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So here is the trait:

Call for Help:
Offering your
devotion to and modeling your life on Desna’s impetuous
companion means you frequently find yourself in a jam
but also ensures that you can always rely upon your
friends to bail you out. When you take the total defense
action, allies gain a +1 trait bonus on rolls made against a
creature threatening you.

The bolded is my emphasis. With that, it states "rolls", not types of "rolls", so would that imply that all rolls (Attack, Damage, CMB, Saves, Intimidate, Bluff, Feint, etc.) would apply when activating this trait, or is there a specific type, like Attack/Damage only, that would be in effect?

Your own saves can't really be used against your opponent, but you've basically got it. Any roll.

This would be great on a Familiar.

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