tank at this point but someone who helps other party members and punishes enemy.

Is 3rd Party allowed?

If 3rd Party is allowed you could try the Warder class from Dreamscarred Press' Path of War they can help boost allies AC, give penalties to enemies for not attacking them, and they gain more AoOs, they get Diplomacy as a class skill and have a focus on Intelligence giving them plenty of skills if you have a decent Charisma score(or find a way to change Diplomacy from Charisma to Intelligence) you should also be able to fill the face role too.

Another option is the Warlord with the Vanguard archetype

The fact that the appearances are specific and static I'd say that the birthmark would be present on all forms.

If 3rd Party is alright there is the feat Prodigious Two-Weapon Fighting from Path of War Expanded which allows you to use Strength for TWF feats and treat the one-handed weapon in your offhand as light.

Are there any magical items directed towards Path of War classes? It seems like something they were always missing, and would be really cool to see.

Yondu wrote:

Having no penalty for using Large Weapon without penalty does not allow you to use Large Two Handed Weapon, as the rules states it, you can used large one-handed weapon with two hands like everybody but without penalties, no more no less (you can used a large bastard sword but not a large greatsword)

It's worded like the Redcap ability which is a Small creature wielding a Medium scythe so you can use a Large greatsword, the problem comes in if because you can wield Large weapons like that if they are considered appropriately sized for you for Jotungrip.

Also Beldaru as Qaianna mentioned before something like Massive Weapons won't work since you are still a Medium creature and one size category larger is still just Large.

There is always the option of being a member of The Wayward Path, Path of War Expanded Classes and the trait there that allows you to swap one Martial Discipline with any other one.

Yeah I know about the the stuff I'm going to be getting for my companion just wondering if there are specific magic items that would be good for my actual character.

Just curious for people that might know is there a magic item that get's me more turnings? Or would allow me to get a control undead channeling pool?

Backstory reasons and flavor, it's also more powerful due to houserules

avr wrote:
Well, it's basically a themed sorcerer. Which means almost anything a sorcerer would like, your white necro would. Assuming that your undead companion is one of the incorporeal ones (which seems most useful and least socially painful) then they play no part in your equipment choices.

Any specifics that you could mention? Also no I'm going with Skeleton and I got ideas for equipment for him already.

Hello all I'm currently in a campaign playing a White Necromancer(specially going into Grave Bound) and while it might be a ways off I'm trying to find some good magical items to be thinking of crafting or going out and looking for later.

So I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions on magical items that would be good for my character/class or just a Necromancer in general?

James Risner wrote:
Chess Pwn wrote:
That's only for their lv8 ability. The charge doesn't limit it to only one attack.

So your logic is the level 8 ability should be more limited than the 4th level ability?

Charge normally can't deal more than one attack, how do you know that you can do more than one and not be limited by the level 8 ability that might have more than one attack possible? Say like Cleave.


In short, if you think the level 4 ability will allow sneak attack on multiple attacks with pounce then you will run into table variance because some will have a different interpretation of RAW.

I have to agree with Chess it only says it for the level 8 ability not in the level 4 ability so if they charge the Scout would be able to deal sneak as if their opponent was flat-footed on the attacks after that charge and if they had pounce that would apply to all of the attacks they could make, but it wouldn't apply if they just moved more than 10 feet which would only get one sneak attack if they were able to take multiple attacks after moving more than 10 feet.

Worship Jalaijatali(CG), Selket(CG also weapon is actually Scorpion Whip), Matravash(LN), Calistria(CN), Lissala(LE), Moloch(LE), Ahriman(NE), Llamolaek(NE), Abraxas(CE), Dahak(CE), Gogunta(CE), or Ragadahn(CE)

Would 3rd party be alright? If so using the Mithral Current Discipline would be good maybe even using the Bushi class template for one of the first three Path of War classes.

And as someone mentioned before Blade of Mercy so you can do nonlethal damage with your weapon.

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There is a 3rd party feat called Improved Off-Hand Tactics that gives you options for having one hand free.

From how I'm reading it, it gives an effect that is pretty much a temporary elemental weapon enchantment like Flaming, Corrosive, etc. so I'd rule that it does give that bonus to the ammo if you cast it on a ranged weapon like a bow.

For normal Enchantments like Flaming, yes the arrow would have it on it.

For Suli's Elemental Assault no the arrow would not keep it since it specifically calls out unarmed attacks with your arms and hands or weapons held in them; you're not holding the arrow in those when you use it to attack so it wouldn't work, you'd have to be using unarmed attacks like above or a weapon like a sword wielded in your hands.

HyperMissingno wrote:
Necromancer Paladin wrote:

Actually, the bestiary says aligned outsiders can change their alignments. It's just immensely rare. I can understand paladins being very suspicious and assuming that it is a trick though.... since... well... who would think that it's being honest.

