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I still find it strange that the ones specilised in magic can't disable magic traps :-)

Maybe as a extra feat to give characters with disable divice as a class skill and able to cast level 2 spells the ability to also disable magic traps but without a class bonus or something? Or maybe it will cost a spell slot because of the time studing traps instead of new spells? I'll leave the balancing to the ones that know how :-)

Or something else i would like to see is a ranger that is more into the arcane and into traps to hunt the occult. Occult hunter, like a van Helsing type? Favored enemy will be a supernatural being... He can choise some trap spells to cast in addition to his spell list.

Also the occult investigator could be a good archtype for the alchemist... i'm thinking about the detective from sleepy hollow... He should also get trapfinding :-) It fits the concept in my opinion.

I think the ultimate magic book should certantly have more magic traps and options in it... what can i say... i like traps :-)

A priest archetype for the cleric.

Slow base attack progression and d6 HD, only gets light armor proficiency.

Gets an additional domain, an additional spell slot per level and can cast cure and inflict spells as ranged touch attacks with close range rather than melee touch attacks.

I like the idea of the Priest variant for the cleric class, in the non official Tomb of secrets there is a Priest base class that gives D8 channel energy, D6HD, slow bab progression, two domain slots, grants you two domains plus knowledge domain, and has light armor. its really nice for playing a knowledge cleric that focuses more on buffs and healing rather then martial combat.

I also like the Holy Warrior variant from Pathfinder Campaign setting, gives up your domain choices Full Bab, D10 HD, Heavy armor Proficiency, and proficiency and weapon focus in your deity's favored weapon. I'd like to see this class qualify for Fighter feats with cleric levels but only with your deity's favored weapon.

On the topic of cleric I'd like to see a feat selection that would allow you to gain extra domains, maybe one feat to allow you another domain for purposes of prepared spells and a future one that would allow you to take on the domain powers of the domain you selected for the earlier feat. Maybe up to a maximum of your deity's five domains or your Cha Mod, whichever is lower.

Also for channel energy, i thought it was a fantastic idea for paladin's to be able to use channel energy like a cleric using up two of its layon hands. Though it seems to me that Paladin's make better healers then clerics for clerics only get 3+cha times per day channel while paladins get 1/2 Paladin lvl + Cha in layon hands, sure you use 2 for a channel but you still can get more and Cha is your primary stat. I'd like to see clerics get the ability to use Layon hands and select Mercies, perhaps through feats.

(IE: Channel Enegy: Layon hands: This feat allows you to use two uses of your channel energy for the day to instead use layon hands as a paladin of your level, while this feat does not grant you any mercy's it does make you count as having the class feature for selecting the Extra Mercy feat using your class level that provides channel enegry for your effective paladin level.)

Also while were on channel, i'd like to see a way for good aligned clerics to be able to channel negative energy. Perhaps a feat.
(IE: Reverse Conduit: When you select this feat you gain the ability to use your channel energy class feature to channel both positive and negative energy. Each time you use the Channel Energy feature you must choose weather your bust heals or harms living or undead creatures and cannot choose both ex: if you choose to heal undead you do not harm living creatures and if you heal living creatures you do not harm undead.

Honestly if i could see any of these in Complete magic I'd be happy as a clam.

I'd definitely like to see a Witch Hunter archetype for the Inquisitor class and a Undead Slayer for the Paladin class as well as some anti-undead fighting weapons/equipment (cross shaped boomerangs anyone?)!

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