2nd level human fighter needs feats / traits


I'm building a 2nd level henchman, a human fighter, and was wondering if I'm not in the loop on some traits/feats to get the most out of bonuses to hit or some such.

I found Sword Scion trait and I'm looking for something along those lines to offset penalties for 2 weapon fighting. Needing to make a combat powerhouse to help our non-melee centered party out.

Exotic Saw Tooth Sabres is interesting that I'd get 1d8 x2 for dual wielding them.

3rd party traits are okay as well. 3rd party feats are a little overboard most of the time.

Make him a Dwarf - take Glory of Old trait.
Steel Soul
Iron Will
Improved Iron Will
Now he'll protect you without being prone to mind control and killing you all off!

Two Weapon Fighting is almost never worth it, for a whole host of reasons.

If this guy is the only melee character in the party, give him a Reach weapon and a Spiked Gauntlet. Since third-party material is allowed, here's what I would go for:

Human: Great Fortitude
L1: Athletic (terrible feat, but it's a requirement for the next one)
F1: Physical Adept
F2: Tougher than Thaumaturgy

Take Power Attack at level 3, and go from there. If your DM thinks those third-party feats are "overboard", he's off his rocker.

As for Traits, there are really not many good traits for a martial character. I'd go with Seeker (effectively +4 Perception) and Resilient (+1 Fortitude, since your feat allows you to roll Fortitude in place of Reflex or Will).

Guy has to be human. It'll be controlled by the party when another player isn't there, that player shows up like 1/month or so. Needs to be fairly cool to play so the player won't get all bored or feel lackluster at all.

I found a cool archetype for the fighter that only allows him to have proficiency in 1 weapon but gives him a +1 on everything with it at 2nd level and a +2 to his reflex saves. At 3rd he gets wisdom bonus to Initiative and a +1 added Shield bonus to AC when wielding his weapon.

Eigengrau wrote:
I'm building a 2nd level henchman, a human fighter, and was wondering if I'm not in the loop on some traits/feats to get the most out of bonuses to hit or some such.

Well, if you want a fun, but fairly easy to play fighter type, grab the Viking archetype. It'll get rage at 4, and open up all the barbarian stuff.

Big bonuses with shields, so do "Two Weapon Fighting" with shield and a one-handed weapon. Might I recommend throwing axes?

Take Quick Draw and work toward Shield Mastery so you can slam something back with the shield and then throw an axe into it.

Just a thought, you might find better.

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Since it is about keeping the others out of combat, you should consider Combat Reflexes, Stand Still, Bodyguard, and In Harm's Way feats.

That feat chain would certainly help protect the player characters.

Decided on a Weapon Master fighter. Str 20, Con 16 Dex 18 great rolls.

Toughness feat. Shield Focus in Tower Shield, Power Attack & Furious Focus.

Taking Sword Scion trait, Defender of the Society, one more trait w/drawback. Master work Longsword plus Sword Scion will offset the -2 hit with Tower Shield. So he'll have +7 to hit and +7 damage w/longswords.

Using armored kilt and chain-shirt, tower shield will net a 25 AC with 28 hit points at 2nd level.

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