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That wizards arent for.me

Love.your actual plays. I havent watched the shattered star since thats likely the next ap my group will do.

I tend to choose Abadar more than any other. Keeps order, brings civilization to the masses, and he's a massive collector. If they ever did an episode of Hoarder's golarion edition he would be first on the list. "C'mon abadar do you really need one of everything?"

Also been getting more into Irori. He made it to godhood without any fancy gimmicks.

Least favorite is probably cayden, his followers bug me.

Avavtar said it better than i. Also thanks for the link to the site, i'll have to check that out later.

1. Its not really any different than face to face really. Sure they cant see your face or body movements but you can still gm just fine online. The main problem is if your skype connection is weak, theres nothing worse than doing a description and you voice goes all robotic or worse, doesnt register at all. I recommend another program like ventrillo or mumble, much better voice quality.

2. I actually think its easier to keep the online schedule since there isnt travel involved. Ymmv ofc. If you want to make it a little easier and more like a tabletop try out one of the many virtual tabletops such as maptools.or roll20 both work very well and have a ton of nifty functions. Roll20 even has a video conference.mode ao if you have a webcam you can see everyone.

All in all i think i prefer online to face to face, but thats just me.

Yesterday Monte Cook was interviewed over google hangouts by The Gentleman Gamer from youtube. he covered his history as well as the future with Numenera. The interview is just over 1 hour.


You could try the Radiance Rpg. Its similar to pathfinder with some mechanics from other games mixed in. Its a lot less complicated than pf. You can run a character from 1-20 and only really need about 4-5 pages from the book.

It doesnt have an adventure line like pf but the players guide is free in pdf form so worth a look.

ya i was thinking that too. he likes playing into others perceptions of him being a uncouth savage then pulling the rug out from under them

Too bad aboutt the magus, that would be a pretty good fit.

How about a bodybuilding wizard that uses alot of touch spells. He could punch his spells at people

haha thank you again mr wolf. i thought as much but apparently ive been over thinking it

alright so ive just ran my first pfs game for my online group and i have a couple questions about chronicle sheets.

1. i understand they only get the loot from encounters they actually encounter, but what if they bypass the encounter through other means than fighting. do they still get the items?

2. now on the sheet, is the max gold figured by selling all the mundane and magic equipment and dividing it by an assumed party of 4? if it is, what if you have 5 or 6 players, does the max gold become less?

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I figured it would be better for story reasons and im not a fan of killing my pcs, especially since one of them is my gm ;)

Thanks for the suggestion

So im going to run some PFS for my online group when we have off weeks due to player absence or something else. This is my first time attempting to run Society play and have a couple questions

both first steps and master of the fallen fortress seem to aimed at brand new characters. which do you recommend running first or does it matter?

also if i do one does that prevent them from doing the other due to level?

we're not new to PF just PFS if that matters

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i dont think ive seen an entire AP on youtube, thats a big commitment. there are some out there of course, some of these are homebrew but not all.

first up we have Ghaladen some around a table, some on a virtual tabletop. pretty good

then theres rpgmp3 another virtual tabletop series. some homebrew some official.

as hangarflying mentioned dawnforgedcsat has some actual play, this one is around a table and is the rotrl. only about 10 sessions.

and if i may be so bold, ive started recording our online games at goblinbait. this is just a module we're doing in between JR books. im not recording jade regent as we about to start book 4 and the middle isnt a good place to start. however when we wrap this one up i will be recording the next AP we run.

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here is some good lich advice


Ya ive always looked at it as unidentifiable. Its clearly meat and probably edible but who knows what kind exactly, like hot dogs.or spam.

And people said it wouldn't work.

Make them pre existing members of the town that did some great deed that earned them at least tolerance from the locals. Maybe the rescued a merchant from wolves or provided intel on goblin raids for sanctuary. Maybe these were some of those goblin babies paladins are always suffering moral issues over and were placed in care of the local temple.

Being cg they probably didnt fit in with the other goblins. Whatever the reason it can be worked into the game somehow.

Hire some help. Find a couple mercenary types in town and offer them a cut of the loot.

I had this same problem, ive only been playing for a little less than two years. No one in my towwn was really into rpgs that i knew, so i started my own group. The number of players has fluctuated and its currently on hiatus due to work.

I have had a major success finding an online group right here on the forum, not pbp either. We run using maptols and in july we will have been playing as a group for a year. We have only missed one week in that time, sometimes someone cant make it so we just run a module or something.

Point is if at first you dont succeed, try again. Eventually youll find a group that is commited to the game. Good luck.

If its humanoid shaped maybe have it ride a horse?

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Check out MythWeavers, its an online character sheet and does quite abit of the math for you. Ive tried several pdf sheets but none of them are as good as the mythweaver site imo. Its very close to the standard sheet in design too.

Sorry for not linking, on a tablet.

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I think ranger makes a good choice to learn the game. You start out as a pretty good martial type with only a couple special abilities like favored enemy, then after a few levels you get an animal companion and a few spells. This lets you learn different aspects of the game gradually. Plus they have some nice skills which is always a good thing.

some kobolds are in fact quite good at training creatures to help them.
link, check out the alternate racial traits.

i also think this would be a great idea. maybe even give them an airborne division of giant wasp riders.

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Also Know Direction is great. Its a news, reviews, and interviews. It can be found at 35privatesanctuary, which is also a great podcast btw.

