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Hi Folks,

Please cancel my subscription for the PACG only, I want to keep my AP sub.


Rick was my first GM in PFS. He had such a wonderful way of gently teasing us when the party was about to be horribly foolish.

Goodnight Rick, and thank you for the memories.

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I met Chris (and his charming wife) at GenCon. Read the "about the author" ... it's all true! It was a wonderful experience meeting them and hearing Chris talk about this next installment!

One error in my shipment:
Missing: AP87: The Choking Tower (My subscription item)
Extra: AP67: The Snows of Summer (I guess they pulled 67 instead of 87)

Gnomezrule wrote:
Oath wrote:

Regarding the OP, I think it would be hard to not know you have darkvision and a spell-like ability. I guess you could just never use the SLA. Or maybe you'd think you were feytouched or something.

Knowing or realizing you are different is not the same thing as being able to classify yourself as an aasimar. The idea of realizing your an aasimar means that either you were able to gain the knoweldge or that aasimars are so common that it is a likely possibility.

Agreed. They'd know they are different, but knowing why they are different would depend on a lot of factors.

Oath wrote:

Regarding the OP, I think it would be hard to not know you have darkvision and a spell-like ability. I guess you could just never use the SLA. Or maybe you'd think you were feytouched or something.

Blood of Angels page 12.

They only live slightly longer than their base race, but t seems much linger because they keep their vitality and youthful glow for decades.

Regarding the OP, I think it would be hard to not know you have darkvision and a spell-like ability. I guess you could just never use the SLA. Or maybe you'd think you were feytouched or something.

Mysterious Stranger wrote:
I seem to remember that the starting age for aasimars listed in the book was a mistake. The developers stated that they have normal human lifespan. I am not sure where this was, but I think it was by James Jacob who stated this.

I pretty sure this is correct. When I get home I'll check the "Blood of ..." books. I think it is in there. Something about how despite their special circumstances, the universe balances this out by giving them a limited lifespan.

"I care so little, I wouldn't even be adventuring if I wasn't bored"
"Now this was worth getting out of bed to see!"

If there are any folks in NJ that have the Pin with the Goblin (Ranzak) I have an Iconic Slayer to trade.

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The problem here is that what is essentially a bad rule isn't being enforced, much like the speed limit on an Interstate. If speed limits were strictly enforced, say by shutting down your car if you break them, then the rule would have to be revisited. (If you'll forgive the analogy)

There are several examples of why this rule might be bad, the foremost is, of course, families. Families share things and any reasonable company would not expect a parent to buy three copies of the Advanced Class Guide just to let everyone play the new classes.

Now, the model PFS has been following in spirit, if not actually RAW, is that PFS is essentially the same model as a Free To Play MMO.

Paizo's success has been based largely on how they don't act like a Big Bad Evil Greedy company. They publish most of their stuff for free themselves. The core of why people buy their stuff is because they want to.

If some folks want to circumvent the system, is it realy hurting the playerbase or the company? Just like the Free-to-Play system for video games, a lot of the players don't pay anything (or pay little), but it gives the rest of us more people to play with.

If PFS required regular auditing would they actually make more money, or just have fewer players? I submit that they will have fewer players, and those of us who do spend a money will then be less inclined to do so, lacking the incentive of participation.

In defense of the Warpriest. Mine is level 3 in PFS and isn't really better than if I'd taken a Paladin. So far, actually weaker. I imagine the self-buffs will be nice later on if the party has no bard or other buffer. But right now, they allow me to buff up to being a Fighter for a very limited number of rounds.

I took a shot of the card in PRO-FIT and then Standard sleeve after pressing under a board. Pops right back up like a bow:


The Cleric spell list probably shouldn't be as "good" as the Wizard/Sorcerer list. The casters that use it can have every single one ever printed, for free, just by praying.

You can transform the purpose of your character without rebuilding. Today I'm a Righteous Might warrior and tomorrow a classic caster.

The boring part is most superheros hit with primarily fists. See Also: Superman, Batman, etc.

If you go for flavor, Wonder Woman is an Amazon. You could do a nice archer build with that concept.

She's also around as tough as Superman in current canon and I've seen her dressed more like a Hoplite, so making her a tank archetype might work as well. Paladin, Fighter, etc.

Sometimes I think people really really WANT paladins to be lawful stupid just so they force situations into conflict.

It really isn't about game mechanics, it is about whatever personal agenda a player or GM has.

Some folks emotionally need the world to fit their personal stereotyping.

I've played a rogue that wasn't a "thief". I explained my backstory, but yet one of the other players insisted that his character would never trust my "lying thief". I explained, out of game, the backstory, motivations, etc. It didn't matter because what he really wanted was to have his character to be able to self-righteously pick on mine in-game. (He was playing a wizard, by the way)

Fair enough.

Other thoughts:
Would 18 Dex be a good option to make staying in light armors worthwhile?
How can I optimized survivability and stay effective as a "rogue"? Chain Shirt? Breast Plate? Leather?

