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Also get some armor with fortification and death ward

+5 weapon +5 armor +5 ring of protection +5 cloak of resistance wands of cure light wounds potions of stuff unless you are a caster than get scrolls get a few scrolls of breath of life wand of lesser restoration cure disease cure blindness remove curse and a lot of other things

The wearer treats his Strength score as 8 higher than normal when determining his carrying capacity. This bonus does not apply to combat, breaking items, or any other Strength-related rolls, it only contributes to the amount of equipment or material the wearer can carry.

Straight from the text of muleback cords it doesn't apply on combat it only applies to carrying stuff including your equipment it doesn't give you a bonus yo break or tip anything especlally if your in combat

There is a magus arcana that let's you use your magus level as your bab plus str. To trip things plus improved trip of course

That's right if u cast heightened magic missile and you want it to be + 3 DC you need to use 4th level spell if u add quicken add another +3 spell level and use a 7th level spell slot if u have magical linage trait

Benoc wrote:

Well if he just died, as in less than a day, you could use a 2nd level spell from the apg called create treasure map. You cut off a slice of his skin and cast the spell, it makes a map showing the location of his stash.

Not the nicest spell, but if you really want it...

shoot wish i had looked through my spells more carefully, its been about 1 week now so its too late. will get a few scrolls of this in case we find another wizard

thanks a bunch

any tips on locating a dead wizard's place, to see what kinda magic items and or spell books he has there?

we failed to save 1 in the campeign and i am a wizard soo.. i wanna find his secret stash -D

found this chart. If i was a 53 year old human i would get a total of -3 to str, dex, con and +2 to int wis cha?

Table: Aging Effects
Race Middle Age1 Old2 Venerable3 Maximum Age
Human 35 years 53 years 70 years 70 + 2d20 years
Dwarf 125 years 188 years 250 years 250 + 2d% years
Elf 175 years 263 years 350 years 350 + 4d% years
Gnome 100 years 150 years 200 years 200 + 3d% years
Half-elf 62 years 93 years 125 years 125 + 3d20 years
Half-orc 30 years 45 years 60 years 60 + 2d10 years
Halfling 50 years 75 years 100 years 100 + 5d20 years
1 At middle age, –1 to Str, Dex, and Con; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
2 At old age, –2 to Str, Dex, and Con; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
3 At venerable age, –3 to Str, Dex, and Con; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.

Human wizard with 22 int before headband is added.

the headband has +2 modifier with Arcana as associated skill

so if i have 5 ranks and am a level 10 wizard it automatically becomes "10" ranks?

the main issue i have is this;
1 skill point (human)
1 skill point (favored class)
2 skill point (wizard)
6 skill point (from int)
1 skill point (auto added to Arcana?)

is that how it works? that means even though i have 24 int I can only assign 10 skill points anywhere I want and 1 being auto assigned to Arcana?

johnlocke90 wrote:
Adamantine Dragon wrote:
Thefurmonger wrote:
Infernal healing (and greater) are wizard spells.
Evil ones. Yes.
The Wizards would be much more effective if they are evil. That would let them use Animate Dead as well, which would give them access to decent melee damage.

you don't have to be evil to use that spell.

you guys are talking nonsense, you absolutely need a cleric. at level 12 I have fought wizards that kill you with 1 spell, finger of death or some other spell and demons or other giants that can do nearly 1/3 of your life in 1 hit. plus most people don't buff their ac very much so the always get hit and in 2 rounds they will be unconscious without healing. with a cleric you get rezed right away and can keep fighting or you just die and stay dead cause no one can cast Resurrection or breath of life.

and also like some people say they can buff the part to own mobs if they aren't healing.

