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swore all i said was in players guide... sorry guys

I was just teasing you Goraxes, not being serious. Don't be sorry.

He was teasing you and you did it right. Any time you are concerned about revealing information that players may not know you put it as a spoiler:) Keep up the good work!

*Wakes up, Runs to the computer. Checks Paizo for RC Update. Saddened. Goes to play bad video games*

I try and keep myself busy with other campaigns. Last night we started a new homebrew campaign and it was a pretty good start to it. I am playing a dwarf gunslinger. It is the one game I actually get to play in rather than dm. Today we had a decent session of Slumbering Tsar. They crossed over into the Chaos Rift and made their decent and are fighting Margoyles.

It wont this weekend Goraxes. I am Hoping for later in the week, but can't promise.

My backstory for the characters is going to be a bit different. The characters were in S&S for levels 1-4 and are in Scorned currently. They will end up in Port Shaw having been granted title to some land there by Lord Greaves (Lou Agresta's suggestion) which will end up being pretty much worthless and only get them into trouble! The only question will be with who.

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What are their personalities like? Are your PCs heroic? self-serving? do they have an achilles heel - like they can't resist helping a child in distress?

Now I could not possibly answer that without a spoiler!

[Yeah, knowing most of my party most of them are going to fall for this easily as the players tend to be good aligned. We shall see how the particular issue plays out]

Any Update? :D im excited. Even got 3 of my players to buy hero lab this week lol.

BlondeFrog posted yesterday on the update that the files were almost done. Got my Bethany mini today! Cool!

I still do not have a definitive date on this yet guys. Sorry. I think that you guys deserve a little more information, so I will give some more out. Still have to be vague because I don't have permission to give all the details out, and don't want the Frog Gods to get mad at me.

The reason this one is encountering so many delays, is that we are trying to set-up a new way of distributing a portion of the files. This entails getting a separate company involved. That company has a few requirements that we are having to meet, so we have been trying to get those met.

Once we get this set-up, we will not have to worry about these delays again and future product releases will run MUCH smoother. I can understand that it is frustrating, and that you are all excited for the product, but I am certain that you will be happy with the way that it will be released. (It will make things easier for your groups to!)

A little confused why this is being done this late in the process but ok.

From what Umarian is saying, I am expecting a substantial delay will soon be announced. But realities are realities, I guess. I do prefer it to be released late and done right, than to have it released prematurely.

I agree with that Rot Grub, better done right.

It has not been started late. We have been working on this part for several months. It is not something new.

Ok, well I have delayed the start of my campaign once again until August 2nd. Hopefully the books should be here shortly after that. Whenever the Herolab files make it they will be beneficial. If Santa Claus makes it here first with the ToH minis, whatever. Eventually we will all be playing it and having fun so this will all be behind us.

Any Updates? :D

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I think we have it down to this week. Should be no later than next week, but I think this is the week. (Don't quote me because I don't have the final say.)


There is something coming into the caverns where Skeeter keeps the Deep Cave Frogs chained to their computers...I think...maybe...could it be...a light?...at the end of the tunnel?....It burns soo bad....

Uh oh...Skeeter saw me looking away from my monitor....got to run...don't tell anyone I was talking to you!

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Umarian ran off with the SPF 10000 sunblock darn it!

Hey! Frogs burn easily in the sun!

AHHHHH!!!!!! It's getting closer....It's almost on top of me!....It's going to eat me!!!!

Gee...Anyone checked their e-mail yet?

Sure did! :)

Got it! Woot!! Woot!!! There be pirates here!!!! Thanks, praised be the great Pele and the Frog God!!!

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Razor Coast Hero Lab files
The Razor Coast Hero Lab files are available now and Umarian found out that bright light was not the sun. It took the Deep Cave Frogs a while to figure out it was a halogen flashlight. Tricky Frog Overlords!

To purchase the files simply click here and select the ones you would like: http://www.talesofthefroggod.com/herolab.html

Also available FGG Pathfinder Content – This is a free download through the Powered By Herolab mechanism inside of Herolab. This includes information that can be used by the players in your group like feats, spells, classes, etc. This file has been created in such a way so that your players will only need the license for the Herolab Pathfinder data-set, and not the additional add-ons. To use this, you will need to follow the steps found here. Once loaded, your players can go to the Configure Hero screen (Cntrl-K), scroll down to the Frog God Games/Necromancer Games area, and select FGG Pathfinder Content box, and the box for the module you are playing in. Using the Powered by HeroLab feature will allow us to make updates to everyone as needed. When an update is available, it will display on the start-up screen for HeroLab when it checks for updates.

As for the D20Pro files, please allow some time for these to be completed as we could not more forward until now with them. I am coding them this month but with Convention Travel for Gen Con this will add an additional delay.

