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How much for a digital version?

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There are several classes that are powerful for solo: summoner,aster summoner, druid, etc. The more actions you get per round, the better your survival odds, that's why classes with hardy animal companions do well. They get a beastly combatant to tank/damage, and they can cast from afar.

All that said, the toughest muhfuh to kill that can do nasty damage imo would be a dwarven paladin with the oath of vengeance. Throw in the oath of fiends while you're at it. Get the feats: Fey Foundling, Greater Mercy, Power Attack, and then a bunch of Extra Lay on Hands. Dwarven race is for Steel Soul, but this isn't necessary, as you already get Divine Grace anyway. You'll be hard hitting, tough to damage physically, resistant as hell to spells, and in case you do take a beating, you can heal yourself as a swift action for more heals than a healer could heal someone else as a standard action.

Curiously, what happens on smite (evil outsider) + litany of righteousness + confirmed crit?

I realize inquisitors are divine, but bards are really their arcane counterpart. You get lvl 6 spells, you get the social skills, and you get the monster knowledge. Combat-wise, the dawnflower dervish gives a bard up to +8 to atk/dmg due to their self-only Inspire Courage.

If you really want divine, go Oath of Vengeance paladin.

SaddestPanda wrote:
However, if you went the witch then you would want to avoid the winter witch archetype and prestige class no matter how fitting it seems.

How come?

I know a lot of things are resistant/immune in the beginning, but I'd heard it becomes very effective after that.

Can you select "slam" as a natural weapon to qualify for Feral Combat and Strong Jaw? That seems silly. A slam is a type of attack, not a type of weapon.

AndIMustMask wrote:

if only they didnt both change spells--you could be an oathbound paladin (fiends AND vengeance)!

admittedly that would be pretty insane.

You can be both. The oathbound paladin specifically calls out what to do with 2 oathbound spell list. :)

Some ideas/thoughts:

- Arcane Strike is almost a must-have feat for damage dealers. Great for archers, TWFers, pouncers, and double-barreled gunslingers due to their high numbers of attacks per round.

- Dimensional Agilty chain feat is now available to EK at level 9. This is good news to all Nightcrawler fans.

- Deadly Dealer can be used by full non-caster classes. Great for Gambit fans.

- A martial character EK can now access Antimagic Field at level 13. This will allow, say, a Fighter to completely shut down casters. They can also fight brute hitters using magic.

Druid ends up with a better pet once around lvl 7+ due to better buffs. Sorc can be nearly as good. It only depends on your play style.

Levels 1-3 would be comparable to any divine build.

Levels 4-6 you're a weaker caster due to multiclass.

Levels 7-11 you're comparable to most gishes. Decent damage, can shoot guns for better chance to hit.

Levels 12-16 your spells are lower than full-casters by 1-2 levels, but you can outlast them. Your damage with guns is still pretty meh since you can't add any special attacks (Favored Enemy, Bane, etc.)

Levels 17+ your spells have caught up and you have loads more spells. Your damage is still meh.

How'd you get 108 without buffs or magic items?

Off the top of my head:

2d6 greatsword +9 str +3 enhancement +2 weapon specialization +9 power attack +4 weapon training (with gloves).

You should hopefully have boots with Haste by now, which whould give you 3 attacks in a round, each at 2d6+27.

Oh cool, a PFS legal character right at level 7, perfect. Some questions for you:

When you say you're reliant on buffs, are you talking about self-buffs?

What do you mean by the other magus being more reliant on spells for direct damage? Are you saying that he uses blasting spells/SG whereas you rely more on Arcane Mark spam physical damage?

Do you buff your AC at the beginning of combat, or is 25 AC good enough at level 7?

How often do you generally use SG in a PFS session?

What are some your most used attack routines like, and how much dmg does it do?

Also noticed the build is a bit different than the Bladebound Kensai you posted at the top. Which one did you enjoy more, and why?

Artanthos wrote:

The kensai and standard magus have very different play styles.

