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Shadow Lodge

Oh most definitely. This should be very enlightening.

The Exchange

Hey, quick question, how did you type your own name?

There's a tournament ? I win it ! A card ? I win it ? A rope ? I win it !

I win them all !

Shadow Lodge

Tirq wrote:
Hey, quick question, how did you type your own name?

Well I can't very well kidnap myself can I? One of the perks of being me.

Hey you, big guy. You should read that card. It'll do you wonders.

The Exchange

Make sure to read it OUT LOUD.

You're talking to me ?

I don't know if I can answer you, right now. I didn't understand a thing about that card... and I'm too busy WINNING !

Muwahahahhahahahahaha hehehehehe ghghghghghggh uhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuhn (us gnomes invented that laugh, back in the good old days in the First World ! Haaaaa, those were the days.... except, not, you know: it was more like twilight).

The Exchange

Twilight the book or Twilight the time of day?

Also, when you take a step back and look at Twilight, it's actually pretty cool. I mean, Werewolves in an ongoing war against Vampires? Awesome. How it was portrayed? Not my cup of beans.

Another situation of good concept, poor execution.

Underworld did it first, and better, anyway.

The problem with Twilight is Bella. Shoot, I'd watch it if it was just Charlie and Alice hunting werewolves and vampires. That would be awesome...yes, I've watched two of those abominations at my wife's request. I thought I could stand watching the train wreck after the first movie but it just got progressively worse and less funny. The third movie had a great five minutes in the beginning and an entertaining ten towards the end. The middle was garbage and, unfortunately, the middle is apparently the important part.

I haven't seen nor read Twilight.

I spent the 90s playing Vampire the Masquerade, and I kind of overdosed on vampires.

Undead ? Stay dead, I say !

And you know what ? I win !

You lose, Nosferatu!

El DD LAP has lost.

Liberty's Edge


The Exchange

Hey, a Dwarf, a Pirate, and whatever EDDLAP is, walk into a thread...

Shadow Lodge


And they lose.

Because I win.

Winning is easy, you just have to be obsessed by it.

Not that I am obsessed, mind you. I am perfectly capable of not thinking about winning.

I think about the color pink, for example.

I like pink.

It's gleeful.

It's the glee of... of... A WINNER !



Dark Archive

Pathfinder Adventure, Adventure Path Subscriber

Now Now Captain Spalding you don't want me to have to take you over my knee again like I did when you were younger. Now be a good loser and get your daddy a beer.

Gaahh. The nightmare returns. I thought I sunk you off the coast of Sargavia.

Dark Archive

*revs through the thread in his Bentley, steals the winning flag*

The Exchange

We have a flag?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Sure looks like I win.

It sure looks like I'm winning now.

Shadow Lodge

I beg to differ.

Beg away. I mean, go waaaaaaaaay over there and beg. Look upon the mighty win and weep for you shall not have it.


Sovereign Court

Of course we have a flag! No flag, no country! That's according to the rules I just made up! And I'm backing them up with this gun! That means I win!

Grrrr ! Wooof ! Graaaarrr wooof ! Hragn hargn woof ! Grrooooo...

What's that in your mouth ? No ! Give it to me ! Give it ! Let it go... bad, bad dog !

So what have we here... a blood-tainted flag, besmirched with a patch of feathers... strange feathers...

Hey, this is the flag for the country of Teh Win !!

[brandishes flag]

I win, fellow Tehwinners, I win !

*picks up feathers in mouth*


Quiche Lisp slams Less-than-Adequate Duck repeatedly with the shaft of the winning flag [wack wack wack !] !

** pants pants **

I... win...wheeezzze...

*Shoves Quiche Lisp aside casually*
Victory is mine!

Back away, fiend!

Victory goes to Sarenrae!!

*Starts to Channel Positive Energy*

Argh! Happy thoughts, my only weakness! Curse you, curse you all *Crumbles to dust*
*reintegrates* Oh, you hadn't started yet? Oops, how embarrassing.

*Actually Channels Positive Energy now*

*Flatly* Argh. Happy thoughts, my only weakness. Curse you etcetera etcetera *crumbles to dust again*

I knew I should have brought a stake with me...

*still a pile of dust* come on now, be sporting!

"Pfff pfff !"

Quiche Lisp blows on the pile of dust with all his lungs.

"He he !" he giggles in a pure gnomish fit of Schadenfreude.

"Bye bye, f(r)iend ! I'll win in your stead."

To Emilia:

"He ! I've seen a miracle over there. You should go check it (while I win)."

Lantern Lodge

NOPE! *stamps out Quiche Lisp*

What kind of miracle? *She runs off to investigate, her curiosity being something of a weakness*

Shadow Lodge

Hello there!

*drops a card with his name on it into Emilia's hand*

Looks like it's your lucky day.

*Sense Motive after looking at Candlejack*

...I think not.

*Hands Candlejack his own card back*

Shadow Lodge


Shadow Lodge

*Ninja himself the Candlejack card, reads it*
This is very interesting! Do you mind if I have... like... a dozen of these?

Shadow Lodge

Take all you like. Spread them around. Read them aloud.

Thank you for the offer; but I think I'll pass.

Shadow Lodge

You lot are just NO FUN!

*uses wings to sweep dust into pile. roosts*


The Exchange

Man, it sure is a good thing I like ducks. That was a less-than-adequate job sweeping dust piles.

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