Recruitment Post: Colonization - a weaving of Eberron and Golorian upon a new world


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So first things first. I am dying to know what someone does at lvl 50 and am impressed that you can play at that lvl and as long as you your Gm must have a great imagination. Second thing how does the party of warforged appear since it seems we will have a general after all.

Silver Crusade

"I am not saying that you will encouter any or all of those creatures. I have spent five years over my lifetime studying in my library here, or at work in the mine or forge. But never have i seen a living soul beyond those that travel with me. So it could vary well be a empty world, but there is something that causes me to doubt that vary much."

"You should also know this. Like yourself I am not of noble origins, my parents and their parents far back as anyone knows were miners.. thats all they did was dig ore and gems out of the ground. I was sent to hallisford as a punishment, because I wanted to make things with the metal and gems we mined. That was my strongest desire to be just a forger of metals. I have never been called m'lord, infact with my party I was the lowest born.. even the farmboy with his grandads military fork was higher born then me."

"the scales developed from being the one that swung the axe that shattered a staff of power and bairly surviving the rift that was opened when i tossed the bag of holding into the portable hole that took out that nasty wizard we faced. Had i been standing 1 step to the left, id ah gone wit him. That battle changed the fates of this dwarf when he was not much more experienced than you are."

"Correct we have a three day window that starts at sunset on the spring solstice and ends at sunrise on the 24th. I honestly, never considered trade between the worlds. That has enormous potential. And if you encounter no beings at the outpost.. It would give a use for excess stuff. It would be possible, But that my friend will be up to you. I will not be able to tarry even an extra heartbeat. I must be in Eberron with The Wings supplies, I put myself under gea's Before i even decided to recruit any of you."

"Remember this with the intra-world travel. For you at the Outpost 1 year will pass, but if a person in the retine were to stay behind on either world. Only a month would pass for them. But in the same subjective time. If that makes sense, its still hard even for myself to wrap myhead around that time can even flow differently without using any tricks."

Standing quietly while they are within the blacksmiths forge klokk stands there, with almost the same awe and reverence that a follower of some religion would have standing within a temple to their god, but build entirely different.

After the deal is done.

The dwarf goes to interrupt the human smith a few times with suggestions of how he should move the anvil there, the bellows over there. Klokk points out to the smith that he is still using the dwarf-sized tools that belong to the previous mastersmith. klokk points out to the smith that he is a human and not a dwarf, as such with his 7' tall body, using the tools sized for a person a third his size just is not efficent. Any dwarven smith would be proud and happy to trade you almost anything for the tools, make yourself some sized right for your and trade the rest.

As the two go to leave the smith holds up a hand angrily, Klokk just stands there and smiles. "I dont know who you are but just because your wearing armor made of golden coins you think you can tell me.... ..what.." The human breaks off and his eyes glaze over a second as the advice from the dwarf sinks in and it explains so much of why his back was hurting like crazy ever since he took over.

The human sorta shakes his head as though to clear his eyes and finally takes a good look at the dwarf standing in the doorway. His eyes widen in recognition of a few subtle marks located on Klokk left bracer, anyone but a smith would think they were just etchings in an older style. To a smith though they signify mastery and having taught for centuries by the number of florals and whorls in the not so random pattern in seven different styles of metallurgy.

The human smith asks in dwarven "why did YOU come here?" Klokk reply's "He didnt ask, assumed he knew you as he lead us right here."
"Well humm. this is interesting. how much does he owe you?"

The human smith names a price so far below the standard dwarven rates its almost insulting to the human smith. Klokk nods and reaches into his pouch. This time he lays down the amount of coins asked for, but they are a bluish silver color.

"Umm, why the hells are you giving me This?"

"Because you are worth it. Human Smith Martin, you will Remember the name Verio of Haven, in a month or twos time he will send someone here to you or come in his stead. Fear not if the messenger looks like it was Forged, for it probably was."

Klokk nods at Verio and the two depart forge and they continue their discusion.