If a demon is repenting it means someone magically altered his alignment.

Not true.


Same for a chromatic dragon.

Where did people get the idea that true dragons are tied to their alignments? I've seen people say it everynow and then in alignment discussions but I've never seen a source.... Either way, that's not how it works in PFRPG. Chromatic dragons can change their alignments as easily as a kobold or orc or goblin or gnoll or gnome.
It comes from Paladins doing double smite damage against them. Also I was under the impression that outsides and true dragons where tied to fate itself and could not change alignment even slightly. Apparently I was misinformed on that part. Hell I was told they could not even perform actions that would not result in advancing or more of their alignments under normal circumstances, which is why both outsiders and dragons have a habit of...performing genetic experiments with mortal races.

I think you're looking at it wrong.

Smite Evil (SU) wrote:

Once per day, a paladin can call out to the powers of good to aid her in her struggle against evil. As a swift action, the paladin chooses one target within sight to smite. If this target is evil, the paladin adds her Cha bonus (if any) to her attack rolls and adds her paladin level to all damage rolls made against the target of her smite. If the target of smite evil is an outsider with the evil subtype, an evil-aligned dragon, or an undead creature, the bonus to damage on the first successful attack increases to 2 points of damage per level the paladin possesses. Regardless of the target, smite evil attacks automatically bypass any DR the creature might possess.

In addition, while smite evil is in effect, the paladin gains a deflection bonus equal to her Charisma modifier (if any) to her AC against attacks made by the target of the smite. If the paladin targets a creature that is not evil, the smite is wasted with no effect.

The smite evil effect remains until the target of the smite is dead or the next time the paladin rests and regains her uses of this ability. At 4th level, and at every three levels thereafter, the paladin may smite evil one additional time per day, as indicated on Table: Paladin, to a maximum of seven times per day at 19th level.

This says evil-aligned Dragon not Chromatic Dragon, it'd work just as well on a LE Silver Dragon as it would on a CE Red Dragon and it wouldn't work on a NG Black Dragon just like it wouldn't work on a CG Brass Dragon

Also another idea is for a Kyton bloodline. Anyways I want to pop in and say good luck Ethereal keep up the good work.

Chess Pwn wrote:
as written it never gets better. I think they are scared of druids turning into creatures with multiple attacks (octopus) and getting off 8 or 9 attacks worth of sneak attacks.

A Nature Fang Druid doesn't get Wild Shape so that isn't likely to be the reason.

Yeah you'll have to go at least one lvl into sorcerer(or Bard though to get the most out of this you'll probably want Sorcerer) and you won't really have to worry about spell failure since you'll only have access to first level spells which probably won't be that useful when you go into DD anyways.

Also if you haven't decided on a type of dragon yet you could pick Silver to reflect more with Paladin.

What books do you have available to you just core?

That is correct for the most part but in Society games if you now make a Summoner they must be the Unchained Summoner.

What class is everyone?

Hey Ethereal how are things going? I was thinking since Occult Adventures came out an Occult themed Bloodline would be interesting.

KahnyaGnorc wrote:
Agnosticism would be a lack of belief.

Gnosticism and Agnosticism have to do with what you know they have nothing to do with belief

SkinnyD wrote:
Don't know if this has already been thought of (or if it's hidden in the bloodlines somewhere), but this class screams Blackblade to me. A bloodline based on the blackblade would be amazing.

The Kami and Oni bloodlines gives them a weapon similar to a Blackblade.

I agree with VM's Time Bloodline idea I was originally going to suggested that but I thought that maybe the Ancient Bloodline and maybe some others might have already covered it but if you think that it might not have to much overlap I'd like to see what you can do Ethereal. I'd also like to bring up my suggestion on a Luck based Bloodline again.

Guru-Meditation wrote:

Play an Oracle if you want a Divine character that doesnt have to worship any God.

Atheism = sincere believe there are no Gods. Atheism in Pathfinder is a gross delusion, like if someone had the sincere believe in the Easterbunny here.

This is different from "Supremly powerful beings exist, can grant the power to do miracles, but are not worthy of worship."

The Ur-priest does not believe in gods... To the Ur-priest, dieties are nothing more than just strong outsiders. Nothing more. Not all powerful entities and such. The fact that demon princes and such can actually grant spells as well leads a bit of credemce to the idea. It is very similiar to the Old Gods in Dragon Age. The Tevinter Old Gods are essentially powerfu dragons, but they were believed to be divine. Does not make them gods though....

Actually the Ur-priest does believe in them they just hate them and steal some power from them.

I also agree with what Rynjin has said in this thread.

Can anyone give any info on the Kami Medium? Like what it changes or small descriptions on what it gains/how it differs from the normal Medium?

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