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I forgot to post the last write-up. In a nutshell, the heroes get to the arena and fight a giant, armoured t-rex! The group is getting back together to finish this campaign in November 2019. Stay tuned for the conclusion!

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Still on the fence about picking this up. Loving the idea that +10 or -10 also results in crit result (fun and intuitive!), not loving that there is a separate list of results for every possible action (stopping game to consult a table!).

Also, you kinda' needed three spreadsheets open to run Pathfinder combat past level 10. How unplayable does PF2 get at higher levels?

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Xenocrat wrote:
What's in the backmatter articles?

There's an article on Breechill, then the adventurers toolkit section contains an adventure timeline, outline of future books in the AP, three main NPCs, a few new monsters and magical items.

I guess I was hoping for something on par with Burnt Offerings, but this ain't it.

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I got the book. It's kinda "meh", just steadily descending through multiple floors of one big dungeon.

I got a real Shattered Star vibe from skimming the adventure, which isn't great....

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I'm excited about trying the new edition. If I can create a first level magic user in under 45 mins, it will already be better than P1. :D

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yes, thankyou.

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I like the start of this adventure. I like the end of this adventure.
The middle (visiting the three waystations) is all kinds of meh.
Anyone got any ideas for a more interesting way to run the journey along the Dead Roads? I like the idea of cryptstone weapons, so I'm thinking of maybe adding a quarry of sorts.

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Checks inbox.
Still no Tyrants Grasp.
Sad face. :(

As the door opens, the giant spider changes target and lunges for Gynnie. Rain's arrow passes closes enough to her head to ruffle her hair, but passes safely and strikes the spider with a sickening thud. The stricken arachnid is flipped onto its back, eight legs scrabbling weakly at the arrow protruding from its abdomen. After a moment, the thrashing ceases and the spider curls in on itself in death, venomous ichor dripping from the wound to pool around the corpse (and likely dribble into the sitting room below).

Still brandishing his knife, the dishevelled looking man turns toward Gynnie in the doorway.

"Who are ye'?" he asks, somewhat belligerantly considering the party likely just saved his life, "Ad whut are ye' doing in my hoose?"

OOC: Using random.org to generate initiative;
Abraham 10 Diamonds
Gynnie 7 Diamonds
Rain Jack Hearts
Reifuyu 6 Hearts
Reiko 9 Spades
Dishevelled Man 7 Hearts
Spider 3 Spades
Round One: Rain > Abraham > Reiko > Gynnie > Dishevelled Man > Reifuy > Spider.

Traversing the hole requires an Athletics roll, to either jump the gap or edge across the remaining ledge of splintered wood still clinging to the wall. Failure results in 1d6 ⇒ 3 damage.

If you listen at the door:
You hear two creatures moving around in the room beyond the door. One hisses and spits, the other grunts and curses in what sounds to be common.

If you open the door:
The door is unlocked. You enter a dishevelled bedroom littered with evidence of careless occupation. Mouldering, half-eaten rations are strewn across the floor around a smelly bedroll. The threadbare curtains are drawn, but sunlight streams in through a large hole in the roof. The broken tiles on the floor suggest something recently fell through the ceiling. A ragged, unshaven human waves a blunt dagger at a large, dog-sized spider.
At this point, we will go to initiative, assuming that anyone in the party actually enters the room.

If you go left:
The rotten wood beneath your feet groans in protest as you cross the landing towards the source of the sounds you heard from the ground floor. Suddenly, the floor beneath you splinters and collapses, leaving a gaping hole down to the foyer. Please make an Agility roll.

You leap across the hole as it opens, landing safely on the far side, closest to the door from behind which the scuffling still can be heard.

You leap backwards as the hole opens, landing safely by the top of the stairs. The hole is now between you and the door from behind which the scuffling can still be heard.

You lose your footing as the hole opens up beneath your feet. You plunge back down into the foyer, bouncing off the back of the stuffed manticore and rolling to a stop near the front door. Take 1d6 ⇒ 6 + 1d6 ⇒ 6 + 1d6 ⇒ 6 + 1d6 ⇒ 3 (21!!) falling damage (bypassing any armour).

Gynnie Swiftwhistle wrote:
Gynnie nods at the good advice. She then draws a single dagger, and heads up the stairs as quietly as possible.