Weird Words (Su): At 6th level, a sound striker can start a performance as a standard action, lashing out with 1 potent sound per bard level (maximum 10), each sound affecting one target within 30 feet. These are ranged touch attacks. Each weird word deals 1d8 points of damage plus the bard’s Charisma bonus (Fortitude half ), and the bard chooses whether it deals bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage for each word. This performance replaces suggestion.

it says you start a performance as a standard action, and do damage so i don't see why it cant be an inspire courage that gives you buff and does damage.

he says my ape is a clutch, supporting everyone since he can do so much dmg and have the highest ac without being an player character.

i have the proficency feat, b) i agree it can get more broken like the 4th level spell that gives it advanced template which stacks with bulls strength and stuff.

first round i gave it bulls strength and 2nd round i gave it bark skin it has 28 ac with haste the gm didnt like that at all.

d.) i know its not broken and will not be as good at higher levels but he thinks its wayy to powerpowered and is trying to nerf me by making it give up its armor, also since i have 22 ac he wants me to go into melee more since i have the highest ac other than my pet, even though i built him to be a ranged caster.

my gm thinks this is broken so i will share it.

6th level druid with ape animal companion
ape's feats light armor proficency, power attack and toughness
24 strength 16dexterity 14 constitution
+1 amulet of mighty fists and +1 chain shirt

with his natural leveling up he has alot of natural armor so at level 6 hes got 24 ac / 25 with haste

and his 3 attacks does 1d6+14 damage / 4 attacks with haste

he's making me take off my armor that i gave to pet cause its +4 higher than the highest ac person in the gorup.

ciretose wrote:

You actually gain quite a bit.

Your damage fighting two handed is 1 and 1/2 strength before adding in the power attack bonuses.

Not to mention you can then two weapon fight with a two handed weapon, which generally does more damage base than a normal weapon.

We will see what the Devs say.

well you lose a lot too, as in -4 to attack if you power attack and TWF since both of those minus stack. if your TWF dont do power attack or vise versa

K so i have inproved trip and greater trip,

I trip a guy and attack him using power attack as an opportunisty attack, if i want to trip a another guy will my cmb have minuses from power attacking?

Deidre Tiriel wrote:
Mapleswitch wrote:
I haven't read where yet. Do you know where this is printed?
The Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play. They are under the short list of banned spells from the Core Rulebook, along with permanency and some others.

That's stupid if they don't want us to use the spell they should not put it into their books banned spells that is.

Stome wrote:
Its hardly just Paladins. Don't forget Barbarians and Rangers. Sadly Fighters had been a NPC/dip class in 3.5 and they are not much more then that in pathfinder.

wow i totally disagree, fighters have armor training, which is not nearly as good as weapon training, plus they can build into the feat trees way earlier on at the moment not going into too many details

level 10 dwarf fighter 23 str ,+4 str from belt, inp and greater trip

i can trip giants with a roll of 5 since i have a +26 cmb, than when they fall ddown my 2 melee buddies and myself get free AOO on him/her/it. than they get up we get 3 more or he/she/it takes -4 to attack and we get +4 to hit him/her/it.

also i was able to go into the improved critical feats plus a few defensive feats so with my armor i have 34ac without using a shield. the highest ac in the group atm by +8 armor.

I made a dwarven fighter, level 10 atm
23str 16dex 18con 12wis 13int 7cha 120hp and 34ac

and I TRIP the crap out of things with my +1 cold iron heavy flail.

with improved trip and greater trip, power attack.
gloves of dueling.

2 other melee with me, a fighter/shadowdancer and a rogue with feint and greater faint

when i trip something with my +26/+21 they fall over and if one or both of those guys are there there is 3 AoO plus rogue has opportunist class feature so 4 AoO. plus they have to get up or suffer -4 attack and we get a +4 to hit him. if he gets up 3 more AoO.

i feel that when they hit things on my turn, it adds to the damage i did lol. so in essense with haste i can dish out about 1d10+25 x3 in one round plus their oppourtinity attacks and mine if mob tries to get up.

also took improved critical. i can trip giants if i roll a 5 on my attack roll at highest BaB.

CommandoDude wrote:

Anything the fighter can do, the Barbarian/Paladin/Ranger can do better.

What does a Fighter got? Feats. That's it. No meaningful class abilities, skills, or spells. He does ONE thing, or variations of that one thing, which is hitting things. And the only thing he gets out of it is just more of something every class gets.

Sure there's a couple interesting archetypes, but most of them are fairly unimpressive and other classes can do what the archetypes do, but usually better.

If I ever ran a campaign, Fighter would be a banned class.

