Any draconic mounts for my dragoon Im playing at a home game I can use?


Topic basically... I'm being a homemade race that recreates the poison dusk lizard folk from 3.5 using the race maker for pathfinder . and I want him to be a chaotic neutral worshiper of tiamat and either be a dragoon cleric or dragoon draconic sorcerer. Any thoughts on more character development I'm working on is appreciated cuz thats all i got at the moment o and uh topic repeatin that in case you forgot

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Sounds like this is not a Pathfinder Society Question correct?

Dragnmoon wrote:
Sounds like this is not a Pathfinder Society Question correct?

I guess technically not i jus thought this would be a good place to ask as i am playing with pathfinder rules. I guess not?

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Correct; Pathfinder Society is the Organized Play campaign. You're probably looking for the Homebrew forum. Flagged for moving, so you don't have to remake it.

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Leadership feat

Wyvern cohort

hmm that does suck that that'd take as feat but may still do anything else other than a wyvern i can choose from

Would your DM allow you to take the Dragonrider 3rd party class?

Taking Leadership for a cohort will give you options. Here is a list with the effective cohort level: Dragonne (10), Wyvern (10), and Dragon Horse (16). The Dragonne and Dragon Horse are not Dragon type creatures, but are draconic in theme.

Young Dragons can be taken as cohorts. Large sized young dragons (and their cohort level):
Blue (17), Green (16), Red (18), Forest (18), Sea (16), Sky (17), Sovereign (19), Bronze (17), Gold (19), Silver (18), Cloud (17), and Umbral (18).

can i ride younger smaller dragons if i were small?

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Or if you are a Summoner (and playing in PFS) you can start with a Serpentine Eidolon and build your own dragon with time.

It worked for me!

The summoner sounds awesome actually for an official character now that you mention it but when I play at home I like to add a little flare that sometimes ya jus cant get in society especially role-play I have a tough time with that. But Anyway Im probably going for the leadership route but now what Im wondering is if I can ride smaller dragons if i am small which i am.

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yes- a medium character can ride a large or huge dragon; a small character can ride a medium or large dragon (which should, obviously, be easier to come by).

sweet! thx guys

A drake might be easier to work with, rather than a full-blown dragon. Up to you though.

The Leadership feat only provides rules for Young Dragons, which is why I listed them.

If you are going to be small, so can ride Medium dragons, here are the cohort levels:

Black (15), White (14), Underworld (15), Brass (15), Copper (16), Brine (15), Crystal (14), and Magma (16).

You could ask your DM about using younger than Young dragons. Or drakes. But he would have to determine their cohort level himself.

Wow thanks guys this helped a bunch I think I'll ride a white dragon sounds way to fun lol hopefully he can make up for the small party size we only got two characters.


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