A note about the Hero Lab work:
While the Deep Cave Frogs have worked very hard to correct any errors we could find, it is possible (and expected) that some did make it through to the final version. We do have a site set-up where you can report any errors or discrepancies that you may find. You can find the bug reporting system at http://fggsupport.shadowsoftware.net/. Please provide as much detail as possible in the error report to help us be able to re-create it and fix it. If you receive an error message pop-up in HeroLab, you can right click the error message, copy it and paste it into your ticket. This will go a long ways in helping us also.
Additional information regarding error reporting can be located at http://forums.wolflair.com/showthread.php?p=131888#post131888

Whew! Man that was a journey! I got a minute while the Frog Gods are busy with the release.

Just a few notes, all of this is included in your e-mails and downloads (in several places), but thought I would re-touch on a couple of points.

1. Make sure that you load both the "FGG Pathfinder Content", and the RC files, before re-starting HeroLab. (IF you load RC without "FGG Pathfinder Content" HL will start in safe-mode)

2. If you are a DM, have your players set-up the "FGG Pathfinder Content" also. This holds the player pieces, but is needed to run the DM version also.

3. The Frog Gods listened to the responses they got from their Rappan Athuk Kickstarter about players being required to get all the add-on's. Thus, the "FGG Pathfinder Content" file was born. This does not require anything except for the basic HeroLab license for the Pathfinder product.

4. RC, being the DM version, does require more add-on packages. They are listed on the webpage BlondeFrog posted above, and on the instructions in your download. I recommend reading both places.

5. As noted, there is an error reporting system. We tried VERY hard to catch everything, but it has been a long arduous journey, and I am sure that things slipped through the cracks. If you see something that does not match the book, or if you encounter an error, please report it. I will respond to you fairly quickly, and will work to have updated releases with any corrections. (If no one reports anything wrong, no need for updates right? hehe)

Yikes! The Frog Gods saw me....Got to run! Have fun folks! Let us know how you like the files. (Point 3 above shows that people listen!)

Deep Cave Frog

Thanks, got them working! Just to make it clear to everyone, you have to:

1. Add the update URL
2. Restart Hero Lab
3. Go into updates and explicitly download "FGG Pathfinder Content"
4. Stop Hero Lab
5. Click on the FGG_Razor_Coast_1.0 file to start hero lab again and import. If you didn't do steps 1-4 first you'll get the error "syntax error in eval script for Thing in tmFGFelLyc (Eval Script '#1') - Group FelLycan Not Defined"
6. Then you're good to go.

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Been working with the HL file. Finding a few errata type glitches, like minor issues with firearms, but so far it works pretty well. I have quite a few of them printed out for the game tomorrow night. I am so firkin' excited, I can see straight!!! Now if my hat would get here I could look the part!

Sounds good Brvheart. I am so glad we were able to get it out. I figure that people would be using the files this weekend and would hopefully be reporting things to me to fix. Let me know what you find.

Hey folks. If you followed the instructions for setting up the secondary download for the FGG Pathfinder Content that are found here then you see that version 1.1 was released today and ready for download.

Please see this post for release notes.

(Keep in mind that while the Razor Coast files require the FGG Pathfinder Content files, they are a data-set unto themselves. As such, I will be maintaining the version notes on the thread above for it.)

Deep Cave Frog

Loving the stuff i have seen. Dumb Question though. How do we build ships with the FASB files?

Goraxes wrote:
Loving the stuff i have seen. Dumb Question though. How do we build ships with the FASB files?

Don't think that HL could support this atm. Had some discussion about this with another coder, and we had some thoughts, but I would not be expecting it. Sorry.

oh ok np. I thought thats what the FASB Files i bought were :( Just feats and NPCs i guess then. Bummer. Oh well. Thanks

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I want to buy these but can't find them anywhere, just dead links.

Anyone point me in the right direction?

Scarab Sages

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GeraintElberion wrote:

I want to buy these but can't find them anywhere, just dead links.

Anyone point me in the right direction?

You're probably going to need to use the contact form on their site to see what happened. The old link brings you to a page that looks like it has unrelated material on it (http://froggodgames.com/hero-lab), as there used to be a HeroLab tab on their site which isn't there currently. No HL files on DriveThruRPG or Tabletop Library, and Lone Wolf only sells the Tome of Horrors data packages on their site.

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Sorry for the delay guys. We are not currently selling the HL files, for anything, as we don't have the ability to support them, and their inherent technical issues. When we have someone, or some team together, we will be re-releasing the files.

But we're not going to sell a product we can't reasonably support. thats not cool to you all.


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Shame. they all bugged out with the latest release. really annoying.

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There may be other companies that would sell the HL files just to get the money whether it was supported or not, but not FGG. I respect their decision to remove the files until they can support it.

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