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Sommers wrote:
I don't know if it would be considered old school or not, but its been a while since I've seen a true "treasure hunt" adventure. Not something where you need to find the artifact to save the world, or its the key to taking over the region from the bad guys or what not. But actually adventurers trying to track down an actual treasure. For the something different, I'm thinking not so much of the go down into the dungeon and kill the monsters kind, but more of an Indiana Jones type of thing where the players have to do some research, following clues, even one treasure pointing to another. If you've ever read the old Forgotten Realms novel the Library of Cormanthor, I'd love that.

C1: Alagoran's Gem is Indiana Jones style treasure hunt, but in a dungeon. I even added a couple traps inspired by the old Indiana Jones movies! :). Raiders of the Lost Arc intro is one! It isn't as involved lore-wise though. Tell me what you mean by research and following clues. What do you envision? ( Sorry typing on iPad here so stumbling over words a bit.)

Just to give a head's up....just finished C5, The Play's The Thing from Stephen Yeardley and sent it to Jonathan for a last look over before uploading it to the stores...a seriously twisted Doppleganger tale involving a troupe of actors, a town unwittingly being replaced, one by one, and a new prestige class...yes, Stephen is evil, and that is why we love him, lol.

Adventureaweek wrote:
Orthos wrote:

I don't see the "being alright with being forgotten" being that bad of a thing personally. I like both those options. Heck, that could be part of the BBEG's plan - make himself forgotten, so no one knows he's out there or what he's up to and he can carry on his plots in secret. Every time someone starts searching for him, he douses them with the disease/infection/plague/curse/whatever it is... and either they forget about him, or everyone forgets about them.

Also being a carrier doesn't necessarily make you immune, outside of specific class abilities (Paladin, Druid, Monk, etc., depending on how it's classified). Perhaps after a certain amount of time it reasserts itself? So now not only are you forgotten by all, but you've forgotten all those before you... including yourself, for you were once a carrier, as you said.

... we should probably stop derailing this thread, heh >_> Sorry guys!

Please continue! I'm loving this! There's no derailing, just natural evolution of a creative conversation by inspiring individuals! :)

Haha, maybe Scint and I should toss this before the crowd over on your forums and see what clicks =)

Now there's an idea Orthos!!! :)

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Apologies to anyone waiting for a response to their PDF requests via email. Todd Gamble and I are at ZOECON manning the Adventureaweek.com booth and appearing as extras in shots for Gamers: Hands of Fate.

We will be sending those PDFs as soon as this weekend has concluded. Please keep the suggestions coming! :D

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Hmmm maybe something like the party getting trapped in a dark, natural maze. Something like a dark forest or swamp that involves Unseelie fey tricking and pranking them as they try escape. Lots of traps, walls made of briars enchanted to entangle or regrow when cut, things that make them be equally clever and conniving to get out. Think it could be fun.

ok, ideas: I would like to see adventures which could be added on or into paizo's own adventure paths. Like additional side quests. I know you can't use any Golarian specific stuff, but you could have a sidebar explaining a way to incorporate the adventure into the adventure path.

Adventureaweek wrote:
@Harrison: Interesting idea using the "Young" creature template. What other ideas regarding this concept does your imagination bring to mind?

The idea is actually a mini-campaign idea I've been trying to find any interest in my gaming group to do.

The initial plot followed a group of village children who decide to go out into the local forest for a game of "Heroes and Monsters" like all the kids do (which explains any parental absence; they do it all the time and nothing has gone wrong, so no one worries).

However, something does go wrong that time (be it kidnapped by a hag or orcs or what have you) and the kids have to find a way to either be rescued or get back home. Nothing specific beyond that premise was ever really cooked up (aside from the whole low-magic thing, partly because the Young template does not penalize mental stats, but also because who in their right mind gives magic to a child).

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I love adventures that have that "Ravenloft"esque feel to them. I'll be starting a campaign soon, so anything like that would be a great addition for me.

Scarab Sages

I'd like to see some adventures set in Osirion, some egyptian-themed modules dealing with life there or a similar high phaoric sort of setting. Maybe some quests set in that sort of stratified society, ancient empires and all, historical enemies (gnolls, scorpionfolk, serpentfolk, etc).

