Help populate an evil temple of monks


Silver Crusade

BBEG's that are:
LE or LN followers of Zon Kuthon.
8th level, using 4 levels of monk and 4 levels of whatever else.

I'd prefer thematically cool and rememberable, and only mildly optimized.

4th level monk, 4th level cleric, using the spiked chain to FoB because of Crusader's Flurry.


I reckon Wimp-Lo would be a great addition. :P

More seriously the shades of the uskwood druid sect gives you a great opening for a druid/monk.

The spell Blood Crow Strike is really cool thematically, but hilariously impractical. Maybe give the top monk the the power to do it at will or treat it as a lower level for him.


Disclaimer: New to Pathfinder so ideas are 'generic' rather than rules specific.


What type of animal/creatures might the monks keep either as pets and/or 'sparing partners' for would be initiates ('Sure, we'll train you in Tiger style. After you defeat that tiger with this spoon.')

The obligatory training room with nasty sharp pointy things (think Kung Fu Panda :-).

A deep pit with a nasty creature where 'death sentences' are carried out and unwanted intruders are put up for the night. Mwuhahahaha!!!

Monk/clerics to heal their comrades and perhaps command undead servants?

Monk/'archers' (rangers?) to snipe and/or engage foes at a distances.

Monk/mages to cast buffs on allies and defend against enemy magic.

Monk/summoner-type in case the temple monks need some reinforcements?

Monk/alchemist* to do nasty things to foes.

* I've no idea if this is rules legal, just that my son always talks about alchemists. :-)

That's all I've got at the moment.

Take care,


Brad McDowell wrote:


BBEG's that are:
LE or LN followers of Zon Kuthon.
8th level, using 4 levels of monk and 4 levels of whatever else.

I'd prefer thematically cool and rememberable, and only mildly optimized.

4th level monk, 4th level cleric, using the spiked chain to FoB because of Crusader's Flurry.


Monk 4 (Hungry Ghost/Quigong)/Ninja 4

Carry arrows, throw them at PCs (using Ki Arrow instead Slow Fall using Quigong)
They have a 100 ft range (better than Shuriken, uses 1 Ki each), each deals unarmed (1d8 damage +Str).
They have punishing kick for when they fight.
They deal sneak attack 2d6. Can Swift action, Invisibility for up to 4 rd. Give them Pressure Points as well.
They have a Ki Pool of 4 + Wis or Cha (your choice).

Monk 4 (Master of Many Style)/Magus 4 (Bladebound)
Style Boar Style (treat unarmed as Slashing) as 3rd level feat, as Style bonus take Mantis Style/Torment.
He has an intelligent +1 Unarmed strike. Can further increasse with Arcane Pool.
Tactics: Use Stunning Fist (with +2 DC boost, if fail save stagger and dazzled then next turn fatigued or just stunned until end of turn as normal (depending on Monk's choice)

Use a few spells for buffs, Spellcombat/strike to make Flurry-like effect. Spell for Spell combat:
1) Arcane Mark if out of 1st levels)
2) Shocking Grasp
3) Frostbite
4) Chill Touch
5) Corrsive Touch
6) Frigid Touch

I personally like Hamatulatsu. It is a feat that turns unarmed strikes into piercing damage. It is designed around causing horrible pain and leaving terrifying scars. The style is typically only taught to a cult of devil worshiping nuns in Chelaix though, but Zon Kuthon is a lawful evil deity, so you could find some way to justify the spread.

Another, semi-related feat is Hamatula strike. It can be used with an piercing weapon (so Hamatulatsu is only needed if you want to use it with unarmed strikes), and it allows you to impale the target on the weapon and start a grapple as a free action on a hit. Excellent mechanically and thematically. I hope these flavorful feats help.

What about monk/sorcerers of the oni bloodline?

Half Chain-Devil and Half Human Monk (Martial Artist) 4/Barbarian (Fiend Totem) 4.

His arms are bound to his body with spiked chain and gauntlets with spikes on the inside. This is the ultimate martial arts practiced in this temple, in which the monk binds themselves in pain to Zon-Kuthon and learns to use that pain to fuel their rage.

This guy is their instructor.

There are a number of NPC evil monks on many of whom are either undead or monstrous types.