Gynnie creeps to the top of the staircase, timing the sound of her ascent to be drowned out by the groaning of the old house. The bannister is brittle with age and rattles alarmingly as the sea wind howls through the foyer. At the top of the stairs, the landing forks in three directions.

To your left, the landing crosses over the foyer to a closed door. You hear the sounds of a scuffle from the other side. You hear a muffled curse, then something collides with the other side of the door with a loud bang that rattles the portal in its frame.

To your right, the passage ends at an open door that leads into what looks to be an abandoned music room.

Straight ahead, a corridor continues deeper into the house. Long dead patriarchs of the Foxglove family look down at you disapprovingly from faded canvases along the wall. There is a third door at the end of the long gallery.

OOC: Back in the present...

The sound of movement in the room above ceases abruptly. Moments later, you hear a loud thud as something heavy lands on the floor, followed by a startled yelp of surprise and/or fear. The sounds of movement resume, louder than before, it now sounds like there are two creatures stamping around in the room above yours.

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I am interested in playing Fate Core. I bought the book an age ago. Everyone gushed about how great it is, yet nobody is playing it, lol.

Thanks! Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays to everyone here!

I know posting frequency will dip during the festive season, looking forward to things picking up again in the new year.

Quick reminder of (some of) your options;
1: door on the other side of the hall.
2: dining room at the end of the hall.
3: stairs to second floor (where some of you have heard a strange noise).

I won't be posting much today as I have to fly to Ireland.

OOC: Back in Sandpoint, before you left for Foxglove Manor;

"Well met. I am Brother Silver of the Church of Abadar". The Cleric presents his holy symbol by rote as he smiles and extends his hand. "The Church of Abadar is always officially doing business, however hopefully there will be opportunity to enjoy the festivities while conducting business. What is your specialty in trading... and to whom do you tithe"?

Sanbalat returns your handshake. His fingers are long and effeminate yet his grip on your hand is firm. He smiles wildly and you notice his teeth are unnaturally white.

"Aha, you honor Abadar, Master of the First Vault, god of merchants and wealth? Put in a good word for me the next time you pray, Brother Silver, times are hard and I could do with all the help I can get.

"I would not say I have a specialty," the merchant continues, "I buy whatever people are selling and sell whatever they will buy!"

At the mention of tithes, Sanbalat laughs and leans back in his chair.

"Are you worried I might be dodging my taxes, Brother Silver? Fret not, I make recompense to the Temple of Abadar every time I pass through the City of Monuments. I would be a great fool indeed to tempt fate when the roads so fraught with vagrancy.

"It has been a delight conversing, but time is passing and I have business to attend to. I have a feeling our paths will cross again!"

NP, post when you are able.

”Good day to you, brother,” the merchant says, placing his unfinished coffee down on the table to cool, ”What an outlandish yarn that old man was spinning! I don’t believe a word of it, but it was still amusing to imagine such a thing! My name is Sanbalat, by the way. I am a traveller and a tradesman in no particular order. Quite often I find myself drawn back in this lovely little town. Are you and your friends here for the festival – or perhaps some other purpose has bought you to Sandpoint?”

Gynnie Swiftwhistle wrote:
GM, For the stealth bonus from the Thief edge, I'm supposed to be in an urban environment. I think inside a house counts, but I wanted to get your take.

I would agree that the mansion itself counts as an urban environment for the purposes of the Thief edge.

Ring of Arcane Protection:
Magical effects cast on the wearer (even by allies) suffer a -2 penalty and magical damage is reduced by 2.

The sagging ceiling above you groans ominously.

Please make a Notice roll.

That kinda' sounded like someone - or something - moving around directly above you.

That definitely sounded like someone - or something - moving around directly above you.

OOC: I'll give you +2 to your Notice roll as Detect Arcana draws your attention to the magical item hidden inside the chimney. Also, I don't know how many more people can realistically fit in the fireplace at once.

Toyama Reiko wrote:
Er, I am Brainiac's alias. :)

So you are, lol. My mistake. Who are we missing then? Aha, Erolat. I will PM him.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Thanks for your interest, Atlas. I will PM if you we lose any players in the future. :)

Scranford & Brainiac, feel free to jump in at any time, we'll assume that you have been with the party from the beginning of the adventure.

Gynnie picks up the torch, stands inside the fireplace, and looks up.

Whatever is above dislodges a few loose stones as it scrambles up and over the lip of the chimney, escaping across the roof of the dilapidated manor. Gynnie raises her arms to protect her head from the sooty debris. When she looks up, the creature is gone.

