Do we get confirmation?

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I was just wondering if we get a confirmation email or something when we post our item? I mean, I got redirected to a page that says "thank you" but, I'd like something less ephemeral.

Also, at the end, if we don't make the cut, will we be able to see the judge's feedback on our submissions?


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If you made it in time, if you re-visit the Superstar main page, it has just under the title a confirmation message quoting date and time of your entry.

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As for they main question, it's not at all doubtable whether your submission was received, if you go to the main superstar page, there'll either be a "submit your item"-message if it wasn't, or a " your item was received at (time) - Good luck"-message. Not the exact words, but something like that.
And, if you've submitted, they might (they did last year) at some point send out messages asking people to be sure to have their real name in their profile (not posting name, just present in the profile). No idea if that will come up this time. Probably will not if none of the 32/alternates have names there, which don't sound real.

scm wrote:
Also, at the end, if we don't make the cut, will we be able to see the judge's feedback on our submissions?

As for that part, no you don't see the comments as they were. The top 32 get (I believe) a revised written together comment from each judge or the full comment.

Everyone else can post their item in the traditional critique thread at some point, once it won't take glory and attention from the 32, and those items usually get a least one judges comments on it, which will probably summarize what they thought of it.

Hope that answers your question. Best of luck.

Thanks folks, I do still see the "we received your entry" bit, so I guess that's my confirmation. Good luck everyone!

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scm wrote:
Something about getting feedback if you dont make top 32

I expect (as in previous years) someone will start a "why didn't I make it?" thread, wherein non-32ers can post their items and the judges can provide their thoughts. This of course is not guaranteed, the judges are busy with future rounds and can only do so much, but being ultimately benevolent gods, they do try and help us out.

And of course you can always turn to other contestants and spectators, many of who also provide excellent feedback.

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