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Reading the party composition thread got me to wondering. How long does it take folks to get through the AP? Granted, we play with differeing frequencies etc.. I'm trying to estimate how long we'll be until we save the world from Kyuss before we can begin being pirates in the new adventure path. So much to look forward too!

At any rate, my group started in mid-June (2006). We are just about done with Three Faces of Evil and we have been playing pretty faithfully once a week.

When did your game start and how far along are you?

I started DMing this campaign something like June 2005, and have just finished taking the group through Icosial's Tomb (forget the adventure name now; the one before the Spire). We play once a week, roughly four hours a session. But I've also run the group through at least four additional adventures in that time. It's certainly something you should expect to be running for a long time, but it's worth it, we've had lots of excitement and my core players are still keen to keep going.

Oh, I have no intention of stopping early! It's way too much fun. After every game I'm excited for next week because I just can't wait for them to find/encounter/learn XYZ. Well, I'm excited after I get over the post-game depression - "It's over? I have to wait another week?"

I'm curious in part for my own planning and in part because I'm a sucker for this kind of thread which relates how others are faring out there.

Well Eltanin, you already know the strange and unusual constraints on my campaign, so it's maybe not a good guide. It's taking me about 25-30 hours of playing time to get through each adventure, with a good 4+ hour role-playing and re-equip session between each one. But it takes a lot more time when the DM is running two DMPCs and the player is running two PCs. Since I'm only playing a week or two here and there at vacations, it's taken a year to get halfway through HOHR.

I began the campaign in December and the PCs are now getting ready to go to the big party in Prince of Redhand.. We generally play about 5-6 hours a week every week, and generally complete a module in 3-4 sessions. Three Faces of Evil probably took the longest due to numerous PC deaths and introducing new characters (I have the first room in the Hextor wing to blame for that..) Shortest amount of pLay time in an adventure? Probably the Champion's Belt, simply because the PCs AND the Players were terrified of the Spawn of Kyuss and refused to go in Bozal's little dungeon...Until it was too late. I expect we'll complete it around December, so about a year's playtime for the whole path.

I'm 25 sessions and roughly 100 hours in and we just completed
HoHR tonight!

We started the AP in December (05) and play once a week for about 3 hours. Now, I have thrown in 4 side-treks (for which I stole some wonderful stuff from other Dungeon adventures!) which have taken a week or two to get through. The party is going to start AGoW tonight!

We started playing in May and just finished The Whispering Cairn. We're slow....

I am currently running a campaign that started in May, 2006. We are playing on average 2 times a month for 5-6 hours a session. We have completed 12 sessions and the players are half-way through the HOHR. It seems that they are taking 3-4 sessions to complete a module and side stories and then move on to the next one. I am hoping to have the campaign finished by next Summer. We shall see.

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We started in December and we have one session left to go in Spire of Long Shadows (the 7th adventure). We play every Saturday for about 5 to 6 hours per session, and I'm figuring about 5 sessions per adventure has been normal (some took longer, like Three Faces of Evil, where each subsection took two to three sessions).

My group manages to get together once or twice a month and then we end up getting busy and skip a month or two. We started AoW in August of '05 and have had 10 sessions since then. We are right at the end of TFoE. At this rate we'll finish the campaign in the Fall of 2012. (*shades of pseudo-serious sarcasm intended*)

While my group is completely psyched about finishing AoW, they have seen some of the artwork for Savage Tide and now want to meet a lot more frequently in order to finish AoW just so they can get to Savage Tide. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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Once a week for a little over a year for 3.5 hours a week. Probably 50 sessions total. they are in A Gathering of Winds so about 9-10 sessions per module or 30 hours of actual playing per adventure.

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We started in April, play twice a month for 3-4 hours, and took the summer off.

After 5 sessions(and I used the mining office intro) the party is stalled in the lantern room of the Whispering Cairn, having now tried THREE times to get down the corridor past the wind trap, as they sem to refuse to go down either of the elevators to try to find the red lantern.

My group has put in about 120 hours of play time (over marathon weekends--we live far apart from one another) and we're about halfway through A Gathering of Winds. They just killed Ilthane and have explored Icosiel's tomb a bit.

We started a year ago last Monday... (yes something good happened on Sept. 11... at least for my group in 2005). We play every week for 4 weeks and then take a 2 week hiatus do to my job, then begin again. We also took about 3 weeks off around Christmas and 6 weeks off in the summer do to a lot of conflicts. I'd say somewhere in the 30-35 session area. We average 4-5 session per adventure.

We just finished PoRH.



Our first session was on June, 30th but the adventure really got started about a month later as the GM was on vacation for a few weeks after the first session.

Yesterday we finished the third adventure and are going through about 1 adventure every month.

About 1 year playing once/week for about 5 hours/session. This was a fairly lean campaign with some but not a lot of roleplaying and almost no diversions/side quests.

It will be about 1 and 3/4 years by the time were done, going once a week, with occasional breaks.

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We've been trying to blow through the campaign, not too much roleplaying, but I can't guarantee how long I have my players, so we've been having fun.

Six sessions, about 3-4 hours each and we've completed TFoE, with a re-equip...

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