The sides of the chimney are blackened from the smoke of many fires, although it seems like a long time has passed since a flame was last kindled in this cold and unwelcoming hearth.

OOC: If anyone successfully searches the chimney...

Hidden behind a loose stone inside the chimney breast is a battered metal lockbox. Something rattles inside as you lift the container out of its sooty hiding place. The lock is broken and the box opens easily. If anyone looks inside, continue to the next spoiler tag.

Inside the box, you find a half dozen assorted, good quality gemstones. Sold together, they will increase one person's wealth by one die type. The box also contains a simple gold ring engraved with a stylized image of a shield.

You recognise the ring to be the source of magic that you detected from the hallway. You are able to identify it as a Ring of Arcane Protection, granting the Arcane Resistance edge to the wearer.

There is now a flaming torch in the fireplace. Smoke begins to fill the chimney and after a few moments the party hear the sound of frantic scrabbling from the flue as something retreats further up the chimney, away from the flame.

Rain wrote:

Notice: 1d8 + 2 ⇒ (4) + 2 = 6

Wild: 1d6 + 2 ⇒ (6) + 2 = 8
Ace: 1d6 ⇒ 4
Total 12 That's two raises I think

I may have misinterpreted the math, but that looks like;

Notice 1d8 + 2 = 4 (suggesting 2 + 2 = 4) + 2 again = 6
Wild 1d6 + 2 = 6 (suggesting 4 + 2 = 6) + 2 again = 8

It kinda looks like you rolled a 2 on the d8 and a 4 on the d6. Apologies if I have messed that up, it's my first time running PBP in an age.

Gynnie looks around for anything dangerous or valuable.

Reaching down the back of the mouldy couch, Gynnie disturbs a few large spiders that scuttle toward the gaping fireplace. She finds a handful of loose copper pieces and a scrap of torn parchment.

The parchment reads: ‘… beyond skeletons… ’

OOC: The way wealth works in SWADE, you don’t count coppers and silver pieces. Your wealth die will only increase or decrease after a major windfall or expenditure. This is an abstraction but hopefully it will speed things up and keep them simple.

Once they arrive at the manor Rain strings his bow and keeps it at the ready. On entering the building he does a quick circle of the first room.

While Gynnie is rummaging in the disgusting sofa, Rain checks the room for danger. As he passes the fireplace, he hears something moving in the flue. A bird perhaps, trapped inside the chimney breast?

Total 12 That's two raises I think

OOC: I think you might be adding your Alertness modifier twice.

Gynnie Swiftwhistle wrote:
Remembering her training, Gynnie walked up to the door and checked it for traps.

The door is not trapped and opens into a dusty lounge. A long couch has been pushed up against the wall, cushions caked with white streaks of fungus. A ring of stubby red mushrooms have sprouted from the damp floorboards in the centre of the room. The wind howls down a stone fireplace in the far wall.

Your Detect Arcana spell reveals a small, circular object hidden inside the chimney breast. With a raise on your origanl roll, you also detect that is some manner of protective magic.

I assume so, as well as the sixth PC who has yet to post in the gameplay thread.

The interior of the manor is dimly lit by natural light seeping in through dirty, broken windows at the far end of the hallway. As Reiko casts her spell, she does detect the familiar sensation of magic in the vicinity, but it is not originating from the stuffed monster in the middle of the foyer.

I’m imagining that Detect Arcana works like Batman’s detective vision in the Arkham games and items of interest glow brightly against a dull background. Perhaps the colour they glow determines the school of magic they belong to.

Instead, the bright glow of magic pulses from beyond the left-hand door in the long hallway.

"Great! Just one thing, though. Does anyone have a lantern we can use? It'll get dark soon, and we wouldn't want to stumble head first into a ditch."

Ameiko rummages behind the bar and reappears holding a battered lantern and a flask of oil.

“I have these left over from my own adventuring days,” she says, handing the items over to Gynnie, “I wish I could come with you but someone has to look after the Dragon and stop these crusty old seadogs drinking themselves into a watery grave.”

OOC: If you want to do anything else in town, post here or in the Discussion thread. When you're ready, we can start exploring the old haunted house.


