Recruitment Post: Colonization - a weaving of Eberron and Golorian upon a new world


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this is the other one i was looking at

i have played this one, it isnt bad but it is definitely not the same feel as eberron

Question: for your house rule that arcane characters get a bonus spell per level of their choice and one of your choice... what do spontaneous casters get if they know all spells/infusions already? an extra slot per day?

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Putting forward Verio for the Heir Position. Gonna answer questions and tidy up profile when I wake up. Toodels all!


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Putting Verio forward for the Heir position.

Will answer the questions and tidy up the profile when I wake up. Toodles!


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Third time trying to post this... Verio for the position of Heir.

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I was going to think about it while i did my PDF readings for the night. But i just remembered how s&#+ty it was to only get 5 infusions ever for a level. I can agree to the extra spell slot in the Artificers case. Unless you or anyone else of us comes up with a better idea. Maybe access to the All spell lists to choose an infusion, or you could pick a class your never going to play and get an infusion that would let you use a spell that is not on your list.

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Post got deleted for some reason.

That could work an extra infusion slot. Would give you 6 infusions per level at 20 instead of 5, which is good. Perhaps access to a spell that is Not an Infusion, i remember running into a few of those with my artys. Perhaps access to the Druid or Ranger Spell list to use as infusions.

I dont know how much crunch it would be.. what a psychic power a random roll on the wilder table?

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yes, perhaps a spell that is not already an infusion. that would give me more diversity for support than just having an extra slot per day.

or a psionic infusion would be good too

here is Fabricator's profile

Fabricator's profile is complete. Sadly, I am not that great at making magic items yet (need one more feat for Skill Focus: Use Magic Device). Could have taken that instead of Dragonmark but dragonmark made more sense for the campaign. I'll just tough it out until next level.

Fabricator, I will need your help for something very important later. :)

Well at least the rest of us will be able to help in the early lvls by giving you the needed spells.

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Looks like posting is fixed, ill wait til you tell me things are squared up to look at Verio.

Looks good. Do you have a thought as to which class you would like access to a single infusion of your choice and one of mine from?

So i was looking through the infusion link on your profile. I noticed the change that infusions no longer count as a spell for creating magic items. I am striking that out.

I remember a vary long discussion on the dnd boards about Artificer Knowledge purpose, Keith had said at one point, it was intended to allow artificers to be able to make items that they do not have an equivalent infusion to make and there is none in the party to cast it for you.

As Resnit points out access to the lower levels of spells is available for a couple of classes of things you dont have personal access to. Your new companions do however, Good ol' teamwork ehh?

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Verio frowned softly in thought, taking the parchment from the strange little man before him, giving it a glance over before shrugging and smiling broadly. "Well to be honest I am hugely confused as to all of this but... If destiny says I am to go with you, I guess it is to be so. Anything is better than being sold as a slave here I suppose. Even a situation as strange as this. How many have you collected for this endeavor so far Master Klokk, if I may be so bold?"

'Three days on my home plane once a year? Interesting proposition... What choice do I have hey?'

Klokk wrote:


Looks like posting is fixed, ill wait til you tell me things are squared up to look at Verio.

Looks good. Do you have a thought as to which class you would like access to a single infusion of your choice and one of mine from?

So i was looking through the infusion link on your profile. I noticed the change that infusions no longer count as a spell for creating magic items. I am striking that out.

I remember a vary long discussion on the dnd boards about Artificer Knowledge purpose, Keith had said at one point, it was intended to allow artificers to be able to make items that they do not have an equivalent infusion to make and there is none in the party to cast it for you.

As Resnit points out access to the lower levels of spells is available for a couple of classes of things you dont have personal access to. Your new companions do however, Good ol' teamwork ehh?

I hadn't really, i was going to see what classes the others picked. I am leaning towards Psychic Warrior. Do i get to make this choice every level? I think it would be cool to pick up a smattering of everything.

Feorina the Archpsion wrote:
Fabricator, I will need your help for something very important later. :)

That's what i'm in the colony for! :D

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Looking around at the scum that makes up the slave auctioneers then again at Verio the dwarf says in dwarven

"Clouds block my vision of the future, i am not attuned to any world beyond Midkemia, when i was born upon. I hear that it takes decades for some, moments for others."

"I am fairly sure that this new place is not am empty world, as I have seen images in the scryin pool of you and others within some ruins. Ive seen the outpost grown into a huge empire spawning two sides of the ocean. I have also however seen it razed by Giff raiders. Overrun by skeletons of some weird bug-like creatures controled by who knows what."

"I have no clue what it true or not, it is as though all attempts at divining more then a moment or two into the future are clouded by some, i can only call it darkness - as it makes ALL futures shown, not just the normal one or two possible that occur."

"I ramble though. I learned that art from a bardic friend i spent some years adventuring with, in my first youth.."

