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I am playing an alchemist character in Carrion Crown and asked my GM a question he was uncertain how to answer. Perhaps the answer can be found on these forums! If an alchemist prepares a potion of spider climb, then makes his horse drink it, does the horse gain the benefits of the extract and can it then be used to ride up a vertical surface?

Thanks! :D

Spider climb reference link.

If the alchemist has the infusion discovery, this is possible; otherwise the extract is useless once it leaves the alchemist's hands. I don't see why a horse wouldn't be a valid target for the spell/extract.

Aside from the target technically needing hands to have free for the spell. Maybe you need to unshoe the horse?

I'd let it fly in my game anyway.

PS Potions are not extracts. Be specific!

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Even if it works, good luck getting a horse to climb anything.

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Wonder what a handle animal check to coax a horse into climbing a vertical wall would come to...DC 30? I believe more oats will be needed.

Necromancer wrote:
Wonder what a handle animal check to coax a horse into climbing a vertical wall would come to...DC 30? I believe more oats will be needed.

There better be a hell of a sugar cube involved.

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Awesome! :D

And the duration of Spider Climb is 10 mins per Alchemist level, right? So a sixth level alchemist could potentially be rding his horse around upside down for up to one whole hour? Haha! :D

mikeawmids: the horse will not confer any ability to stay upon it while it is upsidedown. Better hope the alchemist can hang on. Perhaps a rope tying him to the saddle?

- Gauss

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Sounds cool, i think someone would have to communicate to the horse.
To explain why it should drink something that doesn't taste as good as toxic waste. To explain that it should just accept the strange feelings it would experience while the potion is taking effect to avoid having to make a fort save. To explain to the horse that it is now able to run up walls etc. Oh and then having to deal with all the problems involved in upside down horse riding. I think you would need an oh-so sympathetic druid (and a Large Roll of Gaffa Tape).

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Don't be an ogre, BadNarnian! Let me have my orphan!

In a previous game we had a halfling cavalier give his mount fly and spiderclimb potions, though he did not go upside down. The dm just ruled he needed an int 3 mount to not have to push the wolf.

Scarab Sages

An alchemist feeding potions to a horse is one thing.

I plan on doing this with my sorcerer's frog AC.

As for staying on, don't exotic military saddles come with a fair number of straps?

At worst it should require a trick: see Air Walk (preferably using the same "trick").

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I would treat it the same way as you would a mount when giving it the spell air walk. You can train your mount how to make use of that spell, so you should also be able to train your mount how to use spider climb... you got to teach your pet the trick of spider climbing....

Spider horse, spider horse,
does what ever a spider horse does..
sees some oats..
climbs some walls..
after 60 minutes
spider horse falls..

watch out ..

here comes spider horse.

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