The cold sea wind rises to a keening shriek as Foxglove Manor comes into view. You heard from Ameiko that the locals have taken to calling this old, crooked house ‘Misgivings’. The name suits the building well, as it teeters on the edge of the cliff as though preparing for a suicidal leap into the abyss. The roof sags in several places and thorny vines strangle the crumbling walls. The front entrance yawns like a hungry mouth and seems to exhale a rank, rotten breath as you climb the creaky wooden steps up to the porch. Mounted on the wall beside the door is a brass monkey’s head with a tarnished chain dangling from its grinning maw.

Anyone stepping across the threshold finds themselves standing in a long entrance hall. Wind howls through broken windows at the far end of the hallway, carrying with it the salty stench of the sea. The whole house creaks and groans constantly, and you are reminded of how precariously it is balanced on the edge of the cliff. Hunting trophies mounted upon the walls stare down at you with glassy eyes and a stuffed manticore takes pride of place on a raised plinth in the centre of the room, damp stuffing spilling from the seams in its ragged hide. A flight of stairs leads up to a balcony overlooking the entrance hall. Beneath the balcony, the hallway you are standing in continues further into the house, you can see what looks like a dining area at the far end of the hall. There are two doors leading off this long hallway, one to the left and a second to the right.

OOC: Your spear is still there, alongside any other weapons the other PCs bought into town.

"Satisfactory?" Ameiko pouts, throwing Reifuyu a scandalized look, "The Rusty Dragon boasts the most comfortable rooms this side of the City of Monuments. Admittedly, there's not much else south of Magnimar, besides the Brinestump Marsh, but still.... "

Ameiko marks the location of the abandoned house on your map of the Lost Coast region. She explains that it is an hours walk, or about twenty minutes if you were to ride.

It is midday. The weather is cold, but clear and adventure beckons!

OOC: Anything you want to do in Sandpoint before we kick things off?

Toyama Reiko wrote:
Reiko concludes her tale and bows to the crowd before skipping back to her seat to down another ale.

OOC: Reiko, please have a benny.

"Impressive!" Ameiko says, as she places another frothing tankard in front of Reiko, "This one's on the house. We know all about goblins in Sandpoint! Vile creatures! There are five different tribes living in the hinterlands, but fortunately they spend so much time fighting each other that they rarely bother us. You do hear about the occasional missing traveller though."

Abraham Silver wrote:
Abraham took a look around the room to see if any others seemed interested.

You see a foreign merchant seated alone at a table near the door. He is wearing loose robes that cannot be practical for travelling this early in the year. His age is difficult to place as his features on strangely smooth and boyish, yet his almond coloured eyes sparkle with intelligence as he sips a mug of steaming coffee. During the old fisherman’s tale, you noticed the corners of the merchants mouth twist into a slight smirk at the mention of the evil spirit in the basement of Foxglove Manor.

Toyama Reiko wrote:

Okay, here's the revised version, and the alias. Also, does armor interfere with spellcasting in any way? Trying to figure out what gear I need.

Name: Toyama Reiko
Race: Human
Gender: Female

Attributes and Skills:
Agility d6
-Fighting d4
-Stealth d4
Smarts d8
-Common Knowledge d4
-Knowledge (arcana) d8
-Investigation d8
-Notice d6
-Spellcasting d8
-Taunt d4
Spirit d6
-Persuasion d4
Strength d4
-Athletics d4
Vigor d6

Pace 6"; Parry 5; Toughness 5
Hindrances: Big Mouth, Curious, Loyal
Edges: Arcane Background (Magic), Wizard
Powers (10 points): bolt, deflection, detect/conceal arcana
Gear: Staff (Str+d4, Parry +1, Reach 1, 2 hands), dagger (Str+d4)

Armour does not interfere with spellcasting, but you do need to meet the minimum strength requirement. Also, in SWADE, Wizard is now a Seasoned edge that lets you change spell trappings on the fly, so you will need to change that out. Otherwise, everything else looks good at a quick glance.

Brainiac wrote:

Here's the basic stats for my character. I still have to pick a name, plus powers and gear. Let me know if it looks okay so far.

Name: ???
Race: Human
Gender: Female

Attributes and Skills:
Agility d6
-Stealth d4
Smarts d8
-Common Knowledge d4
-Knowledge (arcana) d8
-Investigation d8
-Notice d4
-Streetwise d8
-Spellcasting d8
Spirit d6
-Persuasion d4
Strength d4
-Athletics d4
Vigor d6

Pace 6"; Parry XX; Toughness XX
Hindrances: Big Mouth, Curious, Loyal
Edges: Arcane Background (Magic), Wizard
Powers (10 points): (3)
Gear: XX

Lose Streetwise and redistribute those 3 points elsewhere and you're good.