"I despise slavery, if it were within my power i would end, even at the cost of everything i hold dear. Intelligence is so rare to find amidst the masses of the mortal worlds. On all three worlds i've walked its the same. Greed, greed,i need, i want, me, me, me, me, me, us not them, us, us, me, me, blah Im sick of it"

Klokk spits, clears his throat and switchs to draconic interspaced with dwarven and seeing the quick twitch of one of Verio's eyebrows that verio involuntarily gave that showed he was at least vaguely familiar with both tongues continues.

"Pliso is the Winged Ones word for Master, it denotes ownership as in property. A dragon is the Pliso of its lair, some of the chromantic ones and some the begemed ones keep humanoids as Ve Rasvim (me treasure), as property."

"The Golden One that I serve, and all others of the metallic Winged Ones may take acquire a humanoid or group of them that was kept as Ve Rasvim.

"But the GOlden One's orders are clear. All slaves are to be freed once acquired. They are to be considered now as Ashne Rasvim (shared treasure) as such is more valuable then that cheesy endless coin purse a few silly lesser magicians have come up with across the lands that is only really good for feeding aurumvorax."

Turning to the guard the dwarf speaks in flawless Chelaxian, his voice if anything betraying a slightly formal or archaic phrasing.

"This one will do. What is the price that is asked for it?"

An outrageously high price is asked, and paid in those golden coins.

In a mix of the Chelaxian and Draconic klokk adresses Verio again.

"Follow, Ashne Rasvim, the golden ones commands it."

Snapping his fingers in a gesture like the scum hes seen here does to indicate a Command, Klokk than turns away.

Hoping that Verio will play along and fall in behind him, the dwarf lowers his helm and walks out of the slave district, knowing that if he does not leave right now, he will slaughter every last one of the Ve Rasvim here, even if they do not have scales and there will be far too high of price.

With his full helm, the face of an Owl its design, closed nobody can see the silent tears that flow down the the face of the dwarf.

For a single heartbeat his concentration slips, and he pauses, as the plight of all those slaves he can not help, not now at least threatens to overwhelm him.

Your eyes MUST be playing tricks on you, you see an image of an great copper wyrm overlaying the Dwarf curled up in a ball crying draconic tears of great saddness. when he pauses.

A couple blocks after he continues and they have cleared the slave district the dwarf turns around, gestures for Verio to come closer, places his hands upon the iron slave collar strength check: 1d20 ⇒ 15 + hidden modifiers. The collar splits into two pieces in his hands.

Looking at the two halfs of Verio's collar in his hands in Dwarven.
"You have two choices right now lad. First you are free, you may depart if you wish a free human, owned by nobody. Second you may come with me and walk through this new doorway with me?

Handing both pieces to Verio Klokk Continues in common, as at this point the two of them are standing alone at the end of one of the piers. and pulls out a few small crystals spheres and a mithril tripod upon which to stand one.

(In no particular order klokk begains to go through the crystals one, after the other.)

"I have collected supprisingly most of them already."

"Aasimar named Resnit, wishes to lead a group of explorers, has a stated a willingness to serve as General. Which considering the Warden reports to the General and this General wants to be a scout. That could vary well work out, once a way they can communicate is worked out. This Aasimar speaks Common and Celestial."

"Speaking of Warden, a Lizardman by the name of Usal is your man, err Person. He speaks only Draconic. He is the leader of the remnants of a small tribe of scaled ones that i purchased from auction this morning. They have agreed to come, and serve as the foundation of the army if we discover anyone to fight, beyond that they are all artisans, sharpers of beauty."

"As the Grand Diplomat there a Lashunta named Feorina. Do not be deceived, she is far more then she appears. I have not made one without scales with as much willpower as this lass has."

"Serving as Treasurer and who i hope grows into the roll of Guildmaster for the various crafts you guys will need. Is the first Forged One that was created within the new world. He is what is called an Artifice, one able to bridge the gap, somewhat, between the arcane and divine arts skilled in Making."

"Serving as high priestess is human woman samanthia that came with me from Eberron."

"The magister i still have to speak with, but it is a wizard of some sort."

"As the mistress of whisper, a witch has caught my eyes but as with the magister ive yet to speak with her."

"I still need a Marshal and General. I am thinking of combining the Marshal with Warden and giving Usul the duties of both, as they overlap considerably."

"I have my own duties to the Golden One that require me to be elsewhere in exactly one year relative time on the new world. I need someone that i can trust to step into the role of governor or whatever term you softskins call a leader."

"what I am saying is I have two roles available still. General, which simply looking at you - you do not seem a to fit that role in the least. And the role of my Heir - That is why I showed you those remembrance orbs. If that is the roll you seek, You had best tell me why i should take someone who is not a good person? (see OP spoiler 1)

one thing, where is the (+1) to bluff/diplomacy from, as in why isnt it just +8 or +9. other then that looks good.

Sure that is fine. its a random effect of the Forge. The active use of the creation forge will have many unusually effects. Remember for ten years now its only made less then a dozen warforged, until you.

Are those warforged in the group with me (as NPCs i mean)?

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Bonus Spells from Spoiler 2

I am going to work the mechanics like this.

