Existing Roleplayer but new to Pathfinder, Hints and tips needed


I originally played Runequest/Legend so I understand the concept of Roleplaying and the basic rules, but after hearing about the upcoming "ultimate campaign" I decided to convert to Pathfinder.

I usually play DM and I want to run the kingmaker campaign, not sure if this is jumping in the deep end but it's the kingdom rules that sold me on pathfinder in the first place. However I am finding the rulebook a bit daunting in comparison to what i'm used to with RQ/Legend.

A few hints and tips or Do's/Don't's would be greatly appreciated. Or anything for Kingmaker I may miss.


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Start a short session first.

The Beginner Box is a good choice.

Also, for a good one shot, the "We Be Goblins" is fun, and free to download.

DawnForged Cast has a good Pathfinder Basics video tutorial on youtube.

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I listened to a rpgmp3 recording of a kingmaker campaign which sold me on the Pathfinder Adventure Paths. I am not familiar with Runequest/Legend so I don't know how to compare it with Pathfinder. There are a few ways to get some exposure to pathfinder.

1) Find your nearest Pathfinder Society game and play as a player in a few Pathfinder Scenarios before you try and run your own Adventure Path.

2) You can observe some games by watching people play on youtube to get an idea of how the rules work.

3) You can listen to games played by visiting http://www.rpgmp3.com/ and finding a Pathfinder game to listen to. There is a group that played Kingmaker and I enjoyed listening to them.

In my opinion the best way to learn is doing #1 above. If you can't find a local group, you can always find a game online and play using a virtual tabletop.

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