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Just wanted to follow up on this. I still have not heard back from anyone.

My card was charged the incorrect amount. I sent an e-mail regarding it.

I received an e-mail that my payment method was declined, but I am showing the charge in my bank. I responded to the e-mail, but still have not heard anything back about it.

I have replied to the e-mail with additional information.

I have e-mailed about this a couple of times before seeing the backlog of e-mails. I had e-mailed to change payment on my order, and there has been a hold on my original card for two weeks. How far behind are you on shipping orders?

Kajehase wrote:
Click the link saying "Pathfinder" at the top of the page. From there, you can access what to all intents and purposes are lists for each product line (split between products made for 3.5 and the Pathfinder rulesets).

That is what I normally do, but I am asking if anyone knows of, or has created, a list of all the PF material in either a spreadsheet, database, or table format. I have been spending hours trying to go through page after page on the website and it is tedious. So hoping that someone has already simplified it before I spend days trying to do it myself.

Kthulhu wrote:
This website.

This is a website, not a list. A list is a number of connected items or names written or printed consecutively, typically one below the other. That is why I was asking for a list, not a website.

Is there a list of all the books (Modules, Campaign Setting, AP, etc) that Paizo has published? The catalog has a lot in the back, but not all of them.

Really wish I could read it. Got my initial subscription e-mail on the 15th, but still have not gotten the shipping e-mail so still do not have the PDF. Can subscribers at least get the PDF since it has been released for a couple days now?

Looks like when we re-directed the websites, we pointed to version 1.1 instead of 1.11. This has been corrected now.

Deep Cave Frog


Ok. Let me figure out what is going on. Sorry.

Good afternoon folks,

We were able to get things corrected with the FGG Pathfinder Content files so that they can be downloaded. With the change in websites, the links that were in place got broken, and had to be re-set.

In order to make use of these corrections, you will need to change the link in your own HeroLab update section. The full instructions for how to set-up the new link can be located here..

Please make sure that you replace the

old link:
with the
new link:

Deep Cave Frog

Since it has not been mentioned, I will throw in the disclaimer for Skeeter.

To make full use of the HeroLab files, there may be additional packages required. These could include things like Bestiary (1, 2, 3), Tome of Horrors Complete, and/or Tome of Horrors IV. We will not know until after everything is completed which ones will actually be needed. When I say "Make full use of", this means that maybe only an NPC file uses something from that file.

What I started doing with the Razor Coast files was listing which ones are required to load the file in your HeroLab without starting errors, and then also list the additional ones that are used in the portfolios.

We still have to fund the Kickstarter for the files to be made, but just wanted to add this while I was on the site.

Deep Cave Frog

Providing the HL files is not the easiest thing to do. There is a lot involved that most people do not see.

There is a lot (Especially with FGG) where they add 1 line of text because it sounds cool, but that one sentence causes us hours, weeks or months of work to get it working. (Razor Coast files, the class Yohunga for instance. It looks like it would work like a summoner, but there are enough fundamental differences that work had to be done, outside the editor, to change the very mechanics of how HeroLab itself works. This is NOT something that is easy to do, and took about a month of work to accomplish.) In some cases, it cannot be done. (Like the Justicar stacking critical improvements.) While it is simple to write that one line, getting it to work in HL is a completely different story.

In order to PROPERLY code the HL files, you need to have a person that knows how to do the coding, knows the PF ruleset, and has the attention to detail to be able to bring multiple things together. Without this combination, you end up with files that

a. do not work,
b. cause problems with HeroLab
c. do not follow the rules mechanics (This is separate from the written work following the rules.)

I know that I have bought files from companies, and when I actually tried to use them, they don't do anything. The text is there, but the abilities cannot be turned on or off, things do not work together properly, abilities that add bonuses are not coded to add them, the coder misinterpreted the rules and coded it incorrectly (Stacking like bonuses for instance when they should not be.), or many other problems.

So don't hold it against a company if they cannot provide those files. They are not that easy to do, and take extra time.

Dr. Johnny Fever wrote:

Meh sadly my gaming group and I may have to pass on this one. As much as I love FGG's stuff, we've got some serious concerns about the Hero Lab files not being available unless the KS hits 140k. We aren't going to use the book unless we've got the HL files, so it's hard to justify a 110$ (or higher) investment that could end up unused on a bookshelf.