Fabricator Each level you gain 1 unique infusion of your choice, from any spell list you have not yet accessed or drawn from. Each level it rotates, you can never pick from the same list until you have gone through them all. But you can choose one spell that your CL would allow you to cast if you were that class. This extra infusion slot. You get 1 spell slot per infusion level, ever. You could know 1 6th level special infusion, 3 1st level ones but only be able to use 1 of them until you sleep.

Everyone with bonus spells/powers/infusions/prayers/songs/magic casting.

I may or may not give you one in addition to you free choice of one to add to your spellbooks.

It will just depend on what happens for that level, am not going to give a spell that you havnt been exposed to in some way/shape or form.

You could vary well gain level 2 from just exploring the empty hexes around the outpost and never be exposed to a new type of "mystical energy" in that case nothing new would be learned from the DM choice spell.

Where as maybe in grind to level 2 you fight against some chromantic hatchlings and they breath on you alot - id give something on the lines of a simular attack or defense spell.

This goes for everyone martial or casters or hybrids of any sort.
If your subject to alot of divinitations, you may pick up an ability to do them. If your hit by some dozens of fireballs over your life and life, maybe one day your immune to that spell or be able to cast it.

And please feel free to use the built in dice in any post that you want to make a roll on.

"klokk looks around Perception: 1d20 ⇒ 9 to get make sure that nobody else is nearby when hes having the private conversation with Verio. "

If you think you should roll something, do it dont wait for me to ask. At the worst the time to read the post goes up by 1-2 seconds or however long it takes to process the info in head.

Im also not going to regulate how frequently posting is required, beyond a week of no notice to me at which time your character will become a GMPC for 2 weeks, then replacement will open up for your spot. Dont want to slow down everyone to wait for one person. Not a douch (misspelled intentionally) though so if you get back to me before i get the recruitment post out, and you explain to the rest of your party whats what. you can stay. Were all adults, or so i am assuming, sit happens sometimes.

If in the thread, Fabricator and Verio want to have a conversation about every last copper piece in the treasury, they can make 1000 posts doing it. I wont make a storyline post till everyone that has an action takes it. If its in combat and were only posting once a week and its 7 days from last post and someone does not post before i hit submit, their action is to just stand there in confusion, Same thing if its daily posts and 24h has passed from my last storyline post.

I think for the "rotation" it should be divine-arcane-psionic rather than each and every class. There are probably close to 20 classes that have any sort of casting, many of which have similar lists grouped into divine, arcane, or psionic.

also, with the way you worded it, i am not quite sure what you meant about infusion slots. do you mean the "special slots" to be similar in nature to a cleric's domain slots? Where i might know 3 special infusions of a particular level but may only do one special infusion per day? or do you mean that at level 20, i would have 20 special infusion slots that i could set at any infusion level and then cast only special infusions from those?

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No, they were all 12 were slain in an attempt to kill merraix, which triggered uniting cannith under E'Lanthis. merrix sent our party (Elanthis) to Jorlina's to propose an alliance against Zorlan. She only agreed if Eston would lead the reforged house, as the two of them had spent years scheeming against each other to make trust in the other.. difficult.

Those 12 gave their lives to allow Merrix to excape, Which in turn triggered the House being reforged AND the mark of making to appear upon warforged though events that unfolded of the prophesy that is writ upon everything.

They are heroes to the Warforged you spoke to here. all of them are spoken of with awe. For by choosing to act, they started everything rolling. They could have just stood their and watched passionatly, as they were never "ordered" to help Merrix. They were newly formed, JUST come from the Forge. None of them ever bore a name, but odds are if a warforged mentions The Twelve, they are not talking about the houses or council of houses.

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Fair enough, that rotation works. Domain spells that what i was looking for.. I couldnt think of the term.

Let me try it this way.

Level 1 you choose Psychic Warrior. You pick Skate, I give you Stomp.
Level 6 you choose Druid. You pick summon nature ally I . I give you goodberry.

Level 11 You choose cleric. You pick Raise Dead, I give you Gentle Repose.

At level 20 you will have 20 of these Greater Infusions (for lack of better term atm) that you have access to. You will only be able to cast 1 Greater Infusion of each of the power levels. You can also use your Level 6 greater infusion slot to cast a second level 1 greater infusion.

Make sense?

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No weird math that a fireball is worth three magic missles, its each slot can be used to infuse its level or lower of greater infusions.

That makes sense now, yes.

I like the stuff about the warforged, plays nice with the numerology of the setting.

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Thats what comes from owning every book that was released for 3 years before you can talk your 2e table into trying out 3e, heck 3.5 was out before i succed at that diplomacy check, thats why even now a few years later I am still DMing a every other week 2e game as part of that deal, BUT it was soooooo worth it.

Learning lots of things about the setting like that. If keep your eyes open, im not going to say what you will find just yet - ill let that unfold on its own time. but there will be some homage to or from every world ive played on, which these two, forgottenrealms, dragonlance, spelljammer, darksun, planescape, birthright.. cant help but be shaped somewhat from cool things ive seen over the years, just with a slight klokk spin on things.

