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Took the advice on the back-story options and submitted them to my GM. I am now a newly appointed cleric. Just missing a holy symbol to cast spells and need to make sure I research my deity. Thank you everyone for the input.

Rerednaw wrote:

Has the GM read this thread yet? What's his response?

I don't believe pointing the GM to a thread where a lot of comments seem to be jumping on him would be a great idea and would like to offer ideas to him rather than letting him know he's "wrong".

Rerednaw wrote:

Oh and given all these PC deaths, your character has even more justification for finding religion. Near-death experiences or traumatic experiences like say having close companion die are a common trigger for finding faith. And given that you experience it every other day...then yeah...

Thank you for this input. I will add it to the cleric background concept.

Jamie Charlan wrote:
I get the feeling they're trying to switch to a full caster partly because they can't keep up as an item-less fighter. A "my only hope is upgrading to Tier 1" affair perhaps.

I don't want to be a full caster. Just the dip which I have expressed interest in numerous times before with nothing said from the GM.

Rerednaw wrote:

1-The GM creates custom house rules that he springs on you at level 8?
Did any other players have a similar experience?
2-Make life for your character more difficult by denying you the appropriate magic items? Or are your 3 items worth as much or more than the other players 5-11 items? Or is the campaign that easy?
3-Setting the game on hard mode with your character having at 8th level the wealth of a 1st level character.
So the rest of the party also has this level of wealth?

1-I don't believe so. There is a level 8 cleric7/fighter1 and a level 8 rogue/wizard. The barbarian has expressed interest in an oracle dip with nothing said so far.

2-I'm hoping it's for story purpose. My 3 items were worth 14320 gold total. The campaign seems to be a little harder with a character dying ever other session and at least one or more characters hitting negative hit points every session.
3-No, the rest of the party seems to be in good shape.

Edit: Rant that no one needed to go through. :)

Kydeem de'Morcaine wrote:

I would have countered with,
"Yes he has shown interest. He has repeatedly gotten in long involved discussions with X about theology. He has repeatedly shown his devotion to the dwarven pantheon. And his personality has recently become even more inline with Y as has been shown when he did things like Z.
In the absence of formal aptitude testing, aptitude can only be shown in making the attempt which he now wants to do.
No it was not in the backstory, because as a young dwarf in the beginning he was not interested in becoming a priest (otherwise he would have started as a cleric). Now with more life experience, he has seen the direct influence the gods have provided in his life. He wants to spread that message to others."

The dwarf was indeed trained by two members of Erastil (paladin and inquisitor) in the frontier for months. These trainers are still contacted daily, and have helped the entire party throughout the campaign. While not a dwarven god, Erastil seems to be Ulfen which may be the next best thing seeing as how the trainers and myself are all from Lands of Linnorm. The portfolio of family and trade fits since I write to my parents every chance I get and have profession miner. There have been tons of encounters relating to gods and religion of course. I think this could work for cleric or inquisitor.

I'll see if I can flesh this out a bit more before asking about it. Thank you for the input.

GeneticDrift wrote:
just make a back story.

I have one already. Unless you mean something adding on to the backstory by saying "O. By the way. Apparently I had amnesia blocking the memories of a religious experience."? I'll write it down as an option, but I don't think it'll go over well.

Bearded Ben wrote:

Growth subdomain - non-archetyped Druid, Cave Druid, Blight Druid

Travel domain - Wolf Shaman Druid

Thank you.

Lord_Malkov wrote:

Druid would probably be a problem

"A druid who wears prohibited armor or uses a prohibited shield is unable to cast druid spells or use any of her supernatural or spell-like class abilities while doing so and for 24 hours thereafter."

Unless you can grab some Dragonhide armor.

Indeed. I asked about that as well in the thread pasted below. Thank you

nate lange wrote:

i don't know how a move like that would be received by your GM but the reality is that if you really only made 500g total in 7 levels you probably would retire from constantly risking your life and find some kind of other work...

Probably wouldn't work since everyone else in the group has 5-11 magic items (non-exaggerated straight off spread sheet). I had 3, which were promptly stolen.

I was thinking about a 1 level dip of druid for my 7 level fighter for the growth, reach weapon, and trip play-style. Is there any heavy armor which mirrors the Tatami-do 7AC and 3Dex that a druid could wear?

golem101 wrote:

Sorry, I don't get the part in which you have to choose a deity and you have all the dwarven pantheon written down on your sheet.

Does your character worship all the pantheon (which at my table would be a perfectly reasonable premise for a cleric)?
Does your DM require a more specific choice since character creation?

My character doesn't necessarily "worship" all the gods (As in going to church or paying tithe). I talk to the party cleric about how my gods are superior, called out to Torag or Angradd in battle, mentioned Trudd when breaking something, or Magrim when vanquishing a foe. Granted I have not been as adamant about doing such as when I first started playing this character. I did specifically state that my character prays to all the dwarf gods at convenience during the first session. Ooc I have mentioned to the party about taking a level of cleric multiple times around the GM and he never said anything.

I'm not sure if he wants something specific at character creation, but that seems a bit silly given that the GM has altered my dwarf who is prejudiced against anyone not dwarf, human, or dainty weak elf by forcing him to have a Tiefling mentor pop up out of the blue.

Bearded Ben wrote:
Which domain do you want? While I don't know enough of your situation to tell who's being unreasonable, I can tell you which domains you can get by dipping various druid archetypes.

The fighter is a reach weapon wielding tripper/bull rusher, so in order of preference I would like growth, travel, or anything that would help with that sort of play-style. Thank you.

I recently hit level 8 on a character that has 7 levels of fighter (foehammer). I planned to add a level of cleric and asked if I needed a deity. I was told "No, why would your character do it when he's shown no interest, aptitude nor has backstory leading to a holy path?
And no, clerics need a diety unless given GM permission, which is no because it defeats the cleric's purpose since there are druids and oracles". So I've been told I can't even take a level of cleric.

Despite having all the Dwarf gods written down on his character sheet and talking about them since day one, and despite the vagueness of how I feel the phrase "holy path" can be taken, I was wondering if there's any other way to grab domains with a 1 level dip? I think a druid may be able to, but I have limited knowledge of that class, and I can see being denied an inquisitor level for the same reason.

If any options are limited to magic items please note that I have none and only 500 gold.