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Pathfinder Tales: Pirate's Promise

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From critically acclaimed author Chris A. Jackson comes Pirate's Promise, an all-new standalone adventure featuring his beloved characters from Pirate's Honor. Set in the award-winning world of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, this book explores a fantastical tale of love, espionage, and high-seas adventures.

Torius Vin is perfectly happy with his life as a pirate captain, sailing the Inner Sea with a bold crew of buccaneers and Celeste, his snake-bodied navigator and one true love. Yet all that changes when his sometime friend Vreva Jhafae—a high-powered courtesan and abolitionist spy in the slaver stronghold of Okeno—draws him into her shadowy network of secret agents. Caught between the slavers he hates and a navy that sees him as a criminal, can Torius continue to choose the path of piracy? Or will he sign on as a privateer, bringing freedom to others—at the price of his own?

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Torius Vin.

He made bets.

He acquired debts.

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Yes. This. Been waiting for a while. Mr. Jackson, one day I will meet you at a convention or something, and you will receive the biggest hug ever.

Unless you don't accept hugs, in which case, I will mentally send warm, hug-like vibes. :P


Our two chief weapons are fear, terror, and the element of surprise, THREE, THREE CHIEF WEAPONS, are fear, ter...


Pirates always accept hugs...and rum...

Here is my convention schedule. See you!

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I met Chris (and his charming wife) at GenCon. Read the "about the author" ... it's all true! It was a wonderful experience meeting them and hearing Chris talk about this next installment!

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