Do you enforce alignment restrictions for races? For example, are all goblins evil?

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Verio took a glance around them, keeping an eye out for any guards coming closer.Perception1d20 + 3 ⇒ (6) + 3 = 9

'Dwarven I get, I can even understand Draconic but the flawless Chelaxian? That is something I was not expecting!' Keeping his head bent, his shoulders rounded, he shuffled after the Dwarf meekly, keeping his eyes glued to the ground before his feet. Bluff1d20 + 8 ⇒ (11) + 8 = 19

As the image super imposed itself on top of the Dwarf, he paused, gritting his teeth and taking an involuntary step back before shaking his head. 'Too long in the sun... Just deal with it!' He blinked and took a quick glance back at the Dwarf before shaking his head and continuing on. 'The legends say they walk among us but stuff like that only happens to important people lad. Forget what you saw!'

When they had gone a safe distance from the Market he straightened, shrugging his shoulders and smiled, his gait returning to normal, his head held high, ignoring the collar around his throat. They walked on for a few more blocks till Klokk turned and gestured him forward. Verio arched an eyebrow when the man gripped the collar around his neck. 'He can not... can he?'

His eyes widened slightly as the Dwarfs muscles bunched and he felt the collar begin to give. He stumbled back as the collar split, his hands going reflexively to his throat.'By the gods he...' He let his hands fall from his throat and straightened, his eyes frosting over, betraying nothing of what he felt. 'What have I got myself in to here?' He shook his head softly and sighed.

When Klokk offered him the choice, he did not for a moment think about leaving. The die had been cast somewhere in the heavens and his path was set to meet this very man that stood before him. He was being offered a chance to take that step. 'Well... that has decided it. Looks like I am bound for this Outpost!"

It was like a weight had suddenly shifted with the core of his very being, he began to take more notice of things, began to pay better attention to everything that was being said. He took the collar from Klokk and stared at it for a moment, fitting it back together for a second before nodding softly. He pulled the remains of his tattered shirt off over his head and wrapped the collar in it, before tying it around his waist as a makeshift bag. At the Dwarfs raised eyebrow he shrugged. "I need new clothes and this seems like an important thing to have!'

He listened in earnest to the descriptions of his other partners in this exploit, making a mental list as he went, taking in features and paying attention to everything the man was telling him. The aid of the magical crystals and platform made his job a lot easier as he filed away every bit of knowledge the Dwarf had for him. 'A well varied group, lots of strength, can speak to most if not all of them. I see...'

Verio paused for a moment, frowning softly in thought before speaking. "Before I put my name to anything, let me answer your question. You want me because you do not need a good person for the position you have chosen me for, you have need of a necessary person. You need someone who will do what needs to be done at all times. I am not an evil person, I am just... a person. You give me something to do, a goal, something to work for and I will defend it with every ounce of my being. I will die to protect what you give me, if you take me with you. And we both know I suit only one position. Besides... I owe you!" Verio nodded solemnly and offered Klokk his hand. "Do we have an accord?"

The +1 is situational and applies to using the skills against characters that are possibly attracted to Verio. It is from Charming, the Trait!

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Only with dragons. They are for my tales, what they have been for the past 26 years ive been gaming. I will never say that a Gold dragon can be Evil. Or that a White Dragon can be Good. The non-chromatic/Metallic dragons can be anything else.

Beyond Extra-planar beings and Dragons, and the assorted half blooded disciples or decedents who are of the abnormal bloodlines have an alignment restriction and you players who can be anything non-evil based on the first spoiler tag. Nothing is set in stone for anything else you encounter outside the palisade walls.

You may come vary well come across some good goblins after all for the Outposts Home Guard, you have a company of almost 50 lizardmen and they are supposed to be evil.

You will not find a Good Tiefling or an evil Aasimar anywhere in my tales. Or a good Half Black Dragon, or evil half Gold dragon.

As far as figuring out if the goblins or giants or dwarfs are good or evil, that would be perception checks watching from a distance. or sense motive if your in close range. Most everyone knows what Detect Evil looks like, paladins are rare, but,but its common knowledge what "the look" looks like, and unless asked people will get offended.

The Law/Chaos balance of things has no restrictions whatso ever.

You may find a LG/NG/or CG Gold Dragon, but you will never find a LN/CN/LE/NE/CE.

True Neutral does not exist for any creature that does not either spend most 99% of its lifetime in meditation or prayer. Everyone and Everything care about something. If something has an int of 2 or lower or wis of 3 or lower, that will be the only time you find a TN living being.

You may encounter golems or iron men as they call them in the 40k verse those are about the only exception. Beyond one order of scribes that work for the god Gillion from Dragonlance and simply record everything that happens to everyone but your characters do not know that order exists. And No you are not within Dragonlance, i just really like those librarians and use them in all my worlds.

I have something that may change your mind a bit, but we'll see when we get closer. :)

Any room in here/ what roles are needed/vacant?


Bane88's Magister reporting! I'll have my sheet done hopefully soon, At least stats and skills.