Hate to be that group, but we're gonna have to wait to invest until the KS hits 140k. It would have been nice to have the creation of the HL files included as part of the base release along with the book itself and to have d20Pro maps included as a 140k stretch goal instead.

Or to just know that the Hero Lab files will have to get created regardless of funding level, and then charge appropriately for them on the FGG site.

Anyway, here's hoping for mega levels of funding!

You do realize that you can contribute to the Kickstarter to help it reach that funding, and if it does not reach it, you can cancel your pledge before it ends? Before it ends would be the important part to remember. But that way, you can help them reach that goal, have your contribution in already, and help to encourage other people as well.

One thing that I am a little confused about with the HL files...Is it a part of the KS, or will be they add-ons separate?

brvheart wrote:
Mythic, hero points. We playing D&D or Candyland here?

Hey! Don't be talking bad about Candyland now.....I make a lot of money playing that game after a night of libations....

Louis Agresta wrote:
@Aarontendo - if you do decide to pick up the Freebooter's Guide the current errata for the Yohunga base class can be found here and in this thread, here. Look for the Tim Hitchcock posts.

Soooooo.....Is there a single location for all the erratas? I started back to university this fall, so time is very limited. Could be nice to have a single location that has the errata changes (And the book they belong to) so that I know what needs to be updated in the HeroLab files.

If not created already, I would be really happy if someone with some spare time and a helpful persona could help out with it. :)

So what are the thoughts on incorporating Mythic into ST to help survivability of the group? (Still haven't figured out if I like Mythic or not)

Maybe a compilation of all of the FGG Deities in one location....


2. *Whistles quietly in the corner while hiding his notes...* "My pressssioussssss....must not let them see my pressssioussss......"

3. What about the "Splinters of Faith" books? I haven't really read or looked at them deeply, but they have pretty colors so I am intrigued. :) (I really have not looked at them, and thought it would be a good way to slip it in for some feedback on it. lol)

5. They have already listed several books they are adding the next year or two that are going to do just that.

kevin_video wrote:
There's less of a chance that he's going to see this here, than he would at the KS.

He seems to be active on the boards here and on KS actually. He just will not throw the ones that send him money a crumb.


At least you are not waiting for the Creature Cards. The KS for them ended last November, was scheduled to be fulfilled in March, and still is not done, and receives even less communication than the ToN one does.

Granted he received the cards at his place weeks ago, but he is still expecting it to take several more weeks to get out the cards to all the backers. (Keep in mind there were only 550 backers)

As many have said before, delays are to be expected and are sometimes uncontrollable, but lack of communication is an intentional act that is consciously chosen by Gary, and has hurt him and his company more than any delay could have.

Power Word Unzip wrote:
So far I have killed three PCs in this game. Two of them have died since we got into Port Shaw, so Wormwood Mutiny is only responsible for ONE of those deaths. This is also only Session 2 of RC proper. Well done, Frogs. Well done indeed.

I find it funny how much joy the GMs are getting out of killing their players with this stuff. You guys are sick and twisted! :)

So yeah! If anyone is reading this, you DO need to keep your e-mails when you purchase the HL files from the FGG website (Or the ones if you got it through Kickstarter) as that would be what you will need to get any updated files.

Legendary Games???? I didn't hear about that.

I have not included the RA stuff into the Pathfinder Content file yet. Since it has its own file, that was released before this, it will require a lot to get it in.

I COULD separate the stuff and release an update to both, but you would have to have your original download e-mail to get the new file version of RA, and if you don't have it, Blonde Frog might beat me up because of all the e-mails she would get asking for that information.

The other part of that is that a very large number of the pieces of RA are not coded. So I would have to go through all of it and figure out what needs to be fixed, which can take longer than creating it from scratch.

Many of the pieces have already been included since they appeared in other products, but still a lot that is not. I have been slowly but surely trying to include more pieces in.

It is still on my radar, but with new stuff continuing to come out, there is a lot of new work to be done. Also, just started back to college this week, after several years break, so a lot on the plate right now. I will try to get the deities included in the next release at least.