My bladebound kensai is currently level 7 and I have enjoyed playing him.

Can you explain your experience with both of them, specifically how the play style differed? How often can your kensai use SG compared to the vanilla magus?

My thinking is that a vanilla magus relies on his nova to avois damage, and will need Spell Recall due to this. The kensai probably can stay in melee range a bit more due to slightly higher AC, and thus wouldn't need Spell Recall as much. Still, without it, the kensai will have to rely purely on pearls, which could be annoying...

So do you think Kensai is worth it despite losing Spell Recall?


A standard magus can manage 10+ shocking grasps per day by level 7 if he's using spell recall and a couple pearls of power.

When going nova she will have an attack sequence of:
+13/+13/+8 (1d6+14/15-20/x2) +3 keen, arcane strike, black blade strike, spell combat.

Can you tell me how you're getting 10+ SG per day? Are you using up all your lvl 1 and 2 slots just for it?

That reminds me, I keep seeing builds where people list something like having 10 Pearls of Power for 4k gp. On the pfsrd, the Pearl is priced at 1k gp. Any idea what the deal is?

How did you get a +3 keen weapon by level 8? I'm guessing you're using some sort of Magus ability, but I don't get how it's done.

I noticed you used Arcane Strike. Do you think it's worth burning your swift action for that over anything else? Also, the character has AC 25. Is that good for level 8? I was thinking maybe it'd be better to spend an action to cast some Shield or something so that you can live past the first round. My biggest concern with nova damage is that if the magus doesn't drop the enemy in one shot, low HP and low AC (compared to a barbarian who has high HP and fighter who usually has high AC) would end him.

5 BAB + 6 Str + 2 Weapon + 1 Pool + 4 Int - 2 Power - 2 Spell

When I'm thinking of using a nova attack at level 7, in a party full of level 7 members, I'm not looking at using it against a CR 7 enemy. I'm looking at CR 10 minimum, and probably CR 11, so I can see how an optimized class fares in a tough-as-nails encounter.

I'm curious what the build actually looks like. It seems like you're using Power Attack, but you didn't list that in your feats. I see you used a swift action for Arcane Accuracy, but I'm not sure what the +1 "Pool" bonus is, and what action is being used to get that? How did you get 12d6 damage? Walk me through it like I'm a newbie, since I kinda am with magi.


Or, assuming he's built to allow him to cast cold shocking grasps, he'll instead use one Empowered Intensified SG as above and follow it up with a Intense Rimed Cold SG and use his 1/day arcana to Empower the second one. So that's somewhere around 16d6x1.5 (with a 51% chance to threaten at least one critical) - around 110 points of spell damage, plus a bit more from the weapon.

And no, a Magus absolutely doesn't want to spend a feat on Arcane Strike, he's got better things to do with his slots.

Do you have a build? A magus has one extra feat by level 7, which doesn't leave much room for all sorts of feats, so I'm curious to see what your build is like. I went for a Dex build because I feel that having a high AC is a must for a melee combatant with D8 HD, but I could be wrong...

What feats do you suggest, since you don't think Arcane Strike is worth it by level 7?

Been reading up on how magus is supposed to be great at nova damage, but I'm not seeing it. Can someone show me what this nova damage looks like at level 7? Best I could get was something like:

1d6 +6 Dex/Str +2 Weapon Enhancement +2 Arcane Strike
Spell Combat with Intensified Shocking Grasp would give another damage like the above, along with 7d6 Shocking Grasp damage.

If both attack hits, that brings the total to a whopping 9d6+20, or roughly 51.5 average damage, which is kinda underwhelming. Power Attack would make that 59.5, assuming the penalty to your attack is worth it.

How many times can the Shocking Grasp trick be done daily by this point? Is Arcane Strike and Power Attack even worth it? Seems like the swift action would be better spent on boosting AC or attack, and Power Attack's penalty is too big to overcome at this point.

What am I missing?

Theologian works. That's perfect. Thanks!

I'll have to see if there are other archetypes that grants it, just to compare the abilities.