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Laughing so loud that if anyone where within double earshot they would hear, but as nothing is no worries. Klokk pull off his helm, removes golden earring shaped like of all things like a bolt and washer some gnome would use. He tosses it up and down in his hand as he speaks in Dwarven.

"I thought that would get your attention, you seemed the sort to know whats what. This earring was the first thing i created using the arts of an Artifcer. it grants the wearer the ability to speak any Tongue that one of his companions does, but adds the ability to speak any dialect of the same."

"Tis the only reason I could even speak that Tongue." Tossing the screw to Verio, who catches it easily and turns it around in his hands while Klokk continues talking.

"You will have need of that. Perhaps one day Fabricator can duplicate it for it for the others. I have no need of that Tool any longer."

No longer staring off into the depths of the water klokk finally remembers that the human stuck out his hand to be shaken. The dwarf goes to grab Verio's hand, stops and looks at his own hand. looks at Verio.

"is the custom to seal with shake with spit?" Regardless of the answer Klokk shakes Verio's hand. The dwarfs skin feel as though its made of tiny tiny gold scales and looking at his nails they also appear gold. You cant decide if his touch feels vary hot or vary cold, its.. weird thats for sure.

"I think that its time illusions, between us are done. I am 512 objective years old, and not undead. If my non-detection fades and the Powers of this land become aware of me.. I will be drawn into their struggles and have to spend far too much time here. I know you saw what I am when my willpower was almost overcome back there before we left that scum-lower-then-the-lowest-drop-of-goblin-excrement-to-be-trapped-on-the-so le-of-ones-boot in the market..."

"I am what I am now. I was born a dwarf, i was trained as both a blacksmith and in doing my turn in the mines. Things happened in Hallisford Crossing, powerful evil was awakened by some curious kobolds that opened a box best left closed, at the same time a Zeligarian Wizard broke a staff of power on the head of a red wyrm that the kobolds served.."

"That is a long long tale for another time." "If you will allow, i have a few little tricks Nakor taught me bound up in my smithing hammer. One of them is called Beard, what it does it takes a nearby source of water turns it into a fine mist, so all the gunk falls out and its clean water. Well this mist cleans you and will shape your hair and beard any way you desire."

"We will go get you some appropriate clothing now and then you can come with when i go meet the last three. We go the finest tailor in town, who happens to be evil" klokk says.

Verio is measured and clothing is made up, custom for you.. on the spot, Apparently this tailor has fabrication tied to his measuring tape for in moments in addition to your slaves garb, you now have an exceptionally masterly sewn suit of clothing value any and one nobles outfit both totally up to your specification.

Again Klokk pays with a large pile of those golden coins he continues to pull out of his pocket. Noticing the raised eyebrow from Verio hes smiles a toothy grin, as though some crazy joke has passed through his head.

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I cant see anything changing my mind bout the dragons, Maybe outsiders, but no not the dragons.

Yup there is room indeed. We need someone to serve as the General of the non-existant atm army and Admrial of the also non-existant navy. Same person for both, will eventually develop a npc or add a pc down the chain of command from you. Interested?

Other then that just waiting on the last two to finish up their characters and me to map out the outpost and this last roll and we are i think good to go.

I'll give you a tentative sure, and see what I can come up with!

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sounds good, Ill wait too respond to you unless you have any questions bout creation that you want answered till you reply to klokk, You can assume that Verio is with klokk when he hands you the scroll in OP, dressed however he describes his new clothes in his response to me after this.

If you dont have your heart set on any class atm, i would suggest the 3rd party class warlord by adamant, you can find it above or by searching the d20pfsrd. Played one in a homebrew thing for a bit and have two in my group of PCs for Wrath path.

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Bouncing the earring on his palm for a moment, Verio frowns in thought, before sliding the pin through his ear and clipping the washer back in place. He stood there for a moment before spitting in his hand and offering it to the Dwarf once again. [b["Spitting and shaking is something the common folk do so yes, this is appropriate. I am not a well bred man, just so we are clear. I am trained in etiquette, I can maneuver in Court as well as one born to it, but it is all an act. At the end of the day however, is that not also the case for everyone else? Besides I assume it is not some soft noble you need, not when we are to carve out a kingdom!"[/b] He shook the Dwarfs hand, pausing slightly at the sensation, before continuing.

He listened intently as Klokk described the origins of his most unusual, somewhat terrifying, completely fantastic form. Verio smiled and nodded companionably when the Dragwarf suggested they speak of it another time, as time was precious. 'Hells I am just glad I am not crazy!" He grinned before speaking.

"In the interest of full disclosure I should inform you that my skill set is fairly limited. I can talk pretty, break in to a second story window and sneak around well but I am no builder or smith. I can wield knives passably well and I do have a knack for being where I am not expected. I was working as a confidence trickster before you found me. Well... Not directly before. Although I did manage to convince one of the slaves next to me to sell me his shoes for a pointy rock he could use to scratch his heel..." He grinned and winked before continuing. "I jest of course. So my skill set is not really what it should be but... I am a diligent worker, when I focus. Now with that... I believe we are just about square on information!"