I would like to see an adventure where the good guys have to take on the good guys. I've also been watching Fringe and I really like the idea of an adventure path with two universes that interact with each other and are at war in some way.

For an adventure path I would also be interested in some sort of path that starts with the party doing some routine task (clearing the kobolds out of the mines) and one survives to swear vengeance on the PCs. He spends his time training and studying and amassing an army to take out the party. He hires assassins and generally makes their lives miserable.

I also really liked the Reverse Dungeon from 2E where you played the monsters while the PCs were kicking in the doors to your home.

Silver Crusade

Adventureaweek wrote:

ps: Make sure you check out the Super Genius Games thread where Owen is giving away a free PDF for your suggestions HERE.

I'd like to see a psionics themed adventure using the rules from Psionics Unleashed (or, if you wait, the rules from the Paizo guys). i'd like it to be a showcase adventure in some exotic location.

Maybe with dinosaurs. A volcano; lizard men or serpent men; a ruined city; and a search for a macguffin. Maybe a magical artifact, or an artifact that is rumored to be magical. Something along those lines. I think it might be cool.

First off, I have to confess that I got the idea from some thread in the forums here. But I liked it so much that I took some time to think about it and now I see your Thread here.
Thanks to Owen from Super Genius for pointing me here, too.

So the idea is some exploration based on and around a river.
The players have to bring some guy to some ruins said to be situated along the river. To do that they have to find clues in other ruins to find the right one.
As an additional task they have to make maps of the river itself and key locations at its banks.

The party is going along on a small ship suitable for rivers.

This could be simply some trasure hunt or some scientific research or the man they are escorting turns out to be some evil cult leader searching for clues to some ancient ritual he wants to master.

During their jurney the players could come across several difficulties.
For example some tribe humanoids could have created a dam that prevents the ship from going on.
So they have to either tear the dam down (and prevent thei ship from being damaged by the ensuing flood) or they could talk the tribe into helping them transport the ship over land into the upper part of the river.

Then the ruin they have to explore can be housing another tribe that is in need of something (medicine for some illness?). They could help them and in return as to be allowed to take a look at the place or they could just invade the ruins and force their way in.

This could either be a single andenture or som series of adventures similar to paizo's adventure paths.

This kind of adventure would be an ideal opportunity to play races that can't stay away from water for too long, but would be possible to solve with normal land based PCs as well.

I don't know if that'S part of what you wanted us to share as ides but I'd see this river exploration as more of a beginner's adventure (not too high level) as I can't really see high level veterans doing this kind of task.
Plus I seldome play high level and if you really decide to turn this into an adventure I'd really like to play it sometime.

@Aleron: Sounds like the Silent Forest (coming soon) in our campaign setting will be right up your alley! :D

@blope: Cool ideas, but I'm not sure how much we can touch on Paizo's copyrighted material. I will check with Liz Courts to see how much we are allowed to mention in the context of our adventures. Side Quests are great, and we actually just recently came out with SQ-1: SIDE QUESTS, VOLUME 1 on Adventureaweek.com which contains 4 shorter style adventures lasting anywhere from 2-6 hours depending on how your group plays.

@Harrison: Although they are not of the "young" template, we do have our BASIC-Series for Beginner Pathfinder GMs and Players which is geared toward younger players and PCs. Kevin Mickelson (Mask of Death) is the author of this adventure path.

@Longtime Reader: We came out with 3 Halloween themed adventures in October. Out of those, the creepiest is "Curse of the Full Moon" by Juan Lucha. I too was a huge Ravenloft fan. Remember the gypsies and those cool cards? I love integrating stuff like that into my games. Mini-games within the game.... Perhaps there shall be more evil and/or gothic adventures in the near future. Feel free to drop some additional feedback and specifics on what you would like to see!

@Tony Rabiola: I'm not sure if we have anything like this planned. Can you shed some more light on what specifically you would like to see? Thank you! :D

@Bob Loblaw: Alternative realities is an awesome idea and one that is a lot easier to manage than time travel! I've run a game before where there were two realities, some characters were good on one side, yet evil on the other. It was a lot of fun, and when those characters were able to cross over it made things very complicated for the PCs... as well as the GM! :P A great idea, and something for us to consider in the future. Thanks Bob!

