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My primary concern is making a compartment appear mundane (and near impossible to discover the charade). Some combination of skilled craftsmanship, practiced deception and longterm magical warding may be necessary. The compartment must be protected from detect magic and other forms of magical piercing. My intent is to keep magical items secreted away. Nondetecting (though lasting hours and costing 50 gp per casting) seems like a justifiable solution, but are there other means of blocking the detecting of magical items? The effect could be maintained by a spellcaster, but will be necessary over a period of months or years.

I'm hesitant to provide more details than this for my PCs frequent these boards. Thanks!

I seem to remember reading that an inch or two thick sheet of lead blocks alot of the detectmagics, i could be mis-remembering though.

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Lead sheeting or magical protection blocks a scrying spell, and you sense that the spell is blocked.

Page 210 of the Core Rulebook spells this out. Unfortunately, PCs would know something is being hidden.

It is also important to note that this rule calls out scrying spells, which detect magic does not fall under. I can find no other rules about the material lead.

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Not if you put the lead inside. For instance a chest that was wood sandwiching lead. Then They would just see it as no magic.

How about:

Magic Aura:
Duration 1 day/level:

You alter an item's aura so that it registers to detect spells (and spells with similar capabilities) as though it were non-magical, or a magic item of a kind you specify, or the subject of a spell you specify. If the object bearing magic aura has identify cast on it or is similarly examined, the examiner recognizes that the aura is false and detects the object's actual qualities if he succeeds on a Will save. Otherwise, he believes the aura and no amount of testing reveals what the true magic is.

If the targeted item's own aura is exceptionally powerful (if it is an artifact, for instance), magic aura doesn't work.

Put this on bag of holding. Any magic items inside should not be detectable because they are in an nondimensional space.

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mavbor, thank you for pointing out that magic aura also works to make an item not register as magical. This may be the solution I am looking for, although I'd prefer the compartment to be a disguised part of the room, a "common cloth sack" may have to do.

I dont think a common cloth sack will work if you want to hide the magic items inside the bag. The detect magic will still detect the magic inside. I mentioned the bag of holding because the magic items will not actually be in the dimensional range of detect magic.

Would be like turning the sack invisible. If you put things inside they should still be visible. Though this can be up to debate i guess.

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The description of bag of holding refers to it as a looking like a "common cloth sack."

ah. lol. yea thats what you meant by common cloth sack. bonks self.

In addition to Nondetection there is Misdirection which while it won't block Detect Magic etc. will point it at the wrong object.

There was also a spell (whose name eludes me currently) in earlier editions that I recall (haven't spotted its equivalent in PF) that could alter the apparent dimension of an area making a 10x20 area look 10x40 for example, or half as long making it appear 10x10.

And then there are the spells Obscure Object, Secret Chest and Sequester.

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