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SO I have a pretty good build for a slayer that has been working out well for me so far.

Drow Slayer
Slayer ( 6 ) Sorcerer ( 1 ) Arcane Archer ( 3 )

Racial Traits : Darklands Stalker , Surface Infultrator

Spells : Gravity Bow, Enlarge Person , Abundant Arrows

This combination gives you a nice mix of archer/combat abilities that may be needed up close and at range. Makes you a decent archer, and using a greatsword with the ranger combat style of two handed fighting, taking shield of swings and Vital Strike.

All in all, I have a lot of fun with it.

Greyhawk, I am working towards teaching pirates proper definitions of freedom as well.

I recently joined our faction.... and have done well at the battle for the diamond city.... but have not as of yet been able to visit those sea skipping scrag bait we call pirates.

~Factions humble devastation machine, Kaetus Mortus, barbarian of the desert wastes ~

lolz Mark.

I cant find anything on origins crappy ass site post 1pm est on saturday for pathfinder.

This is getting frustrating.... because I dont want to miss out simply because I have to buy Generics.

My friends and I have a full table for all three slots.... six players....

We just need to get in to reserve a GM... :(

You would think Gama , with all the money they pull into origins each year would put some of it into a better registration design and website implementation.

@Cascade - I still dont get anything while searching by number. Using roleplaying as the category.

What criteria are you using?

Hey all,

I was trying to build up my saturday for origins, and I originally saw event 6863 listed as an origins special pathfinder event for the evening starting at 7pm..... now when I search for events, I dont see anything at all listed on saturday for origins after the second slot....

Anyone have any idea whats up?


Perfect. Thank you for the great info. B-)

Is pathfinder society go in to be at origins this year and if so are there event numbers or info posted anywhere yet?