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Alright, so I figure some variant of this question has probably appeared numerous times already on these boards, but I do need some help so I thought I'd ask anyway. I am a long time tabletop rpg'er and have played and GM'd D&D 3.5, but I have yet to actually run a game using the Pathfinder rules yet. I am trying to start up a game at my local store and all of the people who have shown interest are experienced gamers as well but also have yet to play PF. I have been looking through the modules Paizo has and I am stumped which one to choose and I was hoping for some suggestions as to which ones may be a good fit for a group who while they may have a good grasp of the over all mechanic may not be entirely familiar with how PF has changed from 3.5. I was planning to start the characters out at first level and the group looks to be at least 4-5 players. I am more interested in the modules rather than the APs because I am not exactly sure the consistent level of participation I will get so the one off nature of the modules would probably be best. Any suggestions just to point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

I'm partial to Crypt of the Everflame.


Although I haven't played it I've heard good things about We Be Goblins. Although your character would need to be a goblin. Still might be good for newbies since you aren't really committing to a character.

I've considered We Be Goblins and while it does seem like it would be fun to play through, for this first game I don't want to limit the race choice, I kind of want to keep things wide open for the players, let them see what's out there as far as race/class options are concerned. Thanks for the suggestion though, I always appreciate anyone who takes the time to post a reply.

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If your worried about a fluctuation of your player base and are a bit newer to the rules I'd recommend the Thorn Keep book. It develops a little town above a quite expansive dungeon and has plenty of room for you to flesh out things and gives your players plenty of room to do what they like as well.

It's actually kind of a midway point between a campaign and just a module so it works really well.

You should be able to get it at your FLGS or straight from Paizo.

I would strongly suggest "Hollow's Last Hope". It was the first module I ran for my Level 1 group and it went over very well. Saving the town of Falcon's Hollow was a great way to get the group to work together. Best yet, it is a free download at Paizo!

When they hit Level 6 or so I intend for them to return there for "Carnival of Tears."

I personally enjoy Crown of the Kobold king and its sequel Revenge of the Kobold King.

The first gives some really awesome loot to excite the pcs. and some rough fights to make em earn it.

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While they are limited to goblins, I would also recommend We be goblins. It was a blast and got a few of my players interested for more.

The Dragon's Demand.

Thanks for the responses folks, always appreciated very much. I will take a closer look at all of the suggestions. :-)

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