@GM Elton: Michael McCarthy who wrote an adventure path for DreamScarred dealing with Psionics would be our best candidate for such an adventure. He currently is writing adventures dealing with dragons and an ancient empire for the AaW Campaign Setting. Perhaps we can yank him away long enough to at least write a one-off B-Series adventure using psionics! :P

@Umbranus: My new adventure path has one thing in common with your suggestion: The PCs accompany an archaeologist to ancient sites in the Vikmordere wilderness. There's some interesting twists to this seemingly simple story which I cannot divulge... yet. Perhaps you will enjoy this. We're looking at January or February for a launch date on this AP. Most likely 4-6 adventures total.

Dark Archive

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Fight evil with evil.

A long time ago, the PCs home country / city-state was conquered by a wicked warlock-tyrant who oppressed various local ethnic groups and was basically a big mean jerk. During his reign, some desparate and unwise locals attempted to overthrow him by conjuring a demon and setting it loose on his forces. It did some damage, but he personally beat it down in single combat.

Eventually he died, and life went somewhat back to normal, over several generations, and he's just been a boogey-man legend of the bad times for decades.

Until now. The demon has returned, freed from whatever confinement the tyrant had imposed upon it, and is going on random killing sprees, and then vanishing to hole up, before emerging again, days later to do it all over again.

The local authorities are at their wits end, and have petitioned a group of adventurers to go to the tomb of the witch-king with a scroll of speak with dead, and implore him to share the secrets of how he defeated the demon, for the benefit not just of the lands he once ruled, but for the descendents of his people, who are now integrated (more or less...) into the local populace.

Getting to the tomb may prove a challenge, as demon-cultists somehow learn of the party's intent, and attempt to obstruct their mission, first by stirring up frightened crowds of commoners with the rumor that the party is going to *resurrect* the witch-king, placing them in the position of having to talk down, or (as non-lethally as possible) fight their way to the site of the tomb. The demon-cultists will strike under cover of the crowd, with lethal force, and aren't at all afraid off collateral damage (which they hope will get blamed on the PCs anyway), and will use the crowd as cover to escape if things go badly, hoping to regroup and attack them (with summoned cohorts) outside of town later, between the city and the tomb.

His tomb itself will have defenses (constructed by his loyal followers, who recognize that the subject people's would have loved nothing more than to desecrate the remains of the tyrant), and he may have his own demands (such as increased recognition for his own people, who may not be the most welcome minority in the now freed lands he once ruled with an iron fist, or some sort of government position for one of his direct descendents, or even something petty like demanding that his former subjects have a holiday / festival in honor of his rule over their lands!). Good bargaining skills will be important here, as his spirit can't be intimidated, and speak with dead may turn out to not be necessary, as he's lingered on as a ghost or similar incorporeal undead.

If all goes according to plan, the PCs will agree to as few of his increasingly unrealistic demands as possible in exchange for the information, and he will reveal to them the secret he used to defeat the demon. (Perhaps some sort of special weapon, such as a staff that is bane against demons and grants it's demonbane property to spells cast by it's wearer? Perhaps even a purloined holy relic that the evil tyrant stole from the kingdom during it's conquest in the first place!)

They emerge from the tomb, weapon in hand, to see the demon waiting for them, eager to get it's talons on the one weapon that it knows can banish it from this plane, (over)confident that the PCs can't possibly be as much a threat as the tyrant was, all those years ago...

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@Set: Sounds like you have really thought this through. I'm digging this adventure idea.

I figured I ought to point all of you to our adventure submission page seeing how well thought out many of these adventure ideas have been!
URL HERE: adventureaweek.com/submit

There's also the ACT - Adventure Composition Tutorial available free on Paizo here: http://paizo.com/products/btpy8ufo?ACT-Adventure-Composition-Tutorial

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Hi gang, Stephen here, one of the AaW team that does occasional writing and lots of editing.

@Owen, way back - I have an urban thread underway, set in the giant realms of our land. It'll be an adventure path that spreads out across a city having started as a metaphorical stone dropping in a pond. It'll be coming out over the next few months.

@Bob Loblaw - the start of the above thread can be "Good vs Good", although "Lawful vs Lawful" is potentially more possible. It involves resolving a complicated court case by allowing the accuser to access the property of the defendant for one hour - look for high level encounters throughout, along with golems and summoned defenders! There are more possibilities below of "good vs good".