I'm looking into a Dimensional Dervish cleric build. It's nice to qualify for it early like a Summoner, but being able to cast it only once per day kinda sucks. Is it possible to do it more often?

I was thinking of going Synthesist with a biped eidolon to do TWF and go the Dimensional Dervish route. My main thought was that Synthesist get up to lvl 6 spells, and they can have awesome stats, so it could possibly work out well. The main issue is that I'm not sure they can do enough damage.

I know they can dish out crazy damage with natural attacks, but I'm not looking for natural attacks, nor am I looking for pounce with their quad form. I'm going biped + TWF for pure flavor, but those are must-haves. Also wanting Dimensional Dervish asap, and decent spellcasting (mainly for buffs and personal versatility, not for control or SoS or anything like that).


STR Ranger wrote:

Glad you liked it.

Your question has more than one answer.

Best DPR? Best Lockdown? DEFINITELY fighter if that is all you care about.
DPR 10/10. Out of combat uses? Varies between 1/10 to 5/10 depending on what you do with spare feats and traits.

Best Overall Contributer? I'd pick ranger.
DPR 8/10. Less dependant on a particular weapon. But scimitar/cestus is best choice.
Out of Combat uses? Heaps of useful class abilities. Better Stealth attacker than a rogue and extra actions per round via animal buddy. Can be dumb as and still have more SP than a fighter, doesn't need more than 14Dex allowing higher base STR. Erasing the fighter's weapon fcs/spec.

Safest TWF's? Paladin.
DPR? 7/8. Smite Damage is worth more than FE but FE comes up HEAPS more if you pick smart ones (Humans, Undead, Evil Outsiders being Paizo's most common across all cr's)
Smite is bursty but limited times a day.
Pally is great for newcomers who make silly tactical errors or wannabe tanks.
Swift LOH gives more HP than any other class. Nearly the best saves and some sweet spells. Comes with more baggage than other classes and will have no spare feats.

No love for Inquisitor (or even Grey Warden)? :(

Awesome, the trait or ioun stone will do. Thanks!

Trying to get the Brand spell without dipping into any classes/archetypes. Is it possible to get this level 0 spell through a trait or a feat?

Ravingdork wrote:
Retrain your hit points to maximum. That will increase your survivability quite a bit.

Never heard of this (i'm new to pfs) but this sounds worthwhile. Where is this in the pfs guide?

Charender wrote:

2nd level barbarian with masterwork falchion

24 strength(18 initial + 2 racial +4 rage)
Hit: +10 (+2 BAB +1 MW +7 str)
Damage: 2d4 + 10 18-20/2x damage

So basically, you pretty much only miss on a bad roll, you do an average of 15 damage on a normal hit, and 15% of the time you will hit for about 30 damage.

I like the magus and all, but yeah, you're not gonna be too OP when compared to an optimized barbarian. The fighter and barbarian in the guy's party might've just not been optimized, or having a bad night.

Magus is a more fun class though imo :)

What kind of trait is Fate's Favored? Any special requirements (deity, race, etc.)?

Ferious Thune wrote:
I did decide when building him that a dip into Gunslinger was better than taking the Black Powder Inquisition. So I went 2 levels Gunslinger to get Nimble, and so far 11 levels of Inquisitor. By the time Divine Power, Judgements, and Bane are added, he's at 4 attacks a round, pretty much hitting on all of them, for 3d6+18 each (halfling, so a size small pistol). It does take him a round to get going, but once he does, he deals a lot of damage. When everyone else in the group is struggling to get through the dragon's armor, and you're hitting it when you roll a 2, your GM's head will start to explode, too.

Were you using a double-barrel pistol? Think it's worth it, or is the single barrel so badass already? I'm debating it at the moment.

It blows at lvls 1-5, I can tell you that much, since you don't really want to be taking that -4 to attacks until you've got Bane/Judgments/spell to make up for the penalty, yet you've still gotta deal with a misfire of 1-3.