Taking advantage of the spell offered him, Verio cleans up, styling his beard in to a neat point, one to be oiled later and his hair in to long clean jet black curls, his original hair with none of the knots from captivity. With the finely tailored clothing on, the other set in a backpack along with the collar, they leave the tailors behind, Klokk all the while smiling from ear to ear. Verio is dressed in a pair of black knee high leather boots, turned down over a pair of form fitting canvas pants. Over this he wears a white silk shirt, open, along with a fine black long coat, silver scrollwork climbing the cuffs and lapels. He carries a deep cowled cloak over one arm, making sure to keep it from trailing on the ground.

"So before we continue to meet the other three I do need to know one piece of quite important information... What sort of a target are you painting on us?" He stopped, looking down at his new friend. "You are an old and powerful creature who is traversing the planes. You have been around for so long, you must have enemies. What can I expect? What can I prepare us for?"

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"You sounds, like are just the person I need, but not at all what I was looking for, or expecting when I was drawn to you at the Market. I dont know how breaking into the second story of building will help in the wilderness around outpost w-4, it really needs a better name the that but my mind is too busy to for anything to pop. I highly doubt that the world is uninhabited, ive been to four other worlds beyond the new one. Three of the four had life and the 4th was just full of undead so at one point it too had life. "

"Ya know, if you can convince a man that owns nothing except the shoes on his feet to trade them to you for a ... Pointy rock you found, probably on the ground right next to that slave.. I think you may be the kind of thinker we will need."

"That minor detail, I was going to wait until we got back to met the others. I still have access to my half-dragon form, not to mention that smithing hammer has another trick in it that's good at altering ones race and appearance, for a time. The detail of my true form, id ask that you keep that quiet, if the forged ones find out I am not half blooded as they think but a true wyrm.. Well on their world there is a Prophecy that is written into everything, the hills mounts, rivers even flowers grow into this marks, called Dragonmarks. The Golden One I serve has spent a half dozen of my lifetimes studying these patterns within randomness. I barely grasp the concept that is real and true."

"But I have seen the Mark of Making in action. Fabricator was spending a day as a lumberjack with one of the oldest war-forged that survived 46 years, YEARS of constant battle. Which should tell you something there about the quality of your farmers, miners and woodsmen. I think they all converted to Druidism after the Last War as a way of atoning for all the death they dealt over the years. This Forged one swung his axe at a tree, missed (it happens w a 1) and actually lobbed off the head of the axe. Well Fabricator picked up the axe head, the other handed him the handle, Fabricator held the two together and rune began to glow. There was a flash and the ax was as though it were newly crafted. I was impressed, I need my smithing hammer and tricks to do that."

"You ask what to expect. I do not know. I have enemies, and once the fool's gold wears off on all those copper coins, i expect to have alot more here, but as these people ive given them to, I could care less. That was the joke that made me laugh. It was one of the first tricks i encountered. A merchant tried to pay us with some fools gold for bars of mithril that we had reclaimed from an abandoned ruin infested with giant spiders that spat fire."

"The coin ive given all of your companions is true and honest gold, but here in this place, all just copper. I have a small pouch of holding tucked in here filled with the fools gold, i intend to rupture it and scatter the coins, hopefully starting a riot if one of those evil people ends up seeing through the trick. And if not do before we leave ill give it to the beggars guild, they can make vary good use of it."

Pointing at a human male in robes so patched and dirty its impossible to tell what color they are sitting down the street with a beggars bowl in hand.

"That one over there the right leg missing and patch over his eye. When we went to the tailors it was his left leg missing and patch was over his other eye."

"I ramble again, its hard to focus on the now time, so lost am in my thoughts. I have fought kobolds and let some live, same with giants, lizardmen, humans, devils of multiple sorts, Valaheru -but they are no longer an issue, Dragons, Elementals, undead."

"I am but a copper, one of the smallest of the dragons. If i found the way here, there sooner or later or perhaps already one of the whites or even a black or red one could have found the way before me. There is a lich i have encountered before that had giff and gith- even a trio of beholders in its command. We destroyed the lich but never found its philacary."

"I am at war with Fire Giants, i have slain hundreds and yet to meet one that was not evil. So while there may be an exception or two, i still scan everyone before i swing and always they detect as evil."

"I also recently was forced to destroy a Royal Time Elemental and the swam of Eldest Fire Elementals it had somehow forced to do its bidding There were others working with them, a Mindflayer and its minions. Two of my Peers are trying to track them down, they are somewhere in Eberron. That is why i can only afford to be gone, at most a month, subjective time. I will have to spend the majority of this next year at work making items from what remains of my reserve to aid us in this task. So in true honesty, this year for me while it may seem a vacation, almost all my spells will be used each day as i fashion the items my wing needs."

"So the day to day leadership is going to fall to you. I will sign off on most reasonable requests. There may be times when I need some component or rare ore or herb for one of the items i am making, in fact i suspect more then a few times, that i will need you to send out explorers to find."