Abraham Silver wrote:
I believe Brother Abraham is ready to adventure...

That looks fine.

I checked the Pinnacle forum; re: trappings for shapechange and the official reply was;
"Shape Change at its base allows for any mundane animal as long as it falls within the limitations of the character's Rank. It's possible to have a trapping which limits it to a specific animal or set of animals (only aquatic for instance) but that's adding restrictions which don't inherently exist."
... so I'm cool with any beast/animal that meets rank requirements, but no shapechanging into a humanoid monster, ie: goblins/orcs, etc.

I'm also imagining how fear would work for a priest of Abadar. The target suddenly receives a crippling penalty charge from their bank! Make a fear save! :D

wicked_raygun wrote:

I built this using SWD and with your guidelines. Please let me know if anything looks particularly off. And I'll pick up the SWAE as soon as I can.

Name: Gynnie Swiftwhistle
Race: half-folk "halfling"
Gender: female

Pace: 6
Parry: 6 (+1 rapier)
Toughness: 5 (+1 leather, -1 size)
Power points: 10
Bennies: 4

• AGL d8
• SMA d6
• SPI d6
• STR d6
• VIG d6

• Athletics d6
• Fighting d6
• Common Knowledge d4
• Lockpicking d6
• Notice d6
• Persuasion d4
• Spellcasting d6
• Stealth d8
• Streetwise d6

• Curious (major)
• Loyal (minor)
• Wanted (minor, for thievery in Magnimar)

• Arcane Background (Magic)
• Thief

** spoiler omitted **

** spoiler omitted **...

Most of this looks fine, but two changes to the Skills section;

1: Change Lockpicking to Thievery.
2: Streetwise no longer exists in SWADE. You use Persuasion/Intimidation for Networking instead. You could bump Persuasion up to d6 and put the last remaining skill point into something else.

Also, what did you steal and who did you steal it from? Don't have to answer now, but give it some thought and let me know.

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You can now buy the PDF of Savage Worlds Adventure Edition for the remarkably low price of £7.91 on RPGNow.com.

You can now buy the PDF of Savage Worlds Adventure Edition for the remarkably low price of £7.91 on RPGNow.com.

Some points; re: SWADE.

Start with free d4 in Athletics, Common Knowledge, Notice, Persuasion and Stealth. These are core skills that it is assumed EVERYONE has some proficiency with.
You then have 12 more skill points to spend, as per the character creation rules in any version of SW.

Charisma is no longer a thing. Edges like Charismatic give you free re-rolls instead.

In combat, you can perform a reasonable number of three actions and up to three standard actions. You can now perform the same action more than once (this was not the case in previous versions). However, every additional action incurs a cumulative -2 multi-action penalty on all rolls.
For example...
You could move (a free action) and attack (a standard action) with no penalty.
You could move (a free action) and attack twice (two standard action) at -2 on each fighting roll.
You could attack (a standard action) then move (a free action) and attack twice (two standard action) at -4 on each fighting roll.

... and so forth.

There is a new thing in SWADE called Conviction Points. If your PC does achieves a great personal victory or suffers a great personal setback, they gain conviction points, that can be spent to add d6 to a trait or damage roll. This can explode like any other die.

I'm capping wounds at 4, so you will never take more than 4 wounds at once, no matter how many times the damage dice explode. Damage against enemies is also capped at 4 wounds. This does not make combat any less dangerous, but (slightly) reduces the risk of permanent death.

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MrStr4ng3 wrote:

If there is still room I would be interested. I have enjoyed all of the Savage worlds I have played. is there still room?

What are other people playing?

You are in! We have a charismatic cleric, an investigative wizard, a ranger type and a trickster rogue. Party balance is less of an issue in SW, just play what you want to play. :)

That's six players. Recruitment is closed until someone drops out.

Test: Fighting: 1d8 ⇒ 7
Wild: 1d6 ⇒ 3

OOC discussion thread for Savaged Secret of Sandpoint.

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wicked_raygun wrote:
Just out of curiosity, are survival and tracking still 2 different skills? That always drove me crazy.

Nope, they have been merged under Survival now.