Weirdo wrote:
Unless otherwise noted, polymorph spells cannot be used to change into specific individuals. Although many of the fine details can be controlled, your appearance is always that of a generic member of that creature's type. Polymorph spells cannot be used to assume the form of a creature with a template or an advanced version of a creature.

Ah, yeah, Realistic Likeness specifically overwrites the exact likeness clause. Glad you found it though, that's what I was looking for. I knew there was a clause somewhere.

And thanks for the Sleeves suggestion. Definitely gonna use that.

Also, would I be able to combine it with Disguise Self? For example, say I want to looking like a specific nobleman, but I don't have the nobleman's clothes, so I use Disguise Self to duplicate the clothes. Would that work?

Is Alter Self just as good as a Kitsune with the Realistic Likeness feat? I read somewhere that no spell can make you look exactly like a unique individual, but I can't find that text.

I'm trying to figure out if it's worthwhile for a caster kitsune to take the Realistic Likeness feat.

Interesting. I was under the impression that bomber alchemists were dpr- focused, but seems like they're more of a caster/utility/support role.

Thanks for the awesome suggestions guys. Longarm Bracers and Fluid Form will work as well. Now I have some great options to use. I think I'll go with Fluid Form because I like the Alchemist class for this character.

Choker (10ft) + Longarm Bracers (5ft) + Fluid Form (10ft) + Lunge (5ft) = one stretchy dude with 30ft reach on natural attacks. I can even settle for the 25ft reach and use a normal race. Gonna make for a fun villain!

Hmmm, choker with eldritch heritage, and the Lunge feat, that could work. Need a caster class that focuses on touch attacks, maybe bad-touch cleric. Sounds diabolical. I like it!

Changing the flavor text of spectral hand could work as well, hadn't thought of that.

Is there any type of spell, ability, or even monsters that have the ability to stretch around like Mr. Fantastic from Fantastic Four? Closest I could find is the Rag Doll mutagen from the Alchemist class. Not really stretchy enough, but it may have to do if there's nothing else. Would be great if he could at the very least get reach from the stretch abilities.

This doesn't have to be optimal or anything, I'm simply looking for the ability for roleplay reason, not to be optimized or super powerful. Anything will do, even if it's a monster of some kind.

Inquisitor fits the concept thematically and technically. That class (or archetypes of it) is exactly what you're looking for. Rangers are more outdoorsy/nature tracker type. Alchemist isn't a hunter of any kind (technically). Inquisitor's Bane and Judgments are all about being specialized hunters.

Extra Bane feat for level 5 I think, or maybe Weapon Focus.

Bane Baldric item (when you can, referably before level 8). Also Holy enchantment on your weapon later on.

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I'm assuming this is a 20 point build, but I'm just putting in the important stats: Dex and Wis. I'm keeping them them same for both classes, 16 Dex, 14 Wis, with the Human +2 going to Dex and making it 18.

Using double-barrel weapon, just because.

The Inquisitor is using the Preacher archetype with Black Powder Inquisition. Preacher helps alleviate jamming gun problems. Inquisition helps with the feat issue. I'm staying away from Gunslinger 1/Inquisitor X intentionally, just to keep it simple for my calculations.

The Gunslinger is using the Pistolero archetype for Up Close and Deadly extra damage.

Gunslinger 5:

Dex: 19 (+1 at level 4)
Wis: 14
Feats: (1) Rapid Reload, Point-Blank Shot (Human), (3) Precise Shot, Rapid Shot (Gunslinger), (5) Deadly Aim
Attacks: +9/+9 = +5 BAB +4 Dex +1 Enhancement +1 PBS -2 Rapid Shot
Damage: 1d8 +7 = 1d8 pistol +5 Dex +1 Enhancement +1 PBS
Note: Can have 4 shots if shooting both barrels at once, but the attacks become +5/+5/+5/+5; Using Deadly Aim is another -2 to attacks, which is why I left it out here, but definitely a possibility. Pistolero could add 1d6 damage for 1 grit point, but this will happen too rarely to warrant inclusion at this point.

