Weekly Wonders: Siege Engines (PFRPG) PDF

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Devastating Weapons of War!

Everyone loves magic weapons, and when it comes to warfare, the bigger the better. But while you can certainly make a trebuchet flaming or holy, there just aren’t very many siege engines with specific magic abilities designed to help them do what they’re really supposed to, which is break down enemy fortifications and generally cause as much destruction as possible. This book presents 15 new magic siege engines (including ballistae, cannons, catapults, rams, and siege towers). In this book, you will find:

• The autofire cannon, a deadly weapon that will fire on its own once activated, without need of a crew.

• The drill tower, a siege tower equipped with a devastating adamantine drill for puncturing enemy fortifications.

• The lemure cannon, which fires summoned lemures to not only damage what it strikes, but then wreak havoc at the destination.

• The ram of mudslides, which turns stone fortifications into towering walls of mud that collapse down violently.

• And many more!

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