"You are welcome to do with the earring what you will. To make more however will require two items, both traded from a native born creature that speaks two different tongues beyond this common that seems to be universal amongst all the worlds. You could trade with two different natives that each speak one language. I can show Fabricater the pattern, or he can figure it out for himself."

The two of them walk back towards the inn that klokk has rented and the tribe of lizardmen are staying in.

"We should check on Usal make sure nobody is trying to enslave them again."

Silver Crusade



The short version, is we level 1-5 using 2e rules then after that crazy fight that changed us all we used that as the reason why we now followed, mostly 3e rules, with skills being so house ruled that it needs it owns spoiler.
Once we got to 20, three of us were L10 dragon deciples and become half-dragons and half-whateverwewerebornas.
Then in the 20s we fought dragons and voidcreatures.
Then in the 30s we fought the Valeru. defeated them, changed the world. set by the son of the god of dragons to eberron.
in the 40s We did spelljammer and crashed on Eberron at 49th

Than We played upon eberron, keeping our old powers but if we used anything that wasnt a racial trait we got no XP. We started at 1st level and gained 20.

We are the culmination of that. In which case our eberron earned skills/feats/levels now stack with everything we did on our home world. Which actually make us level 69. How the heck dan is gm that crazy end of the tale i have no clue. But we are all ancient wyrms ontop of everything else. Its the most powerful game i have ever been part of.

When i was in the navy we played a campaign of humans. I have a duel-classed one that is a L20 Fighter/Wizard/Druid/ rogue 19. The campaign with klokk blows that one out of the water.

The warforged have been growing the whole time. Fabricator was simply the first to be made. As many others as needed can have already been made when you guys arrive.

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"He will be a good addition to Haven I think!" Verio nodded softly drawing an apple from his pocket and taking a bite, bouncing it in his palm in thought. "We will need a leather worker and a herbalist of sorts, along with a wheel wright and a Horse breeder, if we are to give this a proper shot. Also..."

As they walk, headed for the Inn, Verio continues to list out what they will need to acquire, much if not all of which Klokk has indeed probably sorted out before coming to see him.

(Bloodydove) I have the majority of this character made, just need to finish fleshing out the backstory, and to transfer the character sheet of him to my account here.

Sidenote: About his backstory.. I find it hard to believe that paizo has an entire section of Golarion based off of ancient Egyptian culture and mythology, but never made a pantheon that fed off of those principals (i've looked a few times, and have only came up with two names they've made for said pantheon, but they've done nothing to really build a religion around it for pathfinder). Would be ok for me to combine two Egyptian gods, for my witch's Patron?

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That would depend on which of the two you wanted to sorta combine together?

A combination of Thoth and Anubis in divine roles. I guess if portfolios were involved, I was envisioning a deity of magic, knowledge, and the dead; I'm choosing Shadow for my witch's patron spells since that fits the overall feel and atmosphere of said hypothetical deity.

Silver Crusade

Woe onto the world, for little did they know that today a deity was born. All hail Thobis!! (you can change that if you want.)

And the masses looked up from their endless rowing on the river Styx and rejoiced for finally there was a Deity that would accept them.

Come up with some holidays, rites, special garb or customs and a basically write up the religion so ive got something to work with?

Avelloran looked at the shining golden dwarf in disbelief. "Master dwarf you appear a vision before me, but if what you claim is true and you walk the hall of doors, then your power is great indeed. I am old Master Dwarf, very old, and because I am old I know that you to are very old, I feel the magic around you and am intrigued."

Avelloran looked over the scroll in his hands and ran his finger across the lines studying them intently. "Magister eh, sounds good to me."

Anything sounds good for the chance to walk between the worlds. Perhaps with what I learn I could return to the summer courts in the Fey and have words with some of the Archmages there.

Withdrawing interest, have a good game folks!

Silver Crusade

fair enough, thanks for the heads up and good luck yourself.

looks like general role just opened up if you are more interested in that than marshal.

The dwarf laughs softly and he looks Avelloran over.