I only wish I'd known this simple fact a long time ago and stopped trying to play fighter thinking "This time it'll be different. This time, I'll get to do something!"

they have weapon training, armor training, you can wear normal plate armor without going fancy mithril and still move normal and get higher dex bonus to ac.

the bomb discoveries are worded strangely.

Explosive Bomb: creatures that are hit take 1d6 more damage. does that mean all creatures take the extra damage or only the main target?

TriOmegaZero wrote:
Cry Jay wrote:
Perhaps I was being a little harsh, but in my defense: we've been playing for 4+ years, They had to have had some idea that something wasn't "right", and perhaps they should have seen or paid attention to such obvious signs.

What is obvious to you may not be obvious to them. You have the benefit of knowing everything. They only know what you describe. Are you sure they even noticed what you said?

I always have trouble with Sense Motive checks. Do I tell them to roll, and give away that something is up? Or do I wait for them to ask, and risk them never asking?

This may be what happened to your group.

what i would do is JOT down their sense motive bonus and roll it in secret. that way if one of your players "roll" high enough you can say, so and so thinks something is off

Axl wrote:
AWizardInDallas wrote:

I never use point buy. He started with these stats:

Str 15, Dex 14, Con 15, Int 17, Wis 15, Cha 18

No, I didn't see him roll either. I generally go with the honor system.

He cheated.

totally, or he used 1d20 for stats rolls lol

i stated this out in hero lab hes at 56 point buy at level one, hes like 2.5 characters in one lol

JUST nerf him don't punish the other players cause hes too powerful, nerf as in have him reroll stats or use 30 point buy instead of his 56point buy atm. or something like that.

I like shortbows cause I like d6 over d8 dice

gives you +1 insight bonus to AC

can you have multiple of these?

do they boost your CMD?

Where does it say that you use the reach weapon as a range weapon in terms of soft cover?

I would go with at least 5 levels of gunslinger, than go fighter, becuse at 5th level gun fighter you get dex to damage.

missing the point, once a mob finds out it cant hit the monk it will switch to other targets, especially if he as a insane AC and probably misses a lot and or does very little damage. a good defense is a good offense, if you focus fire, and kill 1 mob at a time by doing a lot of damage you will not take damage in return.

Morris Chan wrote:
galahad2112 wrote:
So, wait, you're saying that when I hold my, let's say...greatsword in one hand, it's intrinsically different than holding my morningstar with my light shield hand? I can pass my morningstar from hand to hand, and even have one of those hands specifically unable to wield a weapon, then pass it back, and still be "wielding" my morningstar, BUT if I take one hand off of my greatsword, putting my other hand back on is a move action?
yes because its easier to use it in one hand since its made for one hand combat, where as a greatsword is heavier so it needs to be used two handed so when you one hand than try to two hand it again its a move action.

everyone is straying the point is can you do Spellstrike with a 2h weapon and the answer is yes. its not limited to spell combat which is doing damage with a weapon than doing damage with a spell as a "offhand" attack like if you were using TWF.

galahad2112 wrote:
So, wait, you're saying that when I hold my, let's say...greatsword in one hand, it's intrinsically different than holding my morningstar with my light shield hand? I can pass my morningstar from hand to hand, and even have one of those hands specifically unable to wield a weapon, then pass it back, and still be "wielding" my morningstar, BUT if I take one hand off of my greatsword, putting my other hand back on is a move action?

yes because its easier to use it in one hand since its made for one hand combat, where as a greatsword is heavier so it needs to be used two handed so when you one hand than try to two hand it again its a move action.

Weapon Specialization feat: +2 damage
fighter level 10 gets +2 to one weapon damage and attack rolls

is this affected by two handing a weapon?
or is this bonus added after increasing Strength and Power attack values by 50%

Ring of protection doesnt stack with unslotted
protection from evil

either a gorup of clerics or a gorup of druids, who has some pets to tank and a few druids with domains

you don't necessarily find weapons but some armor and maybe rings of Protection or cloaks of resistances needs to be found in a cache very near in the future =D

i remember reading that it was a standard action to pull and drink extract but i cant seem to find it in the book now,

cranewings wrote:

I'm going to be running a low level game with super common firearms treated as simple weapons.