Inquisitor 5:

Dex: 19 (+1 at level 4)
Wis: 14
Feats (Teamwork feats replaced by Preacher ability): Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Firearms) (free), Gunsmithing (free), (1) Amateur Gunslinger, Rapid Reload (Human), (3) Point-Blank Shot, (5) Precise Shot
Attacks: +8/+8 = +3 BAB +4 Dex +1 Enhancement +2 Bane +1 PBS -4 Double-Barrel
Damage: 1d8 +2d6 +4 = 1d8 pistol +1 Enhancement +2d6 Bane +2 Bane +1 PBS
Note: Bane is only available for 5 rounds at this point, which is relatively weak. In round 2 he can initiate Destruction Judgment for another +1 to damage, I suppose.

Level 5 Conclusion:
Easy win for the Gunslinger from what I see. Inquisitor does provide decent spells like CLW, Invisibility, See Invisibility, and Shield, so depending on the situation, they could be good, plus they have a great social skills, most likely higher initiative, among other useful abilities, but no denying Gunslinger's raw power here.

Gunslinger 8:

Dex: 22 (+1 at level 4,8; +2 belt)
Wis: 16 (+2 headband)
Feats: (1) Rapid Reload, Point-Blank Shot (Human), (3) Precise Shot, Rapid Shot (Gunslinger), (5) Deadly Aim, (7) Weapon Focus (Double-Barrel Pistol), ??? (Gunslinger)
Attacks: +8/+8/+8/+8/+3/+3 = +8 BAB +6 Dex +2 Enhancement +1 PBS -2 Rapid Shot -4 Double-Barrel -3 Deadly Aim
Damage: 1d8 +15 = 1d8 pistol +6 Dex +2 Enhancement +1 PBS +6 Deadly Aim
Note: I have no clue what feat to take for 8th level. Still not including Up Close and Deadly because when you're getting 6 attacks per round, getting extra damage for 3 or so attacks in a day isn't worth mentioning yet. He could take Extra Grit, but the damage difference is still too meh to count.

Inquisitor 8:

Dex: 22 (+1 at level 4,8; +2 belt)
Wis: 16 (+2 headband)
Feats (Teamwork feats replaced by Preacher ability): Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Firearms) (free), Gunsmithing (free), (1) Amateur Gunslinger, Rapid Reload (Human), (3) Point-Blank Shot, (5) Precise Shot, (7) Rapid Shot
Attacks: +11/+11/+11/+11/+6/+6 = +6 BAB +6 Dex +2 Enhancement +2 Bane +1 PBS -2 Rapid Shot -4 Double-Barrel
Damage: 1d8 +2d6 +5 = 1d8 pistol +2 Enhancement +2d6 Bane +2 Bane +1 PBS
Damage (round 2+): 1d8 +2d6 +8 = 1d8 pistol +2 Enhancement +2d6 Bane +2 Bane +1 PBS +3 Destruction
Note: Less damage in round 1, but keeps up from round 2 on. Spells at this point can include GMW, and Magic Vestment, among others. He can also do both Destruction and Justice Judgments for damage and attack bonuses.

Level 8 Conclusion:
If this was level 7, it'd easily go to Gunslinger again due to the extra attack, but since Inquisitor gets it 1 level later, I thought it was more interesting comparing level 8.

This one is slightly harder to call, because after the first round, the damage is pretty equal. It's not quite equal, as I didn't count Up Close and Deadly, and Bane is still only lasting 8 rounds at this point, but the Inquisitor's versatility has improved a decent amount. Gunslinger can also do Targeting deed at this point, which wins in coolness points.

Also keep in mind that the Gunslinger has less attack bonuses to be able to keep up in damage, whereas Inquisitor can have pretty high attack bonuses due to being able to use two Judgments simultaneously. The Gunslinger can opt to not use Deadly Aim, but that'll lower his damage output quite a bit compared to the Inquisitor.

