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Heyo Guys,

On the Meetup Boards Hammith was running a "Playtest before the Playtest" game last saturday to help the players get setup with the rules, and we ran into an rather unusual case with turning that might need to be clarified.

Basically, we did a combat agianst a rather large swarm of wasps, and about half way through, I(who was playing a Cleric of Gozreh) wanted to cast a turning spell on the group. However, the wasps were in a space with one of the party, so I decided agianst it.

The question is, since the wasp cannot be target by single target spells...would they have been healed, even though the entire swarm was not in the area of the turning?

Oh and Smurf

I'd have to say the swarm receives healing proportional to the part of it that is in the area of effect. Or a simpler rule that it gets half healing if X percent of it is within the area. But DUH any individual insects that aren't dead-dead are getting healing, which will have an effect on the swarm.

Personally I would have ruled it the same as if anyone had cast an area effect on the swarm- healing the swarm by 1.5x the ammount rolled. I think you did the right thing by not healing the swarm.

Honestly that is an odd situation and deserves a ruling, but I would have followed the rules for swarms and area effects and moved on as DM.

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