I wanted to keep Cha non-negative because I'm taking Disguise in case I have to appear human (The Players Guide suggested something to that effect since the Technic League sees Androids as property).

But with the -2 to Cha from Android, maybe I'll just let go of the idea and add to my combat stats.

Kudos to the artist. She's heavenly.

I didn't order the adventure path until a few days ago, so I couldn't have picked it up at GenCon.

So, yes, AP 85 needs to be shipped to me.


Hawkmoon269 wrote:
Oath wrote:
Hmm, I think that is another thing we got wrong. We allowed anyone who was at the current ship location to move with the ship. When I get a break (this weekend maybe) I'll have to go back over the entire rules sheet. It is hard to unlearn.
So, if I ended my turn and then it was your turn and you were at another location, you would have let me move to your location at the start of your turn? Yeah, that isn't correct. And that kind of supports Vic's comment that not actually moving the ship keeps things clear.

We treated the ship as a real thing. Our cards were on it. If a player moved the ship, you could stay on the ship or at the location and be left behind.

I think the disconnect is that we moved the ship on our own turns as if it was on remote control. So if I was at location 1, I could move the boat from 2 to 4 and the folks on the boat could move with it. (I still haven't read through but I'm answering your question since I'm waiting for a process to run at work).


My order from Friday is pending and showing as a pickup from GenCon item.

While I'm not actually in that big a hurry for most of the physical goods (dice, Ranzak Mat) I would like to be able to download the PDF from my subscription.

I'd also like to have the Pathfinder Beginner Box Heroes Miniatures Set by mid-September as they will likely be props for when I demo the PACG.


Hmm, I think that is another thing we got wrong. We allowed anyone who was at the current ship location to move with the ship. When I get a break (this weekend maybe) I'll have to go back over the entire rules sheet. It is hard to unlearn.

The Cleric list has something useful every level and much of it scales. Having the whole list available to the combat-based Warpriest means they can fit themselves to non-combat situations when they have time to change their choices.

Sometimes the younger kids get bored during a 4-5 hour session, leaving the group effectively minus a PC. I've had it happen a few times. If the group is larger than 4, the that poses no real problem.

I don't really think of 14 as a kid in this context though.

Hmm, we were moving the ship at our guild sessions. Ooops?

I can't zoom in enough to tell what the "chain" maille is made of. It looks way too perfect and light to be regular chain. Anyone?

I just realized I was enjoying my conversation with Liz Courts at checkout that I didn't check for my promo cards either (but I got my miniature and mini-mate) I'm hoping those will be shipped since I don't have them.

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My only experience with Swashbuckler was a Rapier-Wielder vs. constructs and undead. It was utterly useless.

For RotRL I used the mats to keep the cards in place during transport. These are essentially mouse pads, after all, and don't need to be babied. I'm using one right now as an actual mouse pad.

Isn't Guild play delayed until September anyway? I'd imagine a few things are lagging behind right now.

I kinda went farther than that.

My first thought when I saw this was that I just wasted my money on the physical game (yeah, the usual knee-jerk when Apps/new versions are announced). I quickly beat that thought down, but it is still in there since the main reason I don't play this game as much as I'd like is due to setup/cleanup/transport.

PACG isn't like other card games with online versions. Almost all of those are PvP and the only setup is shuffling. I'd kinda prefer a tablet version despite my preference for in-person, physical gaming and love of cards.

So assuming Guild play isn't in the App, I'm not sure the effect on the player pool for the physical game.

Another variable is cooperative play. Making it online or LAN would create another reason to skip the physical version.

Add to that the aggressive release schedule for the physical sets. Is there really that many people actually playing this game to support two base sets a year? I know a lot of folks my age are, sadly, collecting games, rather than playing them. I took an informal poll of people in the Paizo checkout line at GenCon and most of us who were buying the new base set never completed the RotRL AP.

Sorry, I'm meandering and these thoughts could be several threads when broken up.

I want to be clear I'm not making ANY statements about how I think it will turn out, just identifying risks/challenges/opportunities. I'm a PM by trade and it has became a habit.

I wandered by the Gametimber booth and ended up coming home with a very nice wooden deck box that resembles a treasure chest :)

I'm a little tired right now (wife has con-crud, so neither of us slept last night), so hopefully this will be somewhat articulate anyway.
I attended two sessions with my wife over the weekend.

We’ve both played the missions in the boxed-set for RotRL.
I’m actually thinking about running games out of my FLGS, so I have a bit more of a critical eye than that of a casual fan.

For my first session, muster was a very busy woman who’d come out and assign (and then reassign) us to groups. We did get seated, so it worked out, but newbies were already rather befuddled at that point.

For my second mustering a bunch of us had been camped to the left of the door for 30 minutes and were building decks and chatting. When the musterer came out, he started the line to other side and those of us who’d been there were already in the middle of the line somehow. It worked out eventually, but not without some mob-driven policing of the situation.

Folks at the desk:
These folks were the highlight both times. Very helpful and friendly.