I'm not enough of a math cruncher to be able to know who wins pure damage, given the penalties that the Gunslinger has to take to keep up, and the variable of Up Close and Deadly.

Due to all that, I'm gonna say it's a draw here, though I really feel that the Inquisitor is a smidge ahead.

Gunslinger 12:

Dex: 27 (+1 at level 4,8,12; +4 belt)
Wis: 18 (+4 headband)
Feats: (1) Rapid Reload, Point-Blank Shot (Human), (3) Precise Shot, Rapid Shot (Gunslinger), (5) Deadly Aim, (7) Weapon Focus (Double-Barrel Pistol), ??? (Gunslinger), (9) ???, (11) Signature Deed (Up Close and Deadly), ??? (Gunslinger)
Attacks: +14/+14/+14/+14/+9/+9/+4/+4 = +12 BAB +8 Dex +3 Enhancement +1 PBS -2 Rapid Shot -4 Double-Barrel -4 Deadly Aim
Damage: 1d8 +3d6 +20 = 1d8 pistol +8 Dex +3 Enhancement +1 PBS +8 Deadly Aim +3d6 Up Close and Deadly
Note: I have no clue what feat to take for most of those feats from level 8+, probably Clustered Shot for one of them, not sure about the rest, but holy hell look at that 8 attacks for 1d8+3d6+20!!! Also, he's now 1 level away from never having to worry about a Misfire. That's a very big deal.

Inquisitor 12:

Dex: 27 (+1 at level 4,8,12; +4 belt)
Wis: 18 (+4 headband)
Feats (Teamwork feats replaced by Preacher ability): Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Firearms) (free), Gunsmithing (free), (1) Amateur Gunslinger, Rapid Reload (Human), (3) Point-Blank Shot, (5) Precise Shot, (7) Rapid Shot, (9) Deadly Aim, (11) Extended Bane
Attacks: +13/+13/+13/+13/+8/+8 = +9 BAB +8 Dex +3 Enhancement +2 Bane +1 PBS -2 Rapid Shot -4 Double-Barrel -3 Deadly Aim
Damage: 1d8 +4d6 +12 = 1d8 pistol +3 Enhancement +4d6 Bane +2 Bane +1 PBS +6 Deadly Aim
Damage (round 2+): 1d8 +4d6 +17 = 1d8 pistol +3 Enhancement +4d6 Bane +2 Bane +1 PBS +6 Deadly Aim +5 Destruction
Note: Once again, less damage in round 1, but keeps up from round 2 on, but unfortunately the 2 extra attacks that the Gunslinger has should put him way further ahead. Spells at this point can include Divine Power, Greater Invisibility, and Stoneskin.

Level 12 Conclusion:

Gonna admit, I'm really surprised at just how insane Gunslinger's damage is. At the mid levels, the penalties to attacks just to keep up in damage is bothersome, but boy does it kick up a notch at level 11 with Signature Deed.

Inquisitor is no slouch either, but less attacks, and daily limit on Bane just can't keep up with Gunslinger's craziness.

Misfire will play a big role from level 13 on, as the Gunslinger will no longer have to worry about it. One can argue that the Inquisitor can get a Greater Reliable weapon, but that means the Gunslinger is free to enchant his weapon with, say, Holy for an additional 2d6 damage, while the Inquisitor has to settle for GMW + Greater Reliable enchants. I didn't really take Misfires into accout because as others have pointed out, going Gunslinger /Inquisitor X is a viable option.

Another element that I didn't take into account is that both classes can buy a Baldric Bane.

So... okay, yeah, Gunslinger has sold me in terms of pure damage. But personally, with that much damage per round, I'd rather take Inquisitor's defensive and utility capabilities, what with Stoneskin, Stalwart, Greater Invisibility, CLW, social skills bonuses, higher initiative, and Heal late game. Still, this was eye-opening to me.

EDIT: I kept reading elsewhere that the Gunslinger doesn't have to worry about Misfire at level 13, but on second look, I'm not sure how they're actually doing that. Would be nice to know.

