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Only to be let out in extreme emergency?

Sovereign Court

Yes, in case you get fatally wounded, you can release him to fight for you.

*Aduro smiles grimly.*

Then you sacrifice him, to stop you from dying.

You are not Aduro, you are Malvel.

*breaks Nasty's prison on the ground.

Get him!

Sovereign Court

*An image appears in front of everyone.*

Oh please Schism, if that pathetic old man really was me, I'd have killed you all by now.

*The evil Malvel laughs a long, harsh laugh.*

Besides, it's not Aduro who's at fault. In the universe we come from, orcs are NEVER good!

*Malvel laughs again, then the image disappears.*

Sovereign Court

*After recovering from the shock of Schism's accusation and the appearance of Malvel.*

I assure you, Schism, that is how the spell works and I don't like it either!

*Stands in front of Schism, looking her in the eye.*

Furthermore, when someone smiles "grimly", it is a depressed smile!

*Sighs and begins to walk away.*

This universe is just so different from mine, it's been hard to adjust.

Looking at Schism a moment not understanding what is going on. Dazed perhaps from his sudden imprisonment. He looks dumbfounded.

"Okay me eat crazy old man? Or weird, ugly guy with purple robes? and bad hair piece? Cause I don't think he is actually there. He has no smell. "

"So old talky talk guy. Me eat him right Schism?"

Not yet. I may let you do it later.
It was just a cult misunderstanding.

Sovereign Court

To be fair, Schism, Malvel has assumed my likeness before.

*Stops contemplating and looks straight ahead, the determination now returned.*

Enough rambling! Let's go! The Mines of Kayonia await us!

*And so, the heroes journey continues...*

*Follows Aduro, but keeps an eye out.

Sovereign Court

*As the heroes continue on their journey, a mechanical bird follows them in the sky.*

Hey Tvashtri, is that one of your pets?

Sovereign Court

*The bird quickly flies away.*

Blast that meddlesome little twerp of a derro! I shall have to install cloaking devices.

AW! It flew away. Let's follow it.

Sovereign Court

No, wait, don't go that way!

*Unfortunately, it is too late. Schism foolishly follows the mechanical bird (that only she spotted, it was flying very high up) and trips over a rock and breaks her neck (killing her instantly).*

Such a tragic waste, I had such high hopes for her as being our story's hero.

*A minute silence is held to mourn Schism's passing.*

Nasty Orc, I believe that you are supposed to eat her body should she die (at least, that's what she told me).

*The group moves on while Nasty Orc deals with Schism's body.*

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That twit is finally dead!
Now it is my turn to shine in the darkness!

Sovereign Court

*Appears before Vampire Schism (who has just killed Nasty Orc for some reason).*

Excellent! That miserable fool, Aduro, had intended to have Schism kill me (because she was the only one who could), hoping that my death would also end my eternal reign over the Tomb of Borrors! How wrong he was! Now, Vampire Schism, you have a choice: join my team and serve me well, or be destroyed, keep in mind that you can no longer hurt or even kill me. What is your decision?

I am no one's servant!
However, an alliance of mutual gain is acceptable.
What will I gain by allying with you?
BTW. Only my creator has the possibility of destroying me, at great expenditure; and he has too much invested it me to do that.

Sovereign Court

Amusingly, Dedrick said something like that as well! But he agreed to my terms in the end.

In regards to what you gain from working with me, that depends on if you join me and how much work you do.

Either way, I happen to be good friends with your creator (though he will always deny it) and I happen to know that if you displease him (such as not joining me) then you will be destroyed.

Ha Ha Ha!
You are amusing little wizard.
I like you.
You still haven't offered me anything.

Sovereign Court

Of course I haven't, you'll have to join my team in order to find out.

If no terms are agreed upon beforehand, I must decline.

Sovereign Court

How about I convince Claw the Giant Monkey and my other beasts not to destroy any more accordions? Does that sound fair to you, for a start at least?

Ah, the dulcet sounds.

Sovereign Court

So, do we have a deal?

Not until I get a firm offer in writing.
I've been burned by verbal agreements before.

Sovereign Court

Um, quick word of warning, Malvel doesn't do "written" agreements per say. As I found out, you need to pay with your own blood. Really, Malvel should offer his own, but he's a villain.

"Wait what happened to Schism?" He looks around for her not sure what happened.

Looking at Vampire Schism "You sort of look like her ... but smell weird."

"Why is bad hair piece guy back?"

Finally seeing Schism's lifeless body Nasty picks her body up gently and breaths into her mouth. The sheer power of his essence breathed into her body brings her back to life body healed as some of his regenerative powers are transferred over to her body.

Sovereign Court

Why didn't you tell me you could do that?!

*Gives Nasty Orc a firm whack over the head with his staff.*

Had I known earlier, then I wouldn't have put you in that glass orb!

*Becomes so angry with Nasty Orc, that Aduro starts shouting naughty words (and other such cursing) at him before finally calming down.*

I'm terribly sorry, I don't know what came over me. With Schism back, we have a chance at defeating Malvel. However, Vampire Schism is free and has a body of her own now, so we must be careful.

Wakes up.

Why do I hurt all over?


I was so close.

Turns translucent and is drawn back into Schism.

Sovereign Court

I think that I can help you...

*Quickly casts a spell which allows Vampire Schism to teleport away from the heroes and safely into Malvel's lair. Afterwards, Vampire Schism then fully gains a body of her own (after drinking some of Dedrick the Professor's blood).*

Vampire Schism feels something pulling on her spirit, but nothing happens.

Sovereign Court

This is going to take more power!

*Focuses on binding Vampire Schism's spirit to his own body until she gets her own body.*

AAAHHHHH! It hurts, it hurts.

Stop it. You are tearing me apart.
Are you trying to torture me for not blindly following you?

AAAHHHHH! It hurts, it hurts.

It feels like my insider are being torn apart.

Sovereign Court

*Falls to the knees, still casting the spell.*

Actually, Vampire Schism, I'm trying to free you!

*Grits teeth, as the ritual is also causing Malvel intense pain.*

Consider yourself lucky, I don't normally do "nice" things. And I won't stop until the ritual is a success, so bear with it!

*Despite his weakened state, Malvel pours all of his magical energy into the ritual.

You are wasting your time.
I can see the connection between them.
It is something so ancient that it is beyond the laws of any universe.
If the orc hadn't intervened and revived her, Schism would have revived on her own.
Unless you want to drain all your magic on something that will never happen, you should stop now.

Sovereign Court

Well, if you know all about that, then why don't you do something to help me!?

*Gets on to his feet rather painfully.*

You mummified nitwit!

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