"to some my power would be considered great, to others though it is but a flame in the void. Thats the problem with power, there is either not enough or too much, the issue is how to balance power with knowledge. That is wisdom, or so i have been told. "

"So, Magister ehh? Humm.. Well this here is Verio al'Morin, hes going to be coordinating things while i am busy with projects of my own. I am sure that he has some questions for you. But i would know this. What skills and abilities do you have that would make you a good fit for the role of Magister?"

Klokk takes a couple steps back to allow Verio to take charge of the short interview. Not that it will matter the answers or questions for the fates have already decreed that this Avelloran is destined to come with us, but the lad needs to start to exercise his authority or he will never grow into it. i just hope he doesnt take too heavy a hand.

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When the Magister had answered Klokks questions Verio inclined his head slightly to the man and took a step forward, circling him slowly, taking in every inch of the person before him making some minor mental notes. "Forgive my being so forward but... As I am being handed the reigns of this little expedition I feel I need to know my people as well as I can. I have a few questions for you, if I may?" He waits for Avelloran's assent before continuing.

"When you say you are old, Master Elf, how old do you mean? Are you saying that you are not long for this mortal coil and will be shuffled off soon? I realize that that is quite a tactless way to put it, and I apologize but us short lived races, we are impetuous after all!" Verio smiled, shrugging slightly. "I only ask because if, gods forbid you do perish, I would like to have a plan in place for what you wish done with your remains. As such I will be asking all of our companions the very same question, not just you Master Magician!"

Verio turns his back on the man and stares out of a nearby window, frowning softly. "Haven is our way of expanding the borders of our small realities in to something much larger and much more varied. We are in need of a strong Mage to guide us and, with Klokks assent, I believe it could be you Avelloran. I just have one more question myself, one more little thing I have to know, why Haven? Why do you wish to leave this world? Are you running from or searching for something?" He turned back to the man, smiling, leaning back against the windowsill.

Diplomacy to see how Verio comes across-1d20 + 8 ⇒ (9) + 8 = 17


I will have to withdraw as well. Have fun!

Quite a geriatric set of spellcasters

Dark Archive

Was just thinking that. I think Verio is probably the youngest in the group!

Silver Crusade

Fair enough, i wish you luck as well.

Everyone Else
So Im seeing two options right now.

1 - we wait and keep recruiting.
2 - I can make the campaign thread and we can get started.

There is one detail that ive forgotten to mention.
I am a hunter, it is deer hunting season. I am going up from Friday-Monday or Sunday depending on how we do.

If you guys want we can set the start day to be Monday or Tuesday next week as soon as i get back. Or i can start it in the next 2 days and you guys can RP together there, but there would be no GM till i get back to the cities.

Either sounds good to me

I would go with option two.

Let's start and roleplay.

Silver Crusade

We need a Marshal and General if anyone else is interested in playing or any of you wants to try playing with two characters. More then willing to supply NPCs for the two posts and have a couple RL buddies play them when i need a decision or something from them.

I will leave both calls up to the majority. I am fine either way.

Maps are done. Im going to finish the city block and Actually build the districts/city. Scan all that stuff.. make the (crude)google page to post all that stuff on. THis is my goal during the day. that and prepping for wrath tonight.

I have a toon that might fit in here and doesn't look like will make the cut elsewhere. I would need to modify the background and stats a bit though.
Two things though, if I use a trait wafendi apprentice (maybe misspelled) to get a spell can a fighter qualify for arcane archer at lvl 7and get those levels of spellcaster after. I.E. fighter6/arcane archer/9 wiz 1 but the wiz adds the 6 lvls of spellcaster that the archer bonus grants to the spells he can cast. I.E. being able to cast as a 7th lvl wizard Also how would you treat the leadership feat and additional traits in this game.
He would be going for Marshal obviously.

Silver Crusade

On trait page ( ) i could only find two apprentice's Failed and Builders. Would need to see to the trait first. I havnt heard of that one.

Leadership will be basically raw. What i am not sure of yet.. is if i am going to give you each your followers (cohort certainly) or if will just add them to the general pop. the two other empire building games ive run we just added them to the general population and it worked out fine. But, that was using Empire rules not Ultimate Campaign kingdom rules, so it may vary well be different.

