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Abadius, 4714

Agent of Liberty,
Only months ago we returned to the Inner Sea as heroes, heralding a new age of cooperation with our sister state, Magnimar. Its people had spurned the crumbling vestiges of imperial rule by nearby Korvosa, much as Andoran threw off the shackles of Cheliax's rule. Our new embassy is flourishing and will bring a surge of trade and prosperity to both bastions of freedom.
When the demons of the Worldwound struck, several of my colleagues—it's fair to call them rivals given our years of competition, but our recent struggles have fostered an uneasy camaraderie—and I united to influence some of Absalom's best and brightest to aid Mendev. Our success was bittersweet; though we triumphed in the north, we learned of corruption among Andoran's politicians, some of whom have embraced elected office as a new form of nobility to elevate them above their fellow citizens!
Now that my eyes are open, I see this perversion of Common Rule with increasing frequency. I do not know whether this is a growing pain of democracy or a sign of some greater ill, but I intend to fight it and restore our vision of what a free society should be. This is where I seek your assistance. More than ever we must push our mission of abolition and freedom abroad in two ways. First, develop alliances with like-minded thinkers throughout Avistan and beyond. These potential allies may have strategies and philosophies that we can use to further our mission. Second, continue to secure freedom for the oppressed and the enslaved.
Andoran must know action if it is to remember its roots. Go forth, and be a shining example of all that the People's Revolt represents.

Liberty never rests,
Major Colson Maldris

The Pathfinder Society Organized Play campaign continues the Year of the Demon, its fifth season of Pathfinder RPG adventures. Keep the words of Major Maldris in mind, and be on the lookout for opportunities to help Andoran succeed in its objectives. When the time comes, ensure that you represent Andoran proudly in Pathfinder Society Scenario #5–18: The Stranger Within and Pathfinder Society Scenario 5–23: Cairn of Shadows.

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I'm excited!!!!

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Did we turn into the Galtan Faction while I was otherwise occupied ?

Not that I would mind much as long as we keep on bringing hope and freedom to the oppressed and fear and death to the oppressors.

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~Liran Ver'Ha~

The key difference my friend, is that only certain elements are corrupt. We do not want the downfall of the state as a whole, we want the corrupt stripped of office, and new individuals to take their place. There is no need to kill our leaders. Replacing them is perfectly fine enough.

In Galt, they would just take their heads.

Silver Crusade

"Well, I'm ready to try and talk the Spirit of Liberty into some of these entrenched politicians. I'm told I have something of a persuasive nature, even though I'm not from Andoran itself. At that feast for fund-raising, we found that one guy, but he wouldn't listen to reason at all. I hope that more will pay attention, and the will of the people can be supported in these times."

"I find that my time grows short, however, and I may not be able to help as much as I'd like. I only hope that there is a position open when I return to duty."

Knight-Captain Dame Sheliantha is one scenario from twelfth level. After Eyes of the Ten, I hope she can continue to contribute in some way.

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I grew up being told how bad it is in Galt. That's all half the town of Steyr ever talks about.Now,take it from me the People's Revolt and Common Rule will see us through if we don't give up on them. Blood, Sweat and Tears. We must be ready to shed all three to keep them alive.

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Dead demons first, water the tree of liberty afterwards.

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I can live with that.Let's see how many of them we can make die!

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Looks like I picked a decent time to join! I should fix grol. Hes in the grand lodge. Not exactly possible to be in four or five diffrent factions at once XD. I have ideas. It all relies around my tables needs though.
Grol: Can I hit the birdy?

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Major Maldis, as a Lance-Corporal of The Steel Falcons I would like to offer the use of my tavern The Old Solider in the Forigen Quarter of Absalon as a rally point and safe house for Eagle Knight operations in the area.

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The battered, somewhat burned Paladin smiles and pauses in the beating of travel dust from her armour. "Well, I managed to make us some interesting new friends in Kaer Maga," she says cheerfully. "With any luck, the homeland will be hearing from them soon." She grins. "Between that, slaying an abomination and delivering an evildoer to justice, that whole trip was a mighty fine shindig, as my father used to say."

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It is always good to hear of success among those who uphold freedom. I've been taking care of things in Tian Xia for a bit (mostly Season 3 and Jade Regent activities), but plan to return to the homeland if I don't get tangled up in the Shackles. (not sure the pirate scum in the area have got the right idea about what "freedom" is supposed to be. I may have to teach them...)

Greyhawk, I am working towards teaching pirates proper definitions of freedom as well.

I recently joined our faction.... and have done well at the battle for the diamond city.... but have not as of yet been able to visit those sea skipping scrag bait we call pirates.

~Factions humble devastation machine, Kaetus Mortus, barbarian of the desert wastes ~

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Spreadin the Freedom, feelin the love, launching hordes of Stirges into the Air. Bam! Oh and don't forget Tony my Tiger taking a bite out of crime last adventure. Poor little evil undead didn't know what laid into him till he was just a spot of dried blood on the floor.

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