"thats why i hope your explorers can find other civilizations to trade with, would make things much easier."

"I know thats a fair bit to take in lad, but you did ask. I wish i knew how to prepare for the unknown. I have prepared as I could that is why i have 300 of House Canniths private house guard serving as the farmers, lumberers and farmers, all of them have survived many decades of a world spanning war on the front lines. There is a vary well furnished librarium. Those are a couple tricks i have prepared. There are others such Tricks as well, hidden things that should there never be a Need for will not make themselves visible to you. "

"The best thing I have done to prepare, is gone to four worlds and pulled the best and brightest from each and brought them to well You."

Looking over at you Verio, klokk is just standing there patiently as a rock awaiting your response.

I will choose Foxhole as my first special infusion (psionic).

Silver Crusade

and you can also Stomp will keep with the earth based theme. perhaps your legs are heaver armored then the rest of you?

Here's a question. With my psiforged body, i start with 1 PP and gain some PP over time (not very many, but some, plus the character creation rules you posted said mental characters get +10 PP). Would I be able to use those to do psionic special infusions beyond my # of special infusion slots?

For instance, at level 20, i would have 21 PP form psiforged body + 10 bonus PP. That'd be enough to do a 6th level power (11 PP) no more than once

Silver Crusade

What about your body and that innate PP being your total available PP. So right now you have 1PP from the Psiforged body.

Correct me if wrong, but you have no mechanical way to spend that PP atm, correct? No infusuions or powers not granted as a bonus from me?

I can see it working two ways.

Those Greater Infusions

Now You know 2 level one abilities that each cost 1PP, so you can cast one or the other day using your innate PP and you are not using the level 1 GI slot.

At artificer 2 you will have 2 PP and then choose arcane (Mystical Aura, Web are what you end up with). You can cast either of those two spells once a day. And you still have 2 PP with which to use Foxhole or Stomp as you wish in a day.

OR you will have 11 PP right now, basically a free 6th level spell or 10 more uses of Foxhole and Stomp.

Thats a huge balance issue i think. Perhaps.. Let me think tonight. I was not intending any of the bonuses to apply if its not your favored class/starting class, so giving you both the arcane bonus and that PP reserve seems a tad much.

If you wanted, because of your body, i would with no question allow you to take the 10 PP reserve instead of the Arcane spells.

Between you all, each of you knows more then i do about Psistuff that is newer then then 1990's.

Silver Crusade

I could see maybe granting +1 PP on odd levels from the Psi thing.. but let me sleep on it.. and give someone else playing or lurking that knows psi better that can balance it better.

Well, on the part about gaining the 10pp now being a free 6th level power, remember that i would be limited by manifester level still.

And no, i dont have a mechanical way to spend the 1PP i have as a base from psiforged body.

Given the choice, i would pick the bonus infusions over the +10pp. I can understand if you dont want to do both. +10pp on top of the bonus infusions is a lot at the beginning, i would say doing the +1pp on the odd levels would scale better.

to compare the two, 1 infusion for each of 6 power levels is equivalent to (1+3+5+7+9+11=) 36pp. on that note it might be more equitable for primary psionic characters to get, say, another 10 bonus PP at lv6, 12, and 18.


I'm very interested in this mix of the worlds. Are there spots still open? I would be very interested in playing a wizard from Midkemia.

We might still need a Marshal but that is a dex/str based position.

Silver Crusade

Jen obviously knows a fair bit bout the psi side of things, id love to hear her thought on the balance of it before i decide for certain.

Marshal is needed, I was going to combine it with Warden as they are somewhat alot redundent. Bi0philia was going to attempt to make our general, hes expressed tentative agreement to that role. But maybe, idk you could talk to him. The world of Midkemia is where Klokk was born back in 02, Game started in 2e and ended in 3e at level 50 That was an intense three years. If you did still want to be a wizard, thats what the Academy calls Lesser Magic, Greater magic is Sorcorery. Dunno if that changes it for you. Klokk's name would be know to you as the only Grand Master, Grand Master, Grand Master Master Armoror or blacksmith or weapon smith within the Kingdom. If your from the academy, you would have heard of his rival school that focuses mostly on ice or fire based destructive magics and transmutation/alteration that is generally used to forge things. If your from KLokks school, it is located within a mine in Klokk's squiredom of Twin Peaks located a half days ride south of Halisford crossing. Which in turn is held by baron Hawk for the Earl of Tyr-Sog east of Loriel where that mountain north of Loriel meets the river.

Hallisford Crossing is deceiving looking. It is a small town little more then a hamlet of some 500 soul. Primary export is Wool. The wool grown there is 10x stronger then standard wool, for whatever reason sheep taken from Hallisford Crossing elsewhere revert back to standard wool when sheered elsewhere, there was something in the water. The castle should just be a manor house and palisade wall and maybe a couple other structures.