Readerbreeder wrote:

Sweet Mother of Mercy, I want this.

I hope the buy-in for a hard copy is less than $100; I have a hard time convincing my Other Half that springing more than the average $40 or so for Paizo rulebooks is a good idea.

I completely agree with this!

brvheart wrote:
Thanks for the reminder. I saw them when I unzipped the file and forgot about them, sorry!

/sniff sniff...This tells me that you did not read the instructions that I wrote for everyone to make sure you didn't miss anything. (Actually other Deep Cave Frogs wanted me to add additional text to cover this file in multiple places.) So I guess I am just going to crawl into a corner of my cave and cry for a while that my words aren't read.

/Slinks off to the corner

brvheart wrote:
Am I missing something or are there only the monsters in the Stoneheart Valley files and not the NPCs? I was looking to print out the pregens and could not locate them except in the pdf.

They are included in the Portfolio files. They are in the folder for Wizard's Amulet, in the folder for Pre-Generated Characters.

Don't forget that you can get the HeroLab files for Stoneheart Valley at the Frog God Games website.

The Tome of Horrors IV files were also released two weeks ago to purchase through the HeroLab software.

brvheart wrote:
2 dead and counting!

Your excitement at slaughtering your players kinda disturbs me.....How do I join your games?

I have this image of you throwing your head back, breaking into an evil maniacal laugh, while stroking a white Persian cat every time you kill a player. Sounds like so much fun.

ROFL! I love the pricing you folks listed. Very fitting!

Any idea when these will be available?


I sent you a PM.

Rynjin wrote:
The vast majority of dice will be just as random as a dice roller.

While I can agree with the first part of your post, this part is not accurate. It would depend upon the person that did the coding for the die roller. AS I said, the mathematical formula for the perception of randomness is extremely complex. If you just have a programmer making a die roller, without the knowledge, then there is a major flaw. That would translate like trying to make a d20 that comes out with 4 sides for a physical die. The error would be that significant.

existence123 wrote:

Should I let him use a phone app to generate random numbers? I'm afraid if he does it, everyone will want to do it, and while I'm only speculating, might a die roll being a little number on a phone only you can see make fudging easier? Do I have any right to even raise this issue when I myself roll dice behind a

GM screen?

Speaking from a programming stand point, it is impossible for a machine to do anything random. Even your music player set to random is not random. Machines work in defined parameters. They do what they are told, and not random stuff. Rolling a dice is random. They made so that there is the same chance to roll a 1 as there is to roll a two.

I do not allow dice rollers at my table. The mathematical formula to give the perception of randomness is more complex than the typical programmer can calculate to write the code for.

As far as you rolling behind the screen, you are the GM. Sometimes you want to adjust things and you can't always do it with rolls in the front. Maybe you rolled that critical that would have killed someone, and you want to give the impression that the character just barely survived.

That works great for casters or archers that usually do not move much in a fight, but not for those that are in the thick of the battle and constantly moving. Not everyone has a telepathic link up at all times.

As far as the second point, isn't that what the final battle of almost every campaign is about? In your example of 20/MT10 alchemist, isn't that pretty much when you be reaching the end of the campaign and going up against the final battle? It would not be random either. Just because you are invisible, doesn't mean that the enemy doesn't know where you are at. Verbal components...point of origin for spells or arrows...being hit upside the head....all of these can give away your general direction. Then the creature you are fighting can do that incapacitating effect in that area.

It really is not that great.

If you cannot be seen, that means that your party cannot see you either. Means they don't know where you are. So your melee tries to charge....your in the way....the cant charge. Your wizard wants to cast an AE.....they don't know where you are and they catch you in their radius....Healer can't find you to heal you.... The other players using the place of your mini on the table to plot their actions is meta-gaming, since they would not know where you are at.

Fighting a major battle to save the world from total annihilation in 2 are the only melee or healer....get caught in an attack that kills you (or incapacitates you taking you out of the combat)....your party can't win the fight without you....the rest of the party dies because you are not doing your ends in 2 hours so there is no world for you to come back to in 24 hours.

So it really is not the all-powerful ability that it seems to be.