Addition traits, grants 2 traits at the cost of feat, as such those two traits can be any you qualify for. Example say you have social and race trait already. You can use the 2 new traits to pick up 2 more race traits or 2 anything traits. No restrictions to 1 of each type, IF spending a feat for them.

It would be nice to have some followers. I was planning on starting an organization.

I first saw it on N. Jolly's guide to the Pathfinder Alchemist.
He put it is since the sla counts enough to get craft wondrous item and for arcane strike

Dark Archive

I could roll up a General to stand in for the mean time, if that would help?

I also vote for starting Role Playing. Getting to know eachother would be good!

Silver Crusade

Hows this sounds for Followers.
If you take leadership come up with some followers for each of you to do with what you will, you can keep set them up in Haven, the area around Haven OR for that matter back on either on Eberron or Golorian where most of you are from.

For followers, it could be that a group of X race that you never encountered before show up. Could be that say for Usal somehow part of his tribe that he thought was slain or sold off is found, or it could be that a wing of psydodragons are enamored with him and some of them show up.

If you wanted, you could have trade levels for CR adjustments. Say you get a level 6 follower/cohort. You could get an Orca Whale with a level in sorc, or bard or whatever. You could also choose a Clockwork Soldier w no levels. ETC

I do reserve the right to say no. but let your creativity flow.

I am somewhat leary of allowing it to count, because daze is a 0th spell. Roughly the equivalent of Sacred Touch. You would be welcome to take the trait. But as its only a 0th level spell, i am not going to count it "Spells: Ability to cast 1st-level arcane spells." Just as i wouldnt do the same for someone that can stabalize anyone counting for a "Spells: Ability to cast 1st-level Divine spells."

IF you wanted you could take a Feat:Least dragonmark based on your race, as most if not all of them are level 1 spells the marks grants you.

Spoiler: nmark-feats

Least True Dragonmark [Dragonmark]
Prerequisite: Member of a dragonmarked race (dwarf, elf, gnome, halfling, half-elf, half-orc or human), Must not possess an aberrant dragonmark of any type.
Benefit: This feat provides you with a least dragonmark spell-like ability. When you select this feat, choose one of the following true dragonmarks listed below as restricted by your race. The true dragonmark you choose will determine what dragonmarked house you belong to (if only distantly) as well as the type of true dragonmark available for any other feat that has this feat as a prerequisite. Within each true least dragonmark, there are number of options for which dragonmark spell-like ability to choose, which will also detail how many times per day you can activate that ability. Once this choice has been made, it cannot be changed. Lastly, based on which dragonmarked house you belong to, you will receive a +2 untyped bonus to a specific skill.

Dragonmark Race House
Detection Half-Elf Medani
Detect Magic 2/day or Detect Poison 2/day

Finding Half-Orc or Human Tharashk
Identify 1/day, Know Direction 2/day or Locate Object 1/day

Handling Human Vadalis
Calm Animals 1/day, Charm Animal 1/day or Speak with Animals 1/day Handle Animals

Healing Halfling Jorasco
Cure Light Wounds 1/day or Lesser Restoration 1/day

Hospitality Halfling Ghallanda
Purify Food and Drink 2/day, Prestidigitation 2/day or Unseen Servant 1/day Diplomacy

Making Human, Warforged Cannith
Make Whole 1/day, Mending 2/day or Repair Light Damage 1/day
Craft (all)

Passage Human Orien
Expeditious Retreat 1/day, Mount 1/day or Dimension Leap 1/day Knowledge: Geography

Scribing Gnome Sivis
Arcane Mark 2/day, Comprehend Languages 1/day or Whispering Wind 1/day Linguistics

Sentinel Human Deneith
Mage Armor 1/day, Protection from Arrows 1/day, Shield of Faith 1/day or Shield Other 1/day
Sense Motive

Shadow Elf Phiarlan or Thuranni
Darkness 1/day, Disguise Self 1/day or Minor Image 1/day