That all changed. It now has a huge castle that was created via a 2h dwarven battleaxe (staff of Wall of Stone / Wall of Iron. The guardsmen, even the barding is all Obviously +5 Masterwork quality gear that has been fabricated into existance. Even the townfolks tools are all +5 masterwork quality.

You see, when klokk started changing from a dwarf to a half dragon to a dragon deciple and then to a full copper, they did not judge him for his appeance, he strugged alot with personial issues.. he did not want the change but it happened. The townsfolk and guards just treated him like everyone else in the party.. as local heroes, but still a guy or gal to have an ale with or dicker over the copper price of a candle. Klokk appriceated that alot, so he went through one night in midwinter and was able to fabricate everyones tools into being MW +5 versions as a thank you. That was his last act before his teacher the Golden One, (Dragon King) sent him onwards.

To have come with him then, you would need to be about 10 years older then whatever you had planned on, as thats how long he has been traveling the worlds.

Klokk does not have permission to come back to Midkemia until his party (rl party of klokks) and him deal with the creatures in Eberron the others are tracking down. So you would have had to find your own way through the hallway of doors.


The story sounds very interesting and I could play whatever is needed.

Silver Crusade


We actually put that game "on hold" and are picking it up in about 6 months, when 2 of the party get back from traveling some renn faires down south and southwest us. That party will pick up two months exactly after are characters last session. DM said we are free to do whatever we want with that month of Eberron Relative Time frame. In our travels in the past we found a virgin world where time flowed must differently at a 12:1 day ratio. I asked if i could expand upon the outpost in that Virgin world we established. Permission granted, Which brings us to your tale.

Your tale will start with that one year with Klokk mostly working on making the powerfull items, even artifact level almost that his other PCs need to accomplish their task. Klokk was already coming here to spend the year forging. When Eston approached him and offered the Forge, he jumped on it and the outpost was born. Then klokk realized that while he is amazing at making things, he cant run a kingdom and work in the forge all day long. So he went out and has recruited you to deal with the outpost while he focuses on what he needs to.

You can kinda think of him as a vary powerful GMPC, but all his skills, items, powers, levels have been gained in a 11 year ongoing campaign that still uses the mastery tables from the white book/rules cyclopedia. He did have alot of cool toys, but he converted his entire horde into magical items, then stripped the magic from those items, he has an insane craft reserve. Mechanically speaking it shouldnt be possible to have a reserve in the 6 figures, but it is and he does, and almost all of it is earmarked for the items he has to make.

Silver Crusade

Thats kinda the nutshell version behind where this whole weaving of worlds plan came from for this campaign. Which i dont know how you guys and gals think of it.. but I love the idea that a level 50 character can not run a kingdom by himself and has to recruit slaves, or the old and dying or the newly forged to help run the kingdom. Its a huge lesson in humility for him.

I played out the kingdom for a ten years by myself with Klokk as the only ruler and even with a zero consumption cost.. the warfoged ended up revolting and basically destroyed the forge, and it was a close fight with him, as he can not take the full draconic form, OR his parties enemies will be able to detect him, his non-detection item is not scaled for a dragon, when hes tried to make one before it did not work, 4 times it has not work so he gave up trying.

Silver Crusade

Well Shady. Marshal is open. As is an additional explorer if you want. That is the only role that is not limited to just one person, It allow a party to be out exploring hexs year long, not just in the winter time, for each explorer.

Dark Archive

Verio paused for a moment, his eyes clouded over as he ran through the list of enemies in his head. He frowned, before smiling and shrugging. "Well... At least we are liable to not be bored on this journey!" He grinned, patting the Dwarf on the shoulder.

"I look forward to meeting these Makers in person. It will be an enlightening meeting, of that I am sure." He turned them down a small street, leading them towards a blacksmith. "It is for the best that we keep the true nature of what you are between us, this is true. Few would believe me anyway!" He grinned.

"I will force the Explorers to work as hard as they can, not that those who will be attracted to it will need much pushing to be fair. Those who are wont to wander will wander as freely and as far as they can after all!" He nodded softly, idly tapping his fingers on his belt.

"We have a three day window each year upon which to travel to other worlds, yes? We could set up a trade caravan that would let us shift excess materials through the door and come back with things we need. Does that sound like something that would be possible? Something that would help us?"

When they entered the Blacksmiths, Verio moved to talk to the man, placing his order in a few decisive words. The Kukri were the pieces that needed the most care to attention. The blacksmiths eyes widened and he nodded softly, before heading to the back room. Verio leaned back against the counter and smiled, turning to talk to Klokk again.

"I may give this earring to our Diplomat, unless you could perhaps get her one for herself? It would make sense if we come across a new civilization while we are there as I will not be able to always be present after all!" He nodded softly tapping his fingers on the tabletop as he waited. "The more friendships we can foster in this new world the better..." He nodded, turning as the Blacksmith returned, two leather belts and ten plain weighted daggers. "Ah... Thank you good man. I will await the rest of my order!"

Verio turned and walked for the door, turning back to Klokk. "Haven. You do not want to keep calling it simply "the Outpost", so let me suggest Haven?"

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