It is really easy to get a touch AC up above where you can be shot by a first level guy with a gun. Dex +5, Monk level 6 +2, Dodge +1 and Combat Expertise +2 gives you a touch AC of 20, and the penalty to shoot back isn't that big of a deal because you will only need like a 10 or 11 and you have a massive dexterity to deal with it. Combine that with the fact that the PCs can get easy AC buffs like protection from evil and they will be, like most PCs are in most games, immune to the common people.

Running a game in a society where firearms are common, and having PCs that can easily just ignore that fact seems to break down the fundamental characteristics of running that setting. Sure, the PCs are special, but the supposed deadliness of the situation should make them choose caution over combat whenever they can.

Are there any RAW ways of bumping up the deadliness of commoner firearms / commoner Gunslingers or am I stuck with my ham-handed house rule that firearms ignore all HP except what you gained at first level?

Important note: yes I own other RPGs, yes I've played and ran them, no I'm not going to run them, I am going to run Pathfinder.

Silly rabbit how many characters do u think will have touch AC that high most people may have a dex of 10 to 16 maybe without being a monk or combat expertise that is a touch AC of 10 to 12the maybe 13 with dodge.

DeusNocturne wrote:
Ok so have we addressed what actually gives the monk a chance and what guarantees the monk/rogue combo wins vs fighter yet? (sorry didn't read the whole thin so if this was mentioned feel free to call me lazy/stupid/etc etc) By that of course I mean a pure grapple monk, If a monk can initiate a grapple successfully on a fight he will be able to hold him there while the rogue sneak attacks him and the monk takes iteratives. Maybe it's just me but the seems like the first logical step to how the monk wins this. feel free to correct me if I'm wrong or show me the math of it...(sorry I would do it myself but its been a long night...)

we are talking about one vs one besides a rogue can't sneak attack a person who is grappled, they are not flat footed or denied their dexterity they just get a -4 dex and -2 to attack rolls.

fear in most sense will make the character run away, intimidate on the other hand imposes a -2 to skills attacks and such so its not as bad. hence paladins are not immune to it. they are immune to fear effects which causes them to be shaken but also run away in terror.

thanks for all the posts, very similiar to what i have so far.

Specialized wizard here
minus Necromancy and Enchantment

Looking for a List of 10 best spells in your opinion that every wizard should have for their 2nd level spells.

No matter what kind of wizard you play, blaster or control or both give me your list. I just want to see what kinda spells people use.

ashern wrote:

So my buddy is playing in a new game and gets into a disagreement with the DM after the session. This DM swears that fighters suck in pathfinder and that rogues and monks are way better at dealing damage. Fast forward to the end of the discussion, the DM throws down a challenge.

Level 20 Fighter in a 1 on 1 fight versus a monk or a rogue. 20 point buy, Core book only....

And no magic items. (The DM claimed "they would all come out in the wash") Under those conditions, who do you think is better?

Christ thats no contest, fighter = best damage dealer without magic items a rogue would do NO sneak attack damage to him except if he went first.

Diligent Student (Ex)

At 1st level, a scroll scholar chooses one Knowledge skill. This becomes a class skill if it is not already one. The scroll scholar adds half her class level to all Knowledge checks of this type (minimum 1). At 5th level and every five levels thereafter, a scroll scholar chooses 1 additional Knowledge skill to receive this bonus.

the parts that says you add 1/2 your class level to all knowledge checks of this type means only the knowledge skills you add using this ability? or all knowledge checks like a bard?

you can only use 1 archetype isn't that right?

Hmm kill stuff by blasting group of still to kill them simple.
Lock them down by droping them into pits/nauseating / or other control type spells. Which takes some mobs out of combat but than we have to kill them later.

its better to focus on 1 type of attacks ie get more arms and do claw attacks. dont get too many different kinds of attacks

3 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

Improved Trip
Greater Trip
Power Attack

.. can you trip a guy than use power attack when making an opportunity attack?

With the magic knack trait u get 2 caster level so
3wizard/2rogue can get 3rd level spells on scrolls, add them to spell book and memorize it? Or just heightens the rounds per level and in case of fireball oraomething do 2d6punk more damage?

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