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I am currently looking for a PBP game in which I can employ my unusual character concept. His name is variable, although I usually call him "Tiny", and he is a construct. This makes him a real potential powerhouse, but also saddles him with some glaring weaknesses. Unfortunately, he requires one 3rd party conversion from 3.5 (which can be found here) to be built properly. Other than that the character is completely canon too my knowledge. My build plan is Ranger (Skirmisher) 10/ Stalwart Defender 10, although I am aware that some games don’t allow prestige classes. Below is an example of a 7th level build for Tiny, along with a basic personality (I would include a backstory but it is too dependent on the actual game).


Tiny does not remember who he was before he became a construct so he focuses on who he is now. He does his best to be a good person but is usually forced to handle most moral dilemmas on gut instinct alone. Most of what he knows about normal life has come from silently observing those around him and emulating how they act. Fortunately he has been mostly influenced by witnessing kindness and compassion and as such has developed those same traits. For Tiny it is difficult to be around other people. On the one hand being around others allowed him to feel more human, but at the same time they served as a constant reminder of his own inhuman form. Still, he tries his best to put those thoughts aside and continue forward in the hopes that one day he will come to accept his new life.


Race:Clockwork Soldier
Size: Medium; 6 ft 500 lbs
Alignment:Neutral Good[/b]
Class Levels: Ranger (Skirmisher) 7
Stats 7 point buy (15 divided by 2 rounded down):
STR: 28
DEX: 16
CON: 10
INT: 12
WIS: 14
CHA: 10
HP: 79
AC: 21; Touch 14; Flat-footed 17
Saves: Fort 5; Ref 10; Will 4
BAB +7
Special Abilities/Class Abilities
Favored Enemy: Magical Beast (+4)
Favored Enemy: Outsider (+2)
Wild Empathy
Favored Terrain: Desert (+2)
Hunter’s Bond (Animal Companion)
Woodland Stride
Hunter’s Tricks
Vengeance Strike
Rattling Strike
Spirit Within
Open Minded
Efficient Winding
Stand By
Armor Expert
Scholar of the Great Beyond
Immune: Construct Traits
Low-light vision
Darkvision (60 ft)
Immune to normal healing and resurrection
Improved Initiative
Lightning Reflexes
Rapid Shot
Boon Companion
Quick Draw
Adamantine Breastplate
Mithral Buckler
Adaptive Composite Longbow (Darkwood; Masterwork)
Falchion (Mithral; Masterwork)
Fighter Kit
Gear Maintenance Kit
Efficient Quiver
Arrows, Common (40)
Alchemical Silver Arrows, Durable (10)
Cold Iron Arrows, Durable (10)


Sex: Female
Size: Large
Class Levels: Bodyguard 7
STR: 22
DEX: 19
CON: 14
INT: 2
WIS: 13
CHA: 11
HP: 52
AC: 22; Touch 15; Flat-footed 17
Saves: Fort 7; Ref 9; Will 3
BAB +4
Special Abilities/Class Abilities
Shared Vigilance
Tenacious Guardian
Fetch trick
Guard trick
Exclusive trick
Low-light vision
Fly: 80 ft
Combat Reflexes
2 Talons (1d6 plus grab)
Bite (1d8)

Hopefully I’ll get the chance to play him somewhere. On a side note I think it would be pretty cool if others could post their unusual character concepts that still need to find a home.

I thought you might want to try this game

we are a large assortment of unusual characters from all sorts of situations.

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