I broke the Adventure Path

Wrath of the Righteous

Literally. I was running my group through our second session of The Worldwound Incursion when I grabbed my Bestiary 3, knocking my Adventure book off the table. It fell page-down on the floor, and when I picked it up I noticed some of the pages were starting to get loose. That was the only crit I rolled that day.

My book is not damaged beyond the pages falling out, so I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to fix it. I don't know how the pages stay together normally, but that weird black magic is failing. Any advice?

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+1 Agile Scotch tape is good. If you craft alchemy or profession librarian ranks you can try flask of sovereign glue.

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Cast the Mending canrtip, or a Make whole spell (might be overkill though).

...or use scotch tape.
The latter has worked for me.

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Your local Staples trading post should be able to replace the binding magics for a reasonable fee.

be careful and use the right spell. You want "make whole", not "make plot hole" to be cast.

UndertakerSheep wrote:
My book is not damaged beyond the pages falling out, so I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to fix it. I don't know how the pages stay together normally, but that weird black magic is failing. Any advice?

Gently and carefully tear all the pages out and put them into top loading sheet protectors.

Then put the protected pages into a heavy duty three-ring binder.

Use a scissors to cut the cover into front and back pages and slip them into the view covers of the binder.

I did this with several GURPS 3E books that fell apart on me. The "binderized" books are durable as hell, resistant to food/drink spills, lay flat to make an excellent dice rolling surface, and you can add errata to the pages or the binder itself as appropriate.

On the downside, they are bulkier and heavier than a standard AP book. This can be good or bad, depending on your needs for moving and storing the book.

Damnit, I expected another hilarious trainwreck masterpiece of GM/Player failure. :-(

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Level 1 Commoner wrote:
Damnit, I expected another hilarious trainwreck masterpiece of GM/Player failure. :-(

Yeah those are the best. But you should still contribute jokes that don't actually solve the problem.

Sorry, I had nothing to add, although I prefer stronger tape. But I don't know your american brands.

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Duct Tape

Nothing but the best that those gnomish alchemists came up with for securing things. All my 1E & 2E books are bound with this fantastic material. The gnomes were smart and created it in many colors. I can tell from the bindings, under a purple continual light spell which are which.

The binding on those things is pretty horrid.

One Three-Ring Binder to Collect Them All, and from the dust protect them. In the Land of GMing, where shoddy book binding is found.

Yeah, it has been a bit bad for the first book, which has never happened before with any other AP module. Not loose pages (yet), but I can clearly see a crack in the binding between two pages of module one.

Likewise. I think Paizo should chat with the printers about that. Obviously someone is trying to improve profits by reducing costs... at the cost of quality. But without a quality product, you risk alienating buyers who WANT quality... both of the module design and of the printing quality itself.

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mine fell apart. Pages are not falling out yet, but I have liberally applied glue to attempt to keep them from falling out. I successfully saved my Gods & Magic copy with superglue, but this one is just falling apart.

Yup, my book one just popped some pages out...the other two will probably follow soon...bummer! First time for me with Paizo.

Hm, so this seems to be a more widespread problem with the first module than at first thought. Any comments from the devs about this?

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I didn't have any issues with the first book, but when I opened number two a few pages fell out. It looks like they weren't threaded in properly.

Thanks for the sagely advice everyone! Alas, I live in the Land of the Windmills and Tullips. There's no such thing as a Staples here, but I will check with my local printing shop.

If that fails, I shall use the Sovereign Tape!

Yeah, the cover on my second book is starting to come off. I'm being very gentle with the first book. I would also like to hear from Paizo if this being addressed.

I don't buy the hard copy to cut it up and put it into binders. If I wanted to do that, I would just stick with the pdfs and print them out.

And I just noticed that the second module also has a crack between pages. Given how Paizo just raised the price for their AP's, this is really a bit unfortunate.

Well, the crack in the first volume widened today into a fully loose page. :-/ Does anybody have experience with how Paizo treats requests for replacement modules for shoddily bound stock?

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I have only ever had one book from Paizo fall apart, God's and Magic. Wasn't actually mine, was a friends that I was borrowing. I promptly bought him a new one and still have the fallen apart one.

I can say, however, that I have delt with them over an issue with a product and they handled it wonderfuly. I subscribe to the "Pawns" line and upon recieving my Bestiary II box I noticed that a sheet was missing. A quick e-mail and a quick response later I was informed that the missing sheet was to be packaged with my next subscription shipment. It came, no problems.

So, I cannot speak directly to how they handle any faulty binding issues I can say that when I had an issue with a product they responded quickly to resolve.

I would also add that, as of yet, my three volumes of Wrath of the Righteous have held up fine and I am one to two sessions away from completing book 1.

Well, I'll write an email. Thanks for the info! :)

My pages started falling out of my Sword of Valor the other night... Its the first time we had a Paizo paperback product just 'fall apart' due to poor binding but it didn't stop them from reaching Drezen...

My copy of Sword of Valor has also done something similar - the glue in the binding has begun to crack at the front of the spine and the pages look like they want to start escaping from it. I purchased my copy through my FLGS here in Perth, Australia, and was thinking it might have just been the stresses of shipping, but with others giving similar anecdotal evidence it's appearing less likely that this is the case.

Even if nothing can be done about the current products, it'd be nice to know that this has been paid attention to and the printers/binders can be spoken to in order to ensure a result of quality for products going forward.

Actually, writing customer service may be a very good idea.

As per suggestions in another thread, I've started folding my covers along the creases before reading to reduce stress on the binding. So far, no binding issues.

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