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I went with kobolds attacking the merchant that supplies oleg's. He was laying on the road near death from kobold poison. The party carried him on his wagon the rest of the way to the outpost.

Turns out the cure to the poison was moon radishes (also a fertility enhancer to help the levetons conceive). Made more sense than 250gp soup :/

My group rolled stats, i prefer point by myself, but i agreed. I ended up with a 19 pb, not as low as the one you have but the others ended up with at least a 30, most higher.

I further weakened myself by playing a dwarf wizard instead of something that would have added an int bonus. I have never felt like i couldnt stay competitive with the group in combat.

I simply chose to buff and crowd control. I have damage spells also, but most of my spell list is not exactly combat optimized. Its all in how you play the character, i've completely wrecked encounters with smart spell usage (which i felt bad about after).

It comes down to how you play, think outside the box.

Im still playing, although i only ever really play on a 24/7 5gorge server. As far as teams i always hit random.

Classes i play most would be soldier, medic, and demo with the loch n load, chargin targe and caber because the caber is the manliest weapon ever. Nothing better than ambushing a group of 3 or so people and bonking them with handheld explosives.

yep id echo the cavalier sadly, it's on the top of my "Some Day" list but that mount is trouble.

One thing i really liked about 4e, and there wasnt much, was the Warlord class. i would love to see a archetype from paizo that replaces mount with some of these types of powers. i know rite publishing has one called Inspiring Commander but as it is 3pp it isnt legal for pfs or paizo only games.

watched it, liked it and subbed. good lighting and sound (very important imo). i agree with a lot of points you bring up, especially the god dm. looking forward to part 2.

Its 5% when traveling through a hex, 15% when camping or exploring the hex. Also nothing stops you from "randomly" rolling an encounter.

Basically its a guild of explorers in the golarion campaign setting. They have various factions vying for power within the guild. Members are called pathfinders and they get hired to do adventurer type things.

Dont laugh but for some reason the slingstaff is probably my favorite flavor weapon. A ranged weapon you can melee with. I read alot of dragonlance growing up and that weapon stuck with me.

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Say hello to my little friends?

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Goat, small quaraped that is perfect for carrying my beer kegs. Also she has managed to kill a few things.

Just came across a show called Death Valley today on netflix. Best way to describe it would be Reno 911 if they were chasing down zombies, vampires, and werewolves.

Not the best show ever but i sat through the whole series and enjoyed it quite alot.

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A bit of sovreign glue is all you need to keep yourself in the saddle. Sure you have to take your pants off everytime you want to dismount, but losing your dignity is a fair trade for riding a giant ape.

To piggy back this thread a bit. Can you take 10 on a craft magic item check?

I dont own halflings of golarion and cant recall any art that answers my question so here it is.

We all know halflings are the undisputed kings of mutton chops, but can they grow beards? If so, is it just a cultural thing that they dont? All art i've seen they are just spoting sideburns.

On an unrelatd topic, did you ever catch those two yahoos in that canoe youre chasing, and what did they taste like?

I listened to that one for 4 episodes i think and just couldnt get into it. Im not sure why, nothing really sparked my interest.

I loved this cartoon growing up. Its a shame it was cancelled so soon, it had some really good stories going on. This one they should definitely reboot TMNT style.

the best actual play podcast i've found is by the The Strand Gamers. they played through kingmaker right as the APG was released so it is slightly aged, but still very entertaining.

there is also actual play on Ghaladen's youtube channel that is very good.

i've tried others but the audio quality varies greatly, but if you would like to check out RPG Podcast you may be able to find some more.

The Molten Corps :p

Well if he just died, as in less than a day, you could use a 2nd level spell from the apg called create treasure map. You cut off a slice of his skin and cast the spell, it makes a map showing the location of his stash.

Not the nicest spell, but if you really want it...

If you dont have it yet youll want to at least pick up a pdf of the inner sea world guide, thats the main campaign setting book. You can also find alot of useful information on the pathfinder wiki.

I would recommend starting small, pick a kingdom that fits the theme of what you want to do. Read up on that area finding all the major players names. I wouldnt worry too much about memorizing everything unless thats something you enjoy. Unless your players will be interacting with the major npcs just make people up. Its not that common that brand new adventurers are going to be working directly for a king, but his unnamed captain of the guards might have some work for them.

Just because youre running a published campaign doesnt mean you cant make things up. Your golarion could vary wildly from someone elses, just be sure to write it down and keep changes consistant.

Id say bard or inquistor, both have decent combat, magic and skills. Ranger would be another good choice if youre careful.

My dwarf wizard began play with no main deity listed. The groups cleric saved my life several times and i began studying the teachings of her goddess. Now the cleric deals harshly with people that insult her god and thats the angle i went for.

I took 1 level in inquistor, even though my stats are terrible for divine classes. Was it a better idea than going straight wizard, absolutely not. Did it make sense from a roleplay perspective, yes.

I dont have anything against dipping for mechanical reasons, but i probably wouldnt ever do it. To me it has to make sense in character why i would choose that 2nd class.

Pathfinder, 2011, 27. Not for lack of trying, just lack of interest from others.

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What? No old yeller?

Its alright Shogun, who else is gonna crush that little puke Bruce Leeroy. Sho,Nuff.

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