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SO we just started playing Rise of the Runelords about 2 weeks ago and we reached level 2, My character is a Half-Orc with his first level in Slayer and his second and third level in Barbarian. I wanted to get some opinions on what my first Rage power should be. I was thinking Superstition but wanted to get some more ideas.

Silver Crusade

whats your build look like? what do you "want" to do. personally, I advocate the totem powers of the beast. The last one is amazing. but more info wouldn't hurt.


I am going two handed weapons, right now a great ax. I am aiming for a beast slayer kind of character. I will be bouncing back and forth between the Barbarian and the Slayer. I like both classes and I want to multi-class with both of them.

Ability Scores
Str 17, (21) when raging
Dex 12
Con 16, (20) when raging
Int 8
Wis 14
Cha 8

For feats I took Keen Scent to get the scent ability and Power Attack.

I am aiming for a build for killing big monsters and Giants.

I will be picking up the cleave feats to deal with minions but I will also be picking up the Vital Strike feats to help deal with the big guys.

Silver Crusade

why an 8 cha? its its dump just take it to 7, you get 2 more points to throw around ,anyway, you could look into the beast totems. "To kill a beast, you must, yourself become a beast" type thing. also, many tend to stay away from powerful blow (add barbarian class level to damage 1/rage) but it could work for this.


The character is already made and I have played him up to level 3 now but still have not picked my Rage Power. The -1 penalty for an 8 is easier for me to deal with then a -2.


I have a feeling that bonuses vs magic would be a good direction which is why I went with Superstition but I wanted to see if anyone felt another rage power was better.

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