Make me Big!


So, I'm playing in a game where the GM is allowing monsters for PCs, with the CR being our effective LA. As such, I wanna play a large sized Come And Get Me barbarian with lunge, combat reflexes, etc.

My question is this...what's the lowest CR large or larger size intelligent cfeatuew that isn't 3p?

Am I stuck with an ogrekin orc?

Are templates allowed? Then I would go Giant Creature Dwarf. Then the Goblin Cleaver and Orc Hewer feats become cooler.

Or... Aranea are CR 4. They have innate sorcerer spells for Growth when you need it.

Templates are case by rather be non magical...i wanna do Superstitous

The dwarf thing may work then, if the template is ok.
What about Minotaur?
Are I will keep looking.

Ooh, i didn't think about minotaur. Are they lower CR than ogre?

No. 1 Higher. but they are cooler...

Character levels are stronger than racial HD so generally speaking you get more efficiency out of a lower CR creature.

That may change however depending on what level you are playing to, and how your GM is handling stats.

Are you starting off using point buy/rolling and then adding the monster's modifier or do you just get the monster's base stats?

Adding monster modifier to rolled stats, so a minotaur gives +8 str for example.

Currently level 8, going to 15-16ish.

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