What is good DPR at Level 10?



What is good DPR at Level 10 for a fighter? im trying to see if my character is viable. Feel free to dip a level or two into a diffrent class and any pathfinder material no 3rd party though




Off the top of my head:

2d6 greatsword +9 str +3 enhancement +2 weapon specialization +9 power attack +4 weapon training (with gloves).

You should hopefully have boots with Haste by now, which whould give you 3 attacks in a round, each at 2d6+27.

i made a fighter that's max damage at level 10 is 108
have any magic gear, weapons or buffs though. and i
was really trying how do you get 142? have any magic gear, weapons or buffs though.

How'd you get 108 without buffs or magic items?

Two-handed fighter archtype for double damage on full attack. power attack and 26 strenth at level 10 using a earthbreaker (2d6)

two attacks at 4d6 + 30

OK, I'll bite.

Rolled stats? Point-buy? PFS? WBL?
What build/archetype does your fighter have?

I'd say (and I'm sure a lot people will laugh at these low numbers):
Attack bonus + 22 (+19 if using PA)/+17 (+14 if using PA) (BAB +10, STR mod +8 [18 base + 2 race +2 stat increase +4 item], Weap Foc +1, Greater WF +1, Weapon Training 1+2 +2)

Figure out average AC of a CR 11 creature and multiply your damage dealt by your chance to hit and you get an idea.
Then of course it's about miss chances due to concealment/cover, flanking, higher terrain, ranger granting you her Fav Enemy bonus, blablablabla.

Damage bonus (2-handed weapon) +27 (STR +8-->12, Weap Spec +2, Weapon Training 1+2 +2, enhancement bonus +2*, power attack +9)

*max 25% of WBL per item

Really, without more specific data it's hard to tell.
BTW, there was a threat about the DPR olympics here - might wanna make a search.


Edit: low numbers, didn't I tellya.

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This is my own humble opinion:

First of all, DPR is not the most important value to estimate the viability of a character. Fun of plying it is !

2nd: If you goal is to make a dmg dealer. go for a 2H weapon + power attack + improved critical + specialisation... and you will get a dull pc that makes a lot of dmg.

3rd: if you go for a tank. take a rapier and a shield. This way you will make as many crit as possible and you will keep an higher AC.

and now to answer your question. with a 15builtPoint character:
I get this:
greataxe(+2): +15/+10 (1d12+19) crit 19-20/x3 sp) +4 to confirm crit/ +1mdg on crit

I hope this helps you

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Good DPR is 50% of an even CR opponents HP.

People seem to insist on 150%

(I can build a PFS legal monk that can hit 100+ DPR at level 10)

fighter 1 magus 9


3 rounds of combat

3 times spell combat
black blade with keen +5 scimitar 20STR

CL9 intensefied shocking grasp

3 times 9d6 electricety damage on a 15-20 x2
and 6 times 1d6+12 also 15-20x2

less say 60% is a hit...

3 times 9-54 (15-20x2) 27-162
6 times 13-18 (15-20x2) 78-108

105-270 devide by 3 rounds = 35-90
with if you calculate in more than a 25% of crit treath the numbers are higher. if there is spell resitence the numbers are alot lower.

if you have 1 big enemy this is plauseble if you got alot of litle ones probably not!

just wanted to point out how ridiculus the question is as if its hardly something you can calculate without specific peramaters.

Ok, we're talking about DPR here, not about potential damage a charakter can do.

The vanilla THW fighter deals about 80 DPR unhasted. So,e classes do more, some others less, but I'd say everything that ends up being relevant to drop an enemie is worth it. Good DPR starts at about 60? Hard to find a value, but 60 is where most striker kind of charakters start at level 10. but honestly giving numbers here is kinda pointless.

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Artanthos wrote:

Good DPR is 50% of an even CR opponents HP.

People seem to insist on 150%

(I can build a PFS legal monk that can hit 100+ DPR at level 10)

The average HP of a CR10 monster appears to be around 130 (126-137 range). Outliers include the bogeyman at 93 and the brachiosaurus at 171.

This would put good DPR for level 10 right in the 65 damage per full attack mark, which seems about right. If you read either of the DPR olympic threads, the numbers from there seem to support this as well.

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