Storm Half-Elf Lyrandar
Endure Elements 1/day, Fog Cloud 1/day or Gust of Wind 1/day Acrobatics

Warding Dwarf Kundarak
Alarm 1/day, Arcane Lock 1/day, Fire Trap 1/day or Misdirection 1/day Disable Device

The caster level for all least true dragonmark spell-like abilities is equal to 1 + 1/2 your character level, rounded down, and the spell level is always the lowest possible if it appears on multiple spell lists. Any applicable saving throw has a DC equal to 10 + spell level + your Chr modifier. Activating a true dragonmark spell-like ability is a standard action that does not provoke, but may require concentration checks based on movement, damage or distraction. The concentration check is made using your caster level plus your Chr modifier.

Can you make A warforged warlord.
It has 1 rank in the following skills at no cost and they are considered class skills.

Profession: Naval Tactics
Profession: Aerial Tactics
Profession: Infantry Tactics

He/She will be level 5, to reflect previous campaigns, training it has been on. IT will be an old soldier, having fought for some 30odd years. Give it gear appropriate for a L6 character.

Silver Crusade ---warlord

Then do you think
Magical Talent

Either from inborn talent, the whimsy of the gods, or obsessive study of strange tomes, you have mastered the use of a cantrip.

Benefit: Choose a 0-level spell. You may cast that spell once per day as a spell-like ability. This spell-like ability is cast at your highest caster level gained; if you have no caster level, it functions at CL 1st. The spell-like ability's save DC is Charisma-based.

will work it seems to work at a higher lvl if i have no caster lvl. If not I will just make him a sla granting race.

Dark Archive

Level 5 Warforged? Klokk you give me the best toys... On it like a car bonnet right now!

Silver Crusade

Well if your using the feat to get extra traits, you can have more then one magical traits, so you could have magical knack and talent.

But as i think about, to me.. its not the CL that the 0th level spell. functions at, but the fact that its a 0th level spell.

Yup, also give it one Craft:something notcombatrelated like pottery or glassblowing or Profession:fishing. This will cost a skill point though.

Cool then.

Dark Archive

Can do! I think I know just the thing...

Silver Crusade

I dont really have a personal feeling one way other.

Its more a question of does it skirt the requirement or meet it.

Silver Crusade

If you would choose 3 Minor and 2 Medium items that you think would aid. Klokk would listen to your advice as to what you think is needed.

Send him/her to me via pm when your done.

Once you finish getting yourself created, go ahead and respond to Verio and klokk.

Likewise when you finish yourself, go ahead and respond to klokk in the OP, but add that Verio is the one that handed you the piece of Vellum.

Can you choose the equipment for the warforged troops?
Any medium or Light armor or shield
They may have any 1 exotic or martial weapon. as many simple weapons as they wish. Muskets DO count as martial weapons.

Your tribe. I need you to gear them out.
Any medium or Light armor or shield
They may have any 1 exotic or martial weapon. as many simple weapons as they wish. Muskets DO count as martial weapons.

Ill leave it up to you, if its you think it will work, ill let it happen, if you think its wont it wont. but decide now, as it will set precedent for other talents doing the same for other players or npcs.

You expressed interest. are you one of the above peoples as a personia or are you still interested in joining this unusual band of heroes?

- Maps will be scanned later tonight, at my tabletop game as my scanner is not working but brothers is fine. Ill post them when i get back home afterwards.
-Haven Finish writing it up and post it. (working on that on my other window atm.)

Beside the above and starting the campaign thread, anything else you can think of that i have forgotten?