Mir wrote:
I usually don't watch much TV but was at my in-laws reading a bit of Razor Coast and happened to flip through the channels and immediately ran into Tom and Jerry meeting Pele the Goddess of Flame. we know how to destroy Pele!

Someone started a thread here to try to get this listed. Not sure if they got all of it or not, but there are many listed.

Also, the Community Bestiary has a lot of the products that are not done by the companies themselves. I don't think that ShadowChemosh has gotten everything on that page listed, but there is a LOT.

Don't be afraid of using the Community Bestiary. Some people refuse to use it because it is not "Official" but it is coded by the exact same people that do a lot of the "Official" 3PP material. Also, ShadowChemosh, myself and a couple others have had things rolled into the "Official" HL datasets that you buy from LoneWolf. So we know what needs to be done to do things right. (In a lot of cases, what you get in the Community Bestiary is coded a lot better than some of the 3PP "Official" releases, because those people are still learning to do the advanced stuff, and usually it is ShadowChemosh that helps them out when LW is busy.) So just because it is free, doesn't mean it is not quality.

Thanks for the kind words everyone. A lot of time, work, and chunks of hair went into getting all of this stuff done and out. Glad you all like it.

Well, I cannot speak for the Frog Gods, but I do remember them saying, multiple times on the board, that they are going to update ALL of their products. (Very few are not included in that due to copyright) Not sure which thread it was in, but could probably search it and continue the conversation there.

FGG Pathfinder Content version notes for v1.11

Bug Fixes:
-Corrected bug that occurred when you updated to PF release V7.18.

Deep Cave Frog

Shadowborn wrote:
I can assure you though that it will be a damn cool monster and your players will crap kittens if they have to face it.

I don't want my players to crap kittens. I would die laughing.

Sauce987654321 wrote:
What kind of abilities does the CR 25 Mythic Dragon have?

He can bake you cookies before he eats you!

Basically the range on his abilities is increased greatly, and he has some nasty feats and spells to use. X-Ray Vision, some nasty blood, and few other things. He doesn't have to attack you to do damage to you.

KainPen wrote:
or they can just come in at the diagonal and avoid any attack from you. it not that big of an advantage via raw. it is only advantage is 3.5 exception is used.

Stepping in from the diagonal does still provide an AoO. This has been discussed and clarified a number of times on the board. The only thing that the 3.5 exception offers is allowing you to make normal attacks into the square of the 2nd diagonal. Going from the 2nd diagonal to the first still runs by the same rules as every other movement in that it can provoke AoO.

Goraxes wrote:
Loving the stuff i have seen. Dumb Question though. How do we build ships with the FASB files?

Don't think that HL could support this atm. Had some discussion about this with another coder, and we had some thoughts, but I would not be expecting it. Sorry.

Linked for you.

Here is the link to the HeroLab forums to ask these kinds of questions. You will get a lot of help there, including coding examples, but not much on this board.

Here is the link to the HeroLab forums to ask these kinds of questions. You will get a lot of help there, including coding examples, but not much on this board.

brvheart wrote:
I got the download today and noticed the Stoneheart Valley content showing. Will have to take a look. I am getting questions on Deadman's Chest even in S&S threads so I am glad to have it. They will probably face a breath taker on Thursday.

You will still need to get the GM from FGG to run it. Not a lot is missing without that part.

Hey folks. If you followed the instructions for setting up the secondary download for the FGG Pathfinder Content that are found here then you see that version 1.1 was released today and ready for download.

Please see this post for release notes.

(Keep in mind that while the Razor Coast files require the FGG Pathfinder Content files, they are a data-set unto themselves. As such, I will be maintaining the version notes on the thread above for it.)

Deep Cave Frog

FGG Pathfinder Content version notes for V1.1

New Releases:
- Content from Stoneheart Valley
- Content from Deadmans Chest
To purchase the GM files for these products, please visit the Frog God Games website (GM files available soon)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed the validation in the Tattoos to ONLY read the equipment tags from the pick itself not from the hero.
- Corrected spelling of Scrimshaw Cameo
- Maquahuilt was not listed as a simple weapon for proficiency.

Deep Cave Frog

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