@GM Elton - there will be dinosaurs - in the land of the giants, dinosaurs are what children ride to prepare for any future wars. As for adult giants; they ride BIG dinosaurs, so the party has to deal with quite enormous creatures. Expect it some time early next year.

As for those of you who want to have an "out of body" adventure, keep an eye out for what can happen when Summoning Conjuration and Transmutaion Reincarnation get mixed up and go horribly wrong.

And for an adventure based in a maze, look out for "From Night to Day" - it's set in a library that has an alarming tendancy to confuse those that aren't thinking intelligently by shifting its shelves and racking.

Two more ideas: what does a good party do when confronted by newly-enlightened creatures that are "gooder" than them but are usually thought of as mindless AND what do they do when some other good guys have cheated on what appears to be the bad guys? This may be for you, @Tony Rabiola

Finally, anyone want to be "the monsters" defending against "the PCs"? Do you have a gaming group big enough to play this, or perhaps think of it as a convention game? Let me know. And truly strange settings? Other than an upside-down giant's home that has a damaged-and-malfunctioning weather machine in it? Again, let me know!


Any more suggestions? We're still giving out a FREE PDF ADVENTURE for each comment. Make sure you contact me at Jonathan(at)Adventureaweek.com after you've posted to request your adventure. :D

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I would like to see an adventure that deals with the PCs being robbed. Specifically, I have seen on messageboards that idea that certain items are so powerful and sought after, that as soon as word gets out that the PCs have it, they get robbed.

So how do they get it back?

Ideally, this adventure would be replayable (for different McGaffuns in different campaings (or Adventure Paths), but also scalable for a specific level range. (But not too high of level, bc PCs will be able to protect thier stuff at some point.)

A tall order, I know. Is the challenge accepted? :)

An intriguing idea Zodin, and an actually fairly common theme, so not that hard to work with. I imagine the rest of the crew is currently sleeping off their turnkey comas, but I will make sure this gets added to the list of ideas to explore for the writing duo of Jonathan and Stephen.

Harrison wrote:

An adventure where all the players are required to use the "Young" creature template.

It'd probably have to have access to little or no magic, since the "Young" creature template doesn't penalize any spellcasting stats.

or have the DC of their spells take the same modifier hit as the strength modifier penalties gained through the young template.

I would like to see an adventure based around the players inherting an old house filled with many riddels and puzzels.

I don't know how to use a spoiler on this forum, so here is a version of the adventure I have been working on. If someone could tell me how to add a spoiler, I would be greatful.

the players inherit an old cottage which has been abandoned for a long ago, even though the cottage has been abandoned for many years over the years, the taxes have accumulated and now the new owners must come up with the gold to pay or face the consequences. After hearing about thehuge debt they have to pay the players will decide to explore the cottage and its many mysteries, the house will be filled with weird abomination which look like the monsters of the cover of Pathfinder Adventure Path #61: Shards of Sin, the top half of a small golbin like creatures on the body of a spider. After clearing the first 2 floors of the cottage the players will find their guide to the house a talking shapeshifting weapon hung above the fireplace, the weapon will help them cover the secrets of the house( many puzzels and riddels) and its many secrets floors filled with information on some weird cult the last owner was part of or something.

@Terrible Zodin: The object of interest in C1: Alagoran's Gem is so coveted that just by retaining it the PCs will be hunted down wherever they go by collectors, merchants, thieves, and secret societies. I do like the idea of expanding this into an adventure though! Perhaps the PCs are on a mission to deliver a powerful artifact which is meant to save a village when they are attacked and the item stolen....

@Chesty: Very cool idea indeed!

We're still handing out an adventure for your suggestions. Feel free to comment folks! :D

Shadow Lodge

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"The Flames of Revolution"

I'd love to see you guys put together an adventure that puts the players in the middle of a civil war. Perhaps they work for a local duke or baron, and a surprisingly organized peasant uprising suddenly takes over the keep and holds the baron hostage.

They must gather the baron's remaining forces and lead them against the revolt. But are the peasants guilty of treason, or themselves pawns of more sinister forces?

It would need to have skirmish rules, but would be a unique adventure for sure.

-Brian “Necroblivion” Berg
co-founder and CEO of TPK Games
Website, Facebook, Twitter, G+

Now that Brian.....that's a killer idea.

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