You might think about your Temple in the following terms:
- What are their goals (ie what is the highest form of "enlightenment")
- Who would this appeal to?
- How would they train?

If you were to ask me I would answer the questions as follows:
- The Mission of the monastery might be "Perfection through pain" or "Only in agony can you achieve enlightenment".
This might mean the use of vicious, cruel, or wounding weapons. It could also mean that the high level monk would have incredible DR- as he inflicted more pain on himself than any one PC could ever hope to accomplish in a single attack. His attacks would also be geared toward injury, so bleed, blind, deafen all might be in his armory.

- This idea of perfection through pain might appeal to many Evil creatures. Either those that like to inflict pain or those that feel pain should be inflicted upon them. So why not a erinyes, Vampires, Ogres, bodak, graveknight, any devil or other creatures that just enjoys inflicting pain...

- The temple would but a series of horrible rooms each meant to maim, injure and test the toughness of the monks. Spiked pits, crushing stones, blinding spells, and wounding poisons would litter the place. The main training area might be a large open pit riddled with traps that burn, freeze, ensnare, and generally hurt.
Perhaps there is a room filled with the acolytes that failed to achieve perfection. These individuals might be Undead monks that are then used to further train with. So your characters enter a room filled with corpses and all of a sudden many of them rise up and they know kung-fu. :)

Of course all this would probably spell the death of your PCs but it could be very fun.

Silver Crusade

I think I have the "Inner Circle" set...

All 8th level-4th levels of monk with 4 levels of something else:

Please, for the love of all that is unholy, make the head guy a Monk 5/Pain Taster 3.

This may be one of the only times ever it would be a possibility to have that PrC be used.

Or perhaps a Monk 4/Fighter 1/Pain Taster 3, so the feat tax is a little more bearable. Make him a Half-Orc with the Shaman's Apprentice alternate Racial Trait and it'd only cost two Feats.

This may be too optimized, feel free to nerf to suit your tastes. I've been obsessing over whip builds for days, and I have to admit I just impressed myself with this one so please excuse my self-satisfied tone.

Ultimate Whip Monk:
Half-Elf (Ancestral Arms (whip))
Fighter 2 (Armor Master)/Monk 6 (Maneuver Master, Weapon Adept, Qinggong Monk)
strength 20, dexterity 14, constitution 12, intelligence 13, wisdom 12, charisma 8
traits: Threatening Defender, Elven Reflexes
1: (Fighter) Combat Expertise, Improved Trip
2: (Fighter) Improved Disarm, Deflective Shield
3: Improved Initiative, Improved Unarmed Strike, Improved Disarm, Perfect Strike
4: Combat Reflexes, Weapon Focus (whip)
5: Whip Mastery, Maneuver Training, Maneuver Defense
6: Ki Pool, Reliable Maneuver
7: Improved Whip Mastery, Barkskin, Meditative Maneuver
8: Greater Trip, Weapon Specialization (whip)

Is this a monk that wears mithral full plate and a heavy shield?

Yes. His AC is 29 with a round to buff (10 + 9 armor + 2 shield + 2 dex + 1 Deflective Shield + 2 Combat Expertise + 3 Barkskin.) Up to 33 if he burns a ki point.

Can he make three trip attempts per round at +16/+15/+10 against anyone within 15 feet?

Yes. Flurry of Maneuvers (+8 BAB with maneuvers, +5 strength, +1 Weapon focus, +4 Improved/Greater Trip, +1 Meditative Maneuver, -1 Combat Expertise with Threatening Defender, -2 Flurry.) If that's not enough then burn a ki point to roll one of those attacks twice.

Do his successful trip attempts provoke attacks of opportunity on the target?

Yes. Greater Trip means every successful trip provokes.

Can he use those attacks of opportunity himself to hit an enemy when they fall, possibly getting up to 6 attacks on his turn?

Yes. As long as the foe is within 10 feet, he threatens them with Improved Whip Mastery, and can use his two extra AoOs from Combat Reflexes to attack (or disarm) the same opponent he just tripped.

Does he do 1d3+7 damage on his attacks?

Yes. Ok, this one isn't that impressive :p Make sure he has buddies to make the AoOs and take advantage of all the prone PCs.