You are welcome to join. Arcane trickster sounds fun.

I have put up first post in the gameplay thread, jump in whenever you like.

Can someone remind me what I have to type to trigger a die roll plz.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

It is the start of a new year and for reasons known only to yourself, you are travelling the Lost Coast Road, a twisting track that winds along the edge of the Varisian Gulf. You find yourself in the quaint, coastal town of Sandpoint. The townsfolk are preparing for the annual Swallowtail Festival, but none are too preoccupied to offer you a warm welcome to their community. It seems that wanderers and adventurers are a common sight around these parts.

You have taken lodgings at the Rusty Dragon inn, an old, comfortable building near the centre of the town. The innkeeper, Ameiko Kaijitsu is an attractive young woman with Tian blood and an unlikely hairstyle. A former adventurer herself, Ameiko recognises you for kindred spirits and extends a discount on the cost of your rooms in exchange for livening up the busy taproom with tales of your past heroism.

OOC: Feel free to post a quick story recounting your previous adventures, anyone entertaining the crowd will be awarded with an additional benny.

An old fisherman, his grey beard dripping with ale rises unsteadily from his stool to address the crowd.

"Oive got a tale that will chill your bones and turn your bowels to water," the drunkard claims, "It was several years back, when I set out to explore the old Foxglove manor...."

"Not this tired old story again!" someone yelled from the back of the room.

"Still your tongue! the fisherman snapped, before glancing over towards your table, "There are fresh faces in the Dragon tonight who won't have heard my tale.

I entered the old place via the back door. Lead straight into the kitchen, it did. Rats the size of dogs sat watching me, bold as you like, till I chased 'em orf. I saw a set of stairs leading down into the cellar and thinking there might be treasure down there...."

"Looking for wine, more like," someone sniggered.

" ... I started down the creaky steps to have a poke about. Suddenly, a horrible scream - the most awful thing oive ever heard - sounded from below and a fearsome apparition chased me from the house, all the way back to me boat. Oive never run so hard in all my loife, for I can only imagine what horrid tortures that spectre might have visited upon me had it got its way."

"A good tale and worth another drink!" Ameiko said, passing a bottle across the bar, "But make this the last one and then take yourself home to your wife!"

When next Ameiko stops at your table to refill your tankards, she pauses to consider your weapons and apparel.

"Old Jervis might be a poor husband and poorer fisherman, but he's no liar. I believe he encountered something strange at the old Foxglove manor, out on the bluffs south of town. Other folk have reported seeing strange lights at night, but nobody will go near for fear of disturbing whatever spirits occupy the place. I heard from Mayor Deverin that some nobleman from Magnimar is planning to renovate and move in with his young wife. This might be the last chance we have to find out what is really going on - that's if any of you are interested in a little adventure?"

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scranford wrote:
Thinking about a slick talking holy man of Abadar. Battles more with his wits and charm than with physical skills.

The new Support/Test rules make this a viable strategy.

Brainiac wrote:
I'm going to make an investigator wizard! :)

You can totally make that!

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ObsessiveCompulsiveWolf wrote:
Linkt forya!

You are da' man, Wolf.

I will now e-mail players to say we are good to go.

I understand player turnover is high in PbP games, so recruitment is still open if anyone else wants to join. I am gonna' cap the party at 6 though.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

That's three interested parties so far. I can run with three, although 4/5 would be better. You folks can start thinking about your novice characters and hopefully a few more players will jump in. I posted an ad over on the Pinnacle forum too, so might get some interest from over there.

Any questions about character creation/concepts?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Nope. SW is super easy to pick up. It's not really rules-lite, but it is rules-intuitive. You'll assign attributes a value between d4 and d12. On every roll, you get an extra d6 called a wild die and you pick the better result from the two dice rolled. Dice explode (on the highest number).

You can find free test drive rules that explain everything here: https://www.peginc.com/store/savage-worlds-test-drive-lankhmar/
just bear in mind that the test drive is for the Deluxe edition of SW and there will be a few changes for the new Adventure edition.

Oceanshieldwolf wrote:

I love that SSoSm keeps turning up, such an iconic adventure (I'm currently in a PbP PF version).

Just wanted to say that - I'm in enough games and Savage Worlds doesn't grab me. Have fun!

Thanks! I just hope I can get it off the ground. Fingers crossed.

Good luck in your own game(s)!

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