At the Table:
Both times, half the group have never played before. The first time the GM asked me to explain the rules so he could sort cards. I did my best but didn’t know all the rules, especially any new ones. Also, neither he nor I had read all the guild rules for deckbuilding. We ended up with some non-beginner cards in our decks.

Unfortunately that didn't help and we lost, but very nearly. The villain was trapped and on top of the deck of his location. If only we’d had one more blessing to turn over so we could get to him before the game ended!

The good news is we all had fun and it turned out to be one of the enjoyable wins you might have playing Pandemic.

The second game was a little problematic. For my wife and myself, it was a replay of the failed scenario. For everyone else at the table, it was a new experience (again).

The GM disappeared during setup. In fact, we looked around and almost all the purple shirts were gone. We just sorta started ourselves out and I GM’d as best I could. Luckily Tanis was still around so we were able to ask her a rules-question.

Long story short one of the new folks decided he wasn’t into it and started playing as fast as he could. So did his friend, though he was more sporting about it. I tried to keep track but somehow we just started winning a lot and closing locations. Maybe it was good luck, but in the final 20 minutes we went from 4 open locations to winning. They got up and left my wife and I at the table alone with our ship full of loot. We went to the wonderful person at the front desk to actually find out how chronicle sheets for PACG worked since our DM never came back.

Lessons Learned:
- My experience was that I wasn’t really playing Season 0, but rather demo games. It would have been nice to find a table with a little more experience so we could have seen what more advanced play might be like.
- The scenario was too tough for new players.
- Each of the characters, not just the pregens, would benefit greatly from suggested deck lists.
- There needs to be a GM culture built up so that player experiences can be more consistent (somewhat like how the RPG side has certain expectations for participation and actions for GMs)

passing out in my chair, hope this makes sense in the morning.

I can't help but wonder the effect of this on organized play.

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I'm glad I saw this thread. Last night I was mentally prepped to point out that we couldn't just "make a bust" because we were Pathfinders. We had no legal standing and weren't even considered good guys.

Thanks for the feedback! I'll be buying a few today :)

Most of the older modules and scenarios are on sale for a few more days. Since I'm not yet started as a GM, I'd like some advice on what the must-have classic modules are.

Hickman's Killer Breakfast. The good news is they run it twice. Technically the Friday version is "last year's" but this isn't episodic stuff, just new flavors of fun, so go to either or both!

Carry a water bottle and refill it at the water stations. They are few, but the water is good.

The food trucks have lines, plan ahead if you are are planning to experience them.

Leave time in your schedule for shopping. We calculated that if you spent 2 minutes at each vendor you'd be there from open to close each day. There are demos in the vendor hall, often of games in Beta.

Visit the DnD area and take a selfie with Lloth. It is the Eiffel Tower of Gencon

If you are around on Monday, hit the zoo. You can go through it in about 4-5 hours at a relaxed pace if you have time. They just built an Orangutan research center I'm jazzed about seeing this year.

Since I don't have the sourcebooks, yet, are there robotic androids or just human-analogous androids?

edit: Just saw the above post, are there sourcebooks for this race yet?

Honestly, if we have to update characters in time for GenCon due to a new guide, they are forgetting that this is a game, not a job.

Just like how the ACG is coming out at GenCon, so I'd expect to be able to play my Warpriest without it.

So that being said, I'm trusting Mike and company to respect our time.


So, in my limited experience with PFS, I've yet to see a trap disarmed. I've been thinking about an Urban Ranger or Archaeologist Bard but realized that maybe the stuff I'd give up isn't worth it for just the ability to deal with traps.

Honestly, it seems like parties just rely on Cure Wands instead.

Does this change after level 3?

It is weird how few talk about playing Rangers anymore. At least not on these boards.

I'm going to have to take a look at the Inquisitor class as I've never really examined it.

As long as my Warpriest is still in there...

Darn, I really wanted to play my PFS Bard with Breeze active. Because he'd look like a ROCKSTAR!

I'm trying to work out a build for a character that I can use when I realize I'm going to be in a party that needs to be saved from itself. I'm saying this because half my (limited number of) games so far have been with children or newer players, and one or two of us had to save the party from a TPK several times.

My first though was a cleric, but I learned that healing a bad team just makes you lose slower.

So the theme for this character is;

I'm not actually basing the character on Batman, so I don't want to try and break down the "classes" that Batman would have.

However, there is a LOT I liked about the idea of a Dark Knight of Goodness.

My original thought was a Tiefling Paladin (using the race with +2 Cha) with maybe the first level in rogue for the trap skills, but then it became just a mess.

I also might end up human due to time constraints...

Then, thematically I was maybe thinking Inquisitor or Magus for general utility/badassery.

All I know is I don't want a one-trick pony, but rather the ability to protect the group without being a healbot.

Overthinking a lot, so I've come to the community for help with focus :)

Hip Hip Huzzah!

Hmm, I think we can defeat the random problem by laying the cards out and rolling a die to determine the card.

And once again, a problem is solved with dice!

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Thanks Wayne, I love that you have well-thought-out details like this. So much better than the "it looked cool so I did it" explanation I get a lot visiting artists tables at cons.

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