Are you ever going to get into melee with this bad m**********r?

No. He'll trip you at reach at a +17 with his Improved Whip Mastery and Combat Reflexes.

Damn, now I want to try playing this character.

sounds like hungry ghost monk AT is your go-to for random mooks there.

Make a sohei that flurries with a large sized greatsword (ouch). Get some monk rogues with reach weapons. Maybe a shadow dancer or two. Zen archer. Go nuts!

Liberty's Edge

Give a bunch them the vow of silence and call them the Silent Supplicants of Shuddering Sensation. Everyone needs a creepy alliteration once in awhile.

Ki Mystic Qinggong Monk 8, taking Vow of Silence, Chains, and any others really except for Peace. This makes their Ki pool insane, and you use it to fuel all sorts of fun blasting from the Qinggong monk. Nothing says scary more than an unarmored but well built man stalking forward, no words spoken, chains wrapped around his stomach and chest and over his arms and legs, who just suddenly starts to blast you with fire.

EDIT: Add in Monk of the Four Winds and get Elemental Fist and if they ever need to be higher level even the ability to slow time.


A lot of monks studied animals to copy fighting styles. If you want to change it up a bit add some dire boars or tigers as part of a menagerie housed within the temple.

If the party expects to face a lot of humanoid adversaries throwing an animal at them may catch them off guard.

Check out Monks of the 9 Animal Clans by I think its EN publishing.

Brad McDowell wrote:

I think I have the "Inner Circle" set...

All 8th level-4th levels of monk with 4 levels of something else:

Wouldn't the alignment of the monk/antipaladin be a no no?

Liberty's Edge

Could also toss in the odd Tiefling, Fetching, Kyton or undead, maybe a Ju-ju Zombie monk or the animated remains,or tortured spirits of failed monks. A little variety is a good thing and gives PCs with items, spells and powers that function on certain kind of foes feel rewarded.

Silver Crusade

Martial artist archtype for the monkness. What it gets away from is the requirements of the deity. Hhmm...

Have the compound/monastery with guards posted on the balconies, all Zen Archers.

Shalafi2412 wrote:

Wouldn't the alignment of the monk/antipaladin be a no no?

Make it a Martial Artist monk.

Silver Crusade

LN Human Holy Vindicator, 8th Level
Monk (Mastery of Many Styles) 3, Cleric (Crusader) 4, Holy Vindicator 1

Monk1-Improved Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist, Fuse Style (2), Dodge, Crane Style
Monk2-Evasion, Crane Wing
Monk3-Fast Movement, Maneuver Training, Still Mind, Mantis Style
Cleric4-Aura, Domain, Channel Energy (negative) 1d6, Shield Focus
Cleric4-Elemental Channel
Cleric4-Channel Energy 2d6
Cleric4-Mantis Wisdom
HV1-Vindicator’s Shield, Channel Energy 3d6

This is a BBEG remember, his tactics are to fight with only shield in hand, starting with channeling negative then using Stunning Fists.

I'll also be giving the PC's a good chance to find this guy unarmored.

Any thoughts on tweeking him for effectiveness?

ya know thars always one of those really bad monks who lost his way, go 5 levels hungry ghost monk then go soul eater PRC for 2 or 7, at 7 he can flurry with "at will" vampiric touch... oh wait... maybe you didnt want the player to die... (I think that'd work)

dotting to read later.

It looks like you got a good idea for the BBEG, and I can't really improve on that.

However, if it is just that one guy vs. 4 or more PC's, he will probably get stomped. What I would do is throw in some mooks*, and make sure that the BBEG has an escape route or two, and some back-up that can cast some cleric spells on him such as healing, removal of conditions (blinded, sickened, fear, etc) and a few dispel magics sitting around. That way you won't get taken out in the surprise round by a lucky hold person or something.

*For mooks, I like a monk2/Ftr2. Wear light armor, and do 2 weapon fighting with a Katana and short sword. It isn't optimized, but it is a very versatile opponent with great saves and other defenses. The best part is that you get to pick SIX feats, in addition to all the fighter and monk goodies. I like to use orcs as the race, although many other races could also be really cool.

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