Blueluck wrote:
Why would the inquisitor use a gun instead of a bow? A gun would fire very slowly, in comparison.

Not looking for a gun vs bow comparison, though I can certainly defend gun usage over bows, just don't want to derail this thread.

cnetarian wrote:
Taking level 12 as an example the gunslinger has BAB 12/7/2 versus the inquisitors 9/4, even if the per-attack damage is less the gunslinger is making 3 attacks for every 2 the inquisitor makes.

This is a very good point. I suppose a Gunslinger will usually have more attacks than an Inquisitor, but how much more damage will he actually do when you take Bane + Judgment into account? I haven't done the math, but I do think that the Gunslinger will come out on top, I just can't imagine it being that much higher. At level 10 the Inquisitor can also use Divine Power to get an extra attack along with the +3 attack bonus.

I suppose I may as well work out the math and see how things fall out. Curiously, is there any way for the Inquisitor to get rid of misfires besides using a Reliable weapon enchantment?

Just curious what people's thoughts are when comparing a Gunslinger with a gun-totin' Inquisitor?

At level 5, when the Gunslinger gets Dex to damage, an Inquisitor will get Bane for 5 rounds/day, and will have Judgments for 2/day already.

At level 11 the Gunslinger can get a Signature Deed, which could help out with damage if going Pistolero or the Bleed deed, but the Inquisitor gets Greater Bane at 12, and by this point should be able to use Bane for a good 20 rounds or so if using Extra/Extended Bane feats. Seems like they can outduel a Gunslinger. Maybe I'm missing something tho...?

Imbicatus wrote:
And gods help you if you get hit with Bane and Channel Smite at once.

Wouldn't channel Smite only add 1d6 dmg?

Versatile Weapon's gonna have to do it, I guess. Would be nice if it was an Inquisitor spell, but I'll just max out UMD and it should do...

Or yeah, Clustered Shot I guess...

Just wondering if there are spells or enchantments that gives Slashing damage to ammunition? Trying to find ways that can get through that specific DR.

Still a bit unclear. Deadeye costs 1 grit per range increment beyond the first. So, with the Distance enchantment making the range 40ft., does that mean "the first range increment beyond the first" is 60ft or 80ft?

If a Gunslinger has a pistol (20ft range) with the Distance enchantment (doubles the weapon's range), and he uses the Deadeye deed, does he spend only 1 point if the target is within 80ft, or does it have to be within 60ft?

How much would you guys price the Efficient Bandolier if it worked as a free action instead of a swift action? This will be available for all non-double-barrel firearms, if that matters. Any ideas?

Reach evangelist cleric for buffs and control. Dwarf paladin for the high saves/AC/damage. Black powder inquisitor with double-barrel pistols for ultra high range damage. Lion Shaman druid for standard-action summons, battlefield control, and animal companion pouncer.

What book is the numerian power armor from?

Painful Bugger wrote:
Like trollbill says it's +7/+7/+7/+7/+2/+2. It basically doubles all attacks at a -4 penalty. Don't try to two-weapon fight with them or your DM will give you a swift kick in the rear.

Lol, nah, no twf for me. I can't imagine the reload action with twf in my head. Seems too silly for me.

I'll take the misfire chance.

Still need to know:
if I was using Haste, would I end up with +7/+7/+7/+2/+2, or would it be +7/+7/+7/+7/+2/+2?

Given the hefty -4 penalty, along with having to burn a feat and use a special type of cartridge that I'd end up crafting on my own, I'm fairly certain my DM would allow it. People with crossbows can take Rapid Reload to make a move action become a free action, and they can do it all day long without a DM batting an eye.

In any case, thanks for the answer. For some reason I thought that a double-barrel would use one attack, so that if that one hits, then they both hit, but if it misses, they both miss, but good to know that's not the case.

So if I was using Haste, would I end up with +7/+7/+7/+2/+2, or would it be +7/+7/+7/+7/+2/+2?

EDIT: Added the +1 from Haste bonus.

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