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Unleash the Beasts

Over 400 of fantasy's fiercest foes burst from the pages of this enormous 360-page compendium of the most popular and commonly encountered creatures in the world of Pathfinder! From familiar enemies like orcs, dragons, and vampires to new horrors like the nightmarish nilith and the three-headed mukradi, to suitable servants for summoners of every alignment, this must-have companion to the Pathfinder Core Rulebook is crawling with creatures to challenge characters of any level.

The Pathfinder Bestiary includes:

  • More than 400 monsters!
  • Gorgeous full-color illustrations on nearly every page!
  • Detailed monster lists sorted by level, type, and rarity to help you find the right monster for any situation!
  • Universal monster rules to simplify special attacks, defenses, and qualities like grab, swallow whole, and regeneration.
  • Guidelines for providing appropriate monstrous treasures for any occasion.
  • Detailed lore sidebars offering additional information about Pathfinder's most popular monstrous friends and foes!

This deluxe special edition is bound in faux leather with metallic deboss cover elements and a bound-in ribbon bookmark. The perfect way to commemorate Pathfinder's new edition! (Cover color and design subject to change.)

ISBN: 978-1-64078-171-9

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Hero Lab Online
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Pathfinder Nexus on Demiplane
Roll20 Virtual Tabletop
SoundSet on Syrinscape
Archives of Nethys

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Note: This product is part of the Pathfinder Special Edition Rulebook Subscription.

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Silver Crusade

I wonder if we will be able to get this as part of the starting subscription?

I wonder how the cover will turn out to be.

Lantern Lodge

I wonder if I'll ever find true love.
Also, I wonder if there will be more Dragon Empires (Tian) monsters in the book.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The Deluxe hardcover description starts with "Nearly 400..." while the regular bestiary has "More than 400..." so my question is which one is right?

Silver Crusade

The dot list also states more than 400.

Paizo Employee

3 people marked this as a favorite.
ZenCloud wrote:
The Deluxe hardcover description starts with "Nearly 400..." while the regular bestiary has "More than 400..." so my question is which one is right?

They can both be true!

"Nearly 400 of fantasy's fiercest foes [...]"
"More than 400 monsters!"

From these two things, we can determine that there are more than 400 monsters, and nearly 400 of them are drawn from fantasy's fiercest foes. I assume the remainder are monsters which are classic but not fierce foes, like the noble pegasus.

It probably depends how you count as well - do young/adult/ancient white dragons count as one or three?

Silver Crusade

Curse you awesome cover, curse you!

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