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I just did a three part blog post on this and want some feedback.

Check it out.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Feel free to post feedback here or at the blog.

One idea I missed is using followers to cover skills the party doesn't have.

Also: boats are sailed, not driven. ;)

VRMH wrote:
Also: boats are sailed, not driven. ;)

It depends on what kind of boat. Sailing boat yes (though steer and pilot work too). A powered boat is driven. A galley with only oars.... who knows.

What about a boat powered by magic? That could be driven in the same sense a boat with a conventional engine is.

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I will change the job to say they sail the ship.

I liked the three posts. For the most part I agreed with them.

I agree that the followers need not be ablative armor for the PC. I had one character who had followers populate his stronghold. They were the families that farmed near the stronghold and guarded it. The character would return home and share the wealth so to speak. It was so fun even the GM got into having things happen while I was away. Not always bad things, sometimes good things.

Useful blog posts. I'm playing Kingmaker and intend to take Leadership as soon as possible, so this is definitely of interest to me.

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I just took it in one game and awarded it to all of the players in the Kingmaker game I am running.

So far things have been going really well in the game I am playing. The followers have been fun to play around with. Mostly, they run errands and clean stuff but I a few helping with other stuff.

I am very curious how all five PCs having the Leadership is going to affect the Kingmaker game. I have already told them that it would be bad to have followers and cohorts in dangerous situations.

Tiny nit pick, you give Giant Owl as an example of an animal on the cohort list, but the bestiary has them as magical beasts with Int 14.

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They are listed as viable options for cohorts in Bestiary 3, thus why I gave them as an example.

To be honest, I don't see much of a pattern or complete reasoning behind why certain monsters are listed as viable cohorts and others are not.

In my primary group, we play it as an "off board" friend who takes care of business but does not, with rare and well reasoned exceptions, follow us in dangerous places. For example, a Cleric follower is back at headquarters and ready to heal. Or a Bard follower is at City Hall arguing our case for us or at taverns gathering information. Or the Wizard follower is busy making potions for us in some safe place.

My other GM's simply ban the feat!

[I couldn't follow the links you posted, so I hope I'm at least on topic here.]

The links are dead.

The Wayback machine found Part 1

Search engine found Part 3

Educated guess found that they changed their name. Here is the current location:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


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