Brewer's GM Guide to Campaign Design


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I started a new guide: a GM Guide to Campaign Design.

Here's the link:

Let me know if anyone has any suggestions or improvements.


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I enjoyed this. It was a very good read. Thanks for the interesting take on GMing. I felt it was understandable and made sense from both the perspective of player and GM.


le dot!

Drat. I've come home to find I can't view it from home, all I see is a blank document. And what I skimmed during class looked fantastic too. WELP. Guess I'm waiting until monday.



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Great stuff, I didn't want it to end!

I think all DM's should read that through every few weeks or so as a reminder of what they should be doing..

Dot. Can't see it from my phone. I'll have to wait.

Nice. Looking forward to a good read. ( Aka dotted)


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Well put.

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Great read.

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Hmmm. Can't read from my phone. Oh well, I'll read when I get home.

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I had to download it to read it, i couldn't see it on google docs.

Very well done. A lot of the advice seems obvious when you read it, yet, is still extremely easy to forget. Thanks for posting!

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Good stuff in there. Well done!

Well written and well said. I already try to follow the "say it simply" advice but I don't think I've ever consciously thought about Tenor before. That's actually a good title for this: "Conscious GMing"

Finally had a chance to give this a read. Thank you! I'll definately give my notes a run over again with this guide on hand. :)

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