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I had a perfect session playtesting the PRPG combat manoeuvres. I used two orc thugs, one a sunderer the other an overrunner, and a wolf, with its renowned trip ability. We’re first level characters.

The two half-orcs were in the same encounter. The overrun worked like a charm, knocking a PC flat. The sunder attempts hit a couple of times and really hurt the PC’s bow. It came close enough to make him sweat, but ultimately he downed the half-orc before it did away with his weapon. Very smooth, very fast, and I didn’t even have the Pathfinder Alpha pdf open in front of me. It was that quick to learn.

The wolf worked even better. I’ve seen a fair share of D&D 3.5 wolves. I’ve used them as DM to challenge players. I’ve fought them as a PC. I had one as an Animal Companion when I played a Druid. Never before has Trip been so easy to calculate. The wolf tripped a wizard, who dropped as easily as a first level wizard should.

This change works. Thank you.

Incidentally, that wizard then beat the wolf to death with his quarterstaff. Not a spell was cast.

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