Dark Archive

Health Rolls -

1d10 + 2 ⇒ (4) + 2 = 6
1d10 + 2 ⇒ (2) + 2 = 4
1d10 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 2 = 3
1d10 + 2 ⇒ (5) + 2 = 7

Also I am DarkestHeart Klokk

Silver Crusade

High Priestess is a druidess NPC
Advisor is a NPC whos class you dont know yet.
Consort will be up to Verio and fate after klokk departs.
Royal Enforcer: tied into Warden role.
Viceroy: Nobody atm as have no Colony or Vassel states.
Royal Assassin: [strike]Not allowed while klokk is around.[/strike] Allowed only if Good. ( i cant disallow this, as one of klokks companions started as an assassin, even if in the entire campaign has never rolled a successfull sneak check. Even when he had 95% chance in 2e he rolled 00s. when we switched to 3x he never rolled above a 1.)

Silver Crusade

HP are always maxed for everything and everyone.

I think I'll just grab the least dragonmark feat At lvl 5 or so. He is an human archer fighter so he will have the feats for it.
Sentinel Human Deneith
Protection from arrows 1/day

Silver Crusade

Sounds good.

The advisor is actually being played by my buddy joel that wanted to use his real name for the character as its human. but he doesnt post, hes going to do that guy via txt and the ten bloody pages he made me read of background and personality.. Why he doesnt do the forum think i dont know.

Silver Crusade

I just thought of something else as well. When i looked nobody had any feats that this impacts yet.

20's and Crits
I hate the confirm crit rule.
If a PC rolls within their Crit Range and hits the target, it is considered a crit hit.
If a PC rolls within their Crit Range and misses the targets AC is normal hit.
If a standard NPC rolls a 20 and hits your ac. it is a normal hit.
If a boss or advanced npc does the same, its a crit. You will be able to tell, as they sometimes look differently.

1's and Misses/or Dropping a weapon
If a PC rolls a 1 on an attack roll. Roll as per below based on enchantment or masterwork or common.
1d2 Common
1d04 Masterwork
1d06 +01 - +02
1d08 +03 - +04
1d10 +05 - +06
1d12 +07 - +08
1d20 +09 - +10

On the first miss in a combat if you roll a 1 you drop the weapon
On the second miss in a combat, if you roll a 1/2 you drop the weapon
so on and so till with a +10 weapon you can miss 19 times before you drop it. (and it has happened)
The weapon goes flying 1+1per STR Bonus squares d6 direction from you.

So when I to roll a one i then roll a 1d2 for common but if I roll a two I keep it until the next one in which case I will drop it no matter what.

For the minor and medium items, does he mean for me personally, for other people, or the colony as a whole?

"This one is ready to help in any way he can!" Shrugging his shoulders slightly to shake some imagined tension, Bastion stands before Klokk, his white lens glistening brightly. "Master this Outpost is easily defended. This one is ready to deploy the legion at any time!"

Silver Crusade

Correct with a nonmasterwork item you can miss once, but the second miss you drop it.
But with reguards to you gear, see OP for starting weapons.

Feorina as High Diplomat is being given the choice of which five items Joel has acquired at her request. These are the items granted by the Wizards Tower, which I am calling a Sages Tower. They may be things that only help you or that only you can use. or things that help the community as a whole.

There is an Everflowing spring(fountain made from decanters of endless water) at Haven, and the Creation Forge, some Glyphs and wards on the treasury and at the gates that are set to go off if evil steps on them.

Other than that Joel has placed the decision in your hands what five items are available.

Do we have a wizard's tower in the colony? Or is this wizard's tower part of your previous campaign in some other place?

Silver Crusade

Number 10 - Bastion
Give him the following Components

Attached Component: Head
Command Circlet: Can speak telepathically with warforged up to 100 feet away at will. 1/day cast Remove Fear within 30ft.

Attached Component: Hand
Armbow: +1 Pistol 1d8+2, 20=×4, range=25', 1=missfire, cant drop it. generates as many rounds as you can fire in one round. You weight +4 LBS, Deals B/P

"Modifications completed!"

So I am gonna write a full background for Bastion when I can. His Profession is Florist. He tends Banzai trees in his off time. He sees it as a way to create life. He is trying to balance out the bill he rung up with Death during the Great War, before he ceases to function.

Also is anyone interested in any particular items? I will probably grab one for myself and share the rest.

Dark Archive

Apparatus of the Crab could be useful! ;)

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