Any Druid heavy armor with 3 max dex?


I was thinking about a 1 level dip of druid for my 7 level fighter for the growth, reach weapon, and trip play-style. Is there any heavy armor which mirrors the Tatami-do 7AC and 3Dex that a druid could wear?

Discuss with your GM about the conversion of eastern armors when you use Dragonhide. It apparently can be worked into pretty much all of the metal based Western armors, although the problem comes up that you might need a very, VERY BIG dragon to get enough hide to make your armor. If I had to take a guess at conversion, I think you need a dragon 3 times larger than you to cover it.

Anyway, the special material specifically calls out the fact that druids can wear it. Also note: it costs twice the normal price (but not crafting time weirdly). Not sure how providing your own dragonhide would work into that though if you use an NPC smith.

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It's way out of WBL-range, but this comes close (+7 armor plus +3 enhancement, +2 max. Dex, counts as medium):

Ultimate Equipment wrote:


Price 29,350 gp; Aura moderate transmutation; CL 11th; Weight 25 lbs.
The warden of the woods is a suit of +3 greenwood splint mail made of strips of laminated greenwood that flex with the wearer's movement but stiffen when struck in battle. This armor is treated in all ways like medium armor, including when determining proficiency. The armor has an arcane spell failure chance of 25%, a maximum Dexterity bonus of +2, and an armor check penalty of –4.

As a move action, the wearer can snap a strip of wood loose from the armor. The strip lengthens into a weapon of a type chosen by the armor's wearer. It can become a +1 greenwood club, a +1/+1 greenwood quarterstaff, or a +1 keen greenwood wooden stake. If the wearer creates a club or quarterstaff in this way, it gains the benefits of the shillelagh spell with a duration of 1 minute. Each weapon removed from the warden of the woods reduces the armor's enhancement bonus by 1. Consequently, a maximum of three such weapons can be separated from the armor at any given time. The greenwood weapons keep their enhancement bonuses only while they're in the wearer's hands, though they remain masterwork weapons for other wielders.

The wearer can reintegrate a weapon back into the warden of the woods as a move action and restore the lost enhancement bonus. Each day at dawn, the armor regenerates any missing strips (regaining its full enhancement bonus), and any weapons still detached from the armor crumble into dust.

Is there a specific reason to dip druid instead of cleric (Gozreh or some other nature deity) or oracle (Nature or Wood mystery)? An oracle with the Wood mystery can pick up the Wood Bond revelation, which can be a decent bonus with trip polearms and ranged attacks with a bow:

Ultimate Magic wrote:
Wood Bond (Ex): Your mystical bond with wood is such that your weapons become an extension of your body. You gain a +1 competence bonus on attack rolls when wielding a weapon made of or mostly consisting of wood (such as a bow, club, quarterstaff, or spear). This bonus increases by +1 at 5th level and every five levels thereafter.

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1) Don't count on trip working for much longer, since monsters are going to get bigger and multi-legged very fast after 7th.

2) Put some 50gp potions of Enlarge Person in a bandolier.

3) Stay fighter, and save up for Celestial Plate Armor. (Your Armor Training Bonus is up to +2 now.)

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