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Hi everyone,

Today is my last day as Venture Captain for Pathfinder Society of Indiana. This decision was very hard to make, but I think it's time for someone with more time and energy and fresh ideas to take over. I love PFS, and I've had a wonderful year and a half as VC. I plan to stick around, GM, and play some. Hopefully I'll see you at the table sometime in the near future!

My replacement has not been announced, yet.

Thanks again! I really have loved meeting and gaming with everyone. I've made some wonderful friends through PFS. I hope to continue to do so.

Silver Crusade

Also, thank you Mike Brock. For the opportunity. And for tolerating my many emails.


Wwhaa...wait, what?!?

I am sorry to see you go Tracy, but can understand the job would take its toll. Congratulations on all you've done, and I hope to see you around the table some!


The Exchange 5/5

THanks for all your hard work!
Hope to play for you some time!

The Exchange

Like Jerry Seinfeld you leave at the height of popularity, in the high regard of your peers.
I hope you like Jerry Seinfeld.

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 4

Great work, Tracy.
It was nice to meet you at Gen Con last year. I hope to see you again this year.

Shadow Lodge 5/5 Regional Venture-Coordinator, Southwest

It was a pleasure to meet you last year at Scotty's and I hope to see you again this year.

You will be missed.

Grand Lodge

I don't know what to say. :'(

Silver Crusade 5/5 ⦵⦵⦵⦵ Venture-Captain, Indiana—Southern aka CanisDirus

Thanks for all the hard work, and for all the great mentoring boss! Miss ya already!

The Exchange RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16

Hey, Tracy.

You may not understand the impact you've made on Pathfinder Society. You have been outstanding as a cheer-leader for the campaign, a supporter of both your veteran players and your greenest newbies. I've seen you pay attention to people and find out how to meet their passions and enthusiasm with the strength of the campaign. You've been a terrific role-model for GMs and organizers. You've been, at least on the surface, unflappable when weird stuff strikes.

You rock, Tracy.

:((( Tracy is was a pleasure to meet you at Scotty's last year, and even though I am not from Indiana, I could tell from that day that you put a great deal of effort into your community and PFS in general. Best of luck in the future in whatever it brings for you!

Thanks for all the hard work Tracy. Hope to see you at some tables in the future.

You have been a great VC!

Grand Lodge 5/5 Pathfinder Society Campaign Coordinator

Thanks for all your hardwork and dedication, Tracy. You and Greg will be sorely missed.

Grand Lodge

I'm really sorry to hear your leaving, Tracy. It was a pleasure to meet you at CommonCon this past winter. You have been totally supportive of my efforts to organize PFS in my area. Really, really saddened that your leaving.

Shadow Lodge 5/5

Tracy, you will definitely be missed. My wife really enjoyed playing with you at Marmalade Dog, and enjoyed seeing a woman GM not to mention a Venture Captain. Hopefully we'll see you at GenCon. Don't be a stranger!

Grand Lodge

Thank you for all your hard work Tracy! You will be missed!

Liberty's Edge 5/5 Regional Venture-Coordinator, Central Europe aka Thamius

It was great meeting you at GenCon! I'm sure our paths, if not our dice, will cross again, Tracy.

Best wishes, Tracy. I had a great time playing with you and Greg at CommonCon. Congrats, and thank you, for all you've done for the Society.

Dark Archive 5/5 ⦵⦵ Venture-Captain, Indiana—Lafayette aka Cactus-Jack

Thank you for all of your hard work pulling Indiana together and the support and guidance that you personally provided to me.

Your efforts will be missed and I will look forward to gaming with you in the future!! Eyes of the Ten in July??

Grand Lodge

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Congratulations on your retirement! Now you can start collecting PFSocial Security...that is a thing, right?

Seriously though, PFS needs more people like you and Greg. Thanks for all your hard work!

Grand Lodge 4/5

We are going to miss you! You are leaving some huge shoes to fill!

Grand Lodge 4/5 Regional Venture-Coordinator, Great Lakes aka TwilightKnight

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This makes me sad. :-(
Tracy, you are a fantastic organizer. Your passion and leadership will be sorely missed. I really hope that you have the time to drop dice with us from time to time.

As the self-appointed retirement manager for PFS, I can confirm that we do have a plan. Unfortunately, it is a pension, was registered in the state of Illinois, and state employees are ahead of us on the congress docket. Since the state is essentially broke, I would not expect your checks to arrive anytime soon. The good news is that Walmart is still hiring retirees for door greeter :-)

BTW, love the allusion of the thread title. Douglas Adams is the MAN!

EDIT'ed for grammar. words are hard :-)

Shadow Lodge 4/5 Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco Bay Area South & West aka JohnF

Bob Jonquet wrote:
BTW, love the alliteration(?) of the thread title. Douglas Adams is the MAN!

I do not think [that word] means what you think it means.

(I suspect you probably meant 'allusion').

Douglas Adams? He's just this guy, you know ...

Grand Lodge 4/5 Regional Venture-Coordinator, Great Lakes aka TwilightKnight

JohnF wrote:
Douglas Adams? He's just this guy, you know ...

Don't be a hater :-P

Liberty's Edge 5/5 Venture-Lieutenant, Indiana—Martinsville aka thaX

Tracy, it is sad to see you go, I hope to see you around in various games and wish the best for you.

I only wish I had more time myself, as my work ramps up in the summer, working 6 days a week and leaving little time for the Hobby. I will be GMing more now, since I have played a lot of the scenarios, so hopefully I will see you at my table at some point.

Perhaps I can finally run We Be Goblins for you?


Sovereign Court 5/5

Sad to see you go. The VO Girlz Club will be poorer for your absence.

Enjoy your retirement. Hope to see you at GenCon!

Silver Crusade 2/5

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It's been a pleasure. Enjoy a well-deserved rest!

Silver Crusade 5/5 ⦵⦵

Tracy you will be missed!!! You are a great VC!

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