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Do you use your total level or just the barbarian levels to determine your effective druid level for your companion?

What is the highest stealth you can get by level 5?

wow i really like your builds halfing barbarian

well my group is mostly evil. were playing kingmaker btw

well i like being a frontliner and me and him compete alot

hmm ill see what he says about that thank you

Im actually planning on taking the Dragon Disciple prestige class but the pathfinder version. my gm is only allowing pathfinder content

My gm said that if we can find a in game legal way to get it we can have it. i had a chance to get lycanthropy but i passed on it because im not interested in it. im playing a character that is obsessed with dragons and wants to be one.

I want to get this template but my dm is very knit picky about everything so how would you guys go about getting this template? any ideas or a full walkthrough would be appreciated

Two-handed fighter archtype for double damage on full attack. power attack and 26 strenth at level 10 using a earthbreaker (2d6)

two attacks at 4d6 + 30

i made a fighter that's max damage at level 10 is 108
have any magic gear, weapons or buffs though. and i
was really trying how do you get 142? have any magic gear, weapons or buffs though.