Debating over a Wizard feat


SO I'm statting up a 5th level Conjuration (Teleportation) specialist, and I have to admit that I'm going a little nuts trying to figure out my last feat.

Currently I've got Improved Initiative, Spell Focus (Conjuration), Augment Summoning, and (due to my party begging me to take it) Craft Wonderous Item. I've got one 5th level option left available to me, but I'm totally torn as to what to take.

So far I've considered the following:

Greater Spell Focus (Conjuration) - The extra +1 spell save DC is nice, but I worry that I'm giving up too much flexibility by taking this.

Quick Draw - I'll be using wands, metamagic rods, and scrolls with some frequency, but as a Conjuration (Teleportation) specialist my Shift ability will make movement a little less important that it usually is, so I'm not super concerned.

Fast Study - Not really a feat, but I do like the idea of being able to prepare spells in the field more quickly, I just don't know how often this will come up. If I can choose my spells well each day, would I really need this?

Eye of the Arclord - Suggested by another player in the group, kind of a neat feat, but the main reason I could see taking it would be for the 1 minute of Darkvision per day (which is nice because I'm human) and for flavor, but the other benefits don't seem all that great to me.

Varisian Tattoo - The main reason to take this one seems to be the +1 caster level to all of my Conjuration spells, but the most benefit I'd seem to get out of that is 1 more round on the duration of my summons, which, while nice, doesn't seem worth a whole feat.

Any input as to what I should end up doing here? I'm pretty happy with my other choices so far, I'm just really unsure of what to take with my last option. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Extend Spell? One of those feats that buff your summons, like Skeletal Summonings or Moonlight Summonings? Intensify Spell for your occasional blast?

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You didn't bring of Toughness, so I'll assume you're happy with the amount of hit points you have. How about Superior Summoning? Since you already have Augment Summoning, you could probably get away with summoning lower level creatures, and this just gives you more.

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Spell Specialization? +2 to CL for a specific spell, and you can change that spell every 2 levels.

Usually I would go with toughness.
But as someone else said extend spell is a GREAT feat.
Also if you aren't already looking into this thread then I would advice it: nks

Extend spell inst so good for that spec since they get auto bonus from class feature

I have a rod for Extend Spell currently, and for once in my life I rolled well for hit points, so I'm not too concerned about Toughness. Superior Summoning is one I've considered, it's just that my second level options don't feel as good as my third level ones, so I feel a little strange about dropping the spell level down to get more than one minion.

Spell Specialization is a great feat, but for the bulk of my conjuration spells it feels wasted, as so few of them have level dependent variables other than duration. Two more rounds on Summon Monster III is something I've considered, though.

Hadn't really thought about Skeletal Summoning or Moonlight Summoning. I'll have to look into those. Thanks for the feedback so far, all.

what other schools of magic will you be using?
If you intend to cast evocation spells daze spell is amazing.
Persistent spell i find very useful as well.
Bounce spell is great if you use enchantment spells.

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My vote goes to Fast Study - you basically can cast any noncombat spell spontaneously. It gives you a HUGE amount of freedom and versatility.

Other than that, Superior Summoning is probably your best option. It sucks pretty bad to get 1 on your 1d3 roll to summon something off the lower list.

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Conjuration is super-flexible. Taking Spell Focus (conjuration) doesn't actually give up any flexibility.

Persistent Spell is amazing. Works with all of your best spells: Slow, Stinking Cloud, Aqueous Orb, Glitterdust, etc.

Instead of taking a feat for 1 minute of darkvision every day, just prepare the Darkvision spell every day starting at level 8 or so and enjoy day-long darkvision. You're reaching the point where extend spell becomes less and less useful, so I might avoid that one. Once you hit level 8, extending stuff doesn't really make much of a difference anymore, as rope trick lasts all night and buffs last all day. The spells you'll be extending are all level 3 and below, anyways, and a lesser extend rod is